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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.3Bug 489898 - RepeatableWriteUnitOfWork linked by QueryBasedValueHolder in sha...David Minsky7 years
2.4Bug# 429232 - Instance of UnitOfWork is stored in ExpressionBuilder inside Co...Tomas Kraus8 years
2.5Bug 436871 - Fixed NPE in checkForCustomQuery (LRG shall pass now)Tomas Kraus6 years
2.6Bug 530214: TRIM(... FROM ...) operation fails for literal bindingWill Dazey5 years
2.6.3_WLSBug #493879 - EclipseLink MOXy ignores empty @XmlNs prefixPetros Splinakis7 years
2.6.3_WLS_TMP[NOBUG] - Limit the scope of bean lookupPetros Splinakis7 years
2.6_WASUpdate 2.6_WAS branch to version 2.6.6Will Dazey5 years
2.7remove obsolete version of oracle bundlesLukas Jungmann5 years
2.7_WASMerge branch 'Bug#520387' into 2.7_WASWill Dazey5 years
masterBug 530681 - Free up memory occupied by command when using asynchronous comma...Tomas Kraus5 years
2.7.1eclipselink.runtime-2.7.1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.7.1.tar.xz  Bo Liu5 years
2.7.1-RC1eclipselink.runtime-2.7.1-RC1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.7.1-RC1.tar.xz  Bo Liu5 years
2.6.5eclipselink.runtime-2.6.5.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.5.tar.xz  Bo Liu6 years
2.6.3_WASeclipselink.runtime-2.6.3_WAS.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.3_WAS.tar.xz  Will Dazey6 years
2.7.0eclipselink.runtime-2.7.0.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.7.0.tar.xz  Bo Liu6 years
2.7.0-RC3eclipselink.runtime-2.7.0-RC3.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.7.0-RC3.tar.xz  Bo Liu6 years
2.7.0-RC2eclipselink.runtime-2.7.0-RC2.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.7.0-RC2.tar.xz  Bo Liu6 years
2.7.0-RC1eclipselink.runtime-2.7.0-RC1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.7.0-RC1.tar.xz  Bo Liu6 years
2.6.5-RC2eclipselink.runtime-2.6.5-RC2.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.5-RC2.tar.xz  Bo Liu6 years
2.6.5-RC1eclipselink.runtime-2.6.5-RC1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.5-RC1.tar.xz  Bo Liu6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-03-01Bug 530681 - Free up memory occupied by command when using asynchronous comma...HEADmasterTomas Kraus3-40/+41
2018-02-28531528: IdentifiableType.hasSingleIdAttribute() returns true when IdClass ref...Lukas Jungmann4-7/+124
2018-02-26Bug 433205 - Canonical Model Generator is too verbose, no way to disable outputTomas Kraus12-137/+601
2018-02-22Bug 529602: Fix failing DBWS/SDO testsWill Dazey3-17/+18
2018-02-21fix bad reference to modelgen.jarLukas Jungmann1-1/+4
2018-02-21Bug 530680: embedded element collection within an entity of protected isolati...Lukas Jungmann5-14/+113
2018-02-20Bug 531062: Incorrect JPQL generation for nested arrays with IN expressionWill Dazey5-3/+192
2018-02-20Bug 531304: DBWS service calling stored procedure with argument returns wrong...Lukas Jungmann3-181/+116
2018-02-20Bug 531305: Canonical model generator fails to run on JDK9 - testLukas Jungmann5-4/+168
2018-02-20Bug 531305: Canonical model generator fails to run on JDK9Lukas Jungmann1-4/+16

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