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2005-03-03Got rid of Omondo builder reference.pnehrer1-7/+1
2005-02-25Fixed problem with Client.isConnected() call. Now returns a non-null sharedo...slewis1-0/+3
2005-02-25Fix for null pointer exception when context is nulled out by wrapper before d...slewis1-4/+7
2005-02-25Removed period from sentence...trivial, I knowslewis1-1/+1
2005-02-24Fix for handling of server disconnect/failure (clean up, etc).slewis1-0/+1
2005-02-23Removed smack debug flag from launch configuration. Changed name of menu itemslewis3-58/+55
2005-02-23Fixes for close handling of generic clientslewis2-26/+39
2005-02-23Added color pref items to chat output viewer.kgilmer3-11/+57
2005-02-23Added WorkbenchAction class to provide a top-level menu and iconslewis3-5/+88
2005-02-23Generalized use of IProject interface to IResource (so it could be associated...slewis2-7/+7
2005-02-23Generalized use of IProject interface to IResource (so it could be associated...slewis3-27/+26
2005-02-23Fix for combo box (make read-only) in JoinGroupWizardPage. Also added additi...slewis2-11/+28
2005-02-22Fixed NPE, invalid thread access.pnehrer2-10/+17
2005-02-22Added code to listen for sharedobjectcontainerdepartedevent and cleanup in re...slewis1-21/+28
2005-02-21Changes to provider descriptions. Added code to joingroupwizard that checks ...slewis1-8/+11
2005-02-20Small changes to support xmpp providerslewis1-3/+20
2005-02-20Modification of person.gif for presence viewer.kgilmer2-3/+3
2005-02-20Added borders to widgets on presence/chat view composite.kgilmer2-3/+3
2005-02-19Removed dependency on Platform.pnehrer2-4/+16
2005-02-19Added second constructorslewis1-1/+38
2005-02-19Small formatting changesslewis4-32/+1
2005-02-18Fixes for reporting of exceptional conditionsslewis3-7/+4
2005-02-18Chat StyledText widget now uses color to denote message origin.kgilmer11-1143/+1357
2005-02-17Changes/improvements to structure of top-level Client class in
2005-02-17Refactored to work with containers on per-project basis.pnehrer2-228/+269
2005-02-17Added basic documentation.pnehrer1-8/+18
2005-02-16Added the manager extension point.pnehrer6-271/+422
2005-02-16Started adding extension points.pnehrer3-61/+225
2005-02-16Updated join collaboration wizard page to display different contents based up...slewis2-25/+87
2005-02-15Changes to launch config for collab client 1slewis1-41/+41
2005-02-13Additional items in preference page including font and timestamp.kgilmer5-500/+663
2005-02-13Additions for preference page including chat window font.kgilmer2-1/+27
2005-02-12Renamed some of the interfaces classes in org.eclipse.ecf.core.util for consi...slewis1-2/+2
2005-02-09Added preference page and checkbox for separate chat window preferenceslewis2-0/+47
2005-02-08Fix for incorrect server url default (was: ecftcp://localhost:3282//server no...slewis4-84/+80
2005-02-07Added more built-in decorations for chat.kgilmer2-0/+9
2005-02-04Created build.xml for org.eclipse.ecf.test.provider and checked in. Made 'cu...ibuild_1_0_0_I20050204slewis2-46/+46
2005-02-04Updated view title to 'ECF Collaboration'slewis1-1/+1
2005-02-03Fixed up plugin dependencies.pnehrer4-8/+2
2005-02-03Update to traceslewis1-2/+10
2005-02-03Fixes for Trace classslewis1-1/+1
2005-02-03Fix for drag and drop file transfer problemslewis1-1/+2
2005-02-03Removed code to eliminate spurious exceptionslewis1-4/+2
2005-02-02Initial check-in.pnehrer1-0/+15
2005-02-02Refactored, fixed bugs, and made SharedSDOEditor work!pnehrer9-503/+713
2005-02-02Added post-initialization delay.pnehrer1-0/+6
2005-02-02Incremented subscription timeout.pnehrer1-1/+1
2005-02-02Fixed bad Hashtable usage.pnehrer1-1/+1
2005-02-01Fixed graph tracking.pnehrer2-73/+81
2005-02-01Fixed typo.pnehrer1-1/+1

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