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2015-04-17Added UuIDTest to org.eclipse.ecf.tests.core forbug464817slewis4-7/+142
2015-04-17Changes to using 1.5 for minimum ee for core org.eclipse.ecf andslewis17-41/+271
2015-04-17Changes as per cq9566 for OSGi RSA 1.1 classes.slewis19-30/+39
2015-04-14Enhancement for new Endpoint Discovery view to show Network Discoveryslewis1-1/+6
2015-04-14Enhancement for new Endpoint Discovery view to show Network Discoveryslewis1-7/+21
2015-04-14Enhancement for EndpointDescriptionLocator see bugslewis2-50/+55
2015-04-13Enhancement for new Endpoint Discovery view to show Network Discoveryslewis18-49/+234
2015-04-13Enhancement for EndpointDescriptionLocator see bugslewis2-48/+88
2015-04-13Added Service Discovery view to Remote Service perspectiveslewis1-16/+17
2015-04-11Small change to menu item label textslewis1-4/+4
2015-04-11Fix for bug
2015-04-10Changes to menu item wording for consistencyslewis1-5/+5
2015-04-10Added rsvcproxy_obj_tbg.gif which provides a transparent (rather thanslewis3-2/+2
2015-04-10Fix for typoslewis1-2/+2
2015-04-10Slight refactoring for simplification.slewis1-18/+36
2015-04-09Update to use latest EndpointDescriptionWriter APIslewis1-8/+11
2015-04-09Updated features to 3.10.0 from 3.9.3slewis7-7/+7
2015-04-09Simplified timeservice host and consumer by usingslewis5-101/+12
2015-04-09Added DebugRemoteServiceAdminListener to simplify testing and debugging.slewis2-0/+180
2015-04-09Refactored the package name for the endpoint discovery view modelslewis35-67/+67
2015-04-09Change to perspective nameslewis2-12/+12
2015-04-09Removed unnecessary propertyslewis1-19/+18
2015-04-08Fixes for @since errors in build and externalized other strings.slewis34-44/+160
2015-04-08Added EndpointDiscoveryView to org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.ui bundleslewis61-153/+2311
2015-04-06Commit for enhancementslewis3-3/+68
2015-04-03Added bundle version change to org.eclipse.ecf.ui andslewis3-82/+82
2015-04-03Bug 461000 - Provide Remote Services PerspectiveWim Jongman11-203/+273
2015-04-02Addition for enhancementslewis6-5/+374
2015-03-30Fix for bug
2015-03-30Fix for rosgi ws/wss test code.slewis2-11/+4
2015-03-24Fix (added system property) to address bugslewis1-2/+2
2015-03-24Fix (added system property) to address bugslewis2-5/+11
2015-03-18Added distribution capabilities for ws and wss providers.slewis1-1/+1
2015-03-13Fix for bug
2015-03-06Changed message to System.out for TimeService host registration andR-Release_HEAD-sdk_feature-148_2015-03-06_20-19-57slewis1-1/+1
2015-03-06Added prose to timeservice example readme files, and added new readmeslewis4-2/+70
2015-03-04Added api filters for pde api managementR-Release_HEAD-sdk_feature-147_2015-03-05_18-47-58slewis1-0/+21
2015-03-04Added utility methods for writing/printing endpoint descriptions viaslewis1-0/+35
2015-03-04Removed unused importsslewis1-2/+0
2015-03-04update rosgi product configs with filter=* system property set to avoidslewis5-0/+5
2015-03-04update rosgi with filter=* system property set to avoid spurious sendingslewis5-4/+5
2015-03-04Fix for
2015-03-02Renamed readme to match appropriate product configslewis1-0/+0
2015-03-02Added readme and product config for TimeServiceConsumer.rosgi.wsslewis14-50/+249
2015-03-02Added readme file for TimeServiceConsumer.ds.edef product configs (thoseslewis1-0/+68
2015-03-02Renamed readme TimeServiceHost.rosgi.wss.noreg.readme toslewis1-0/+0
2015-03-01Added export error printing to TimeServiceHost exampleslewis1-9/+24
2015-03-01Fix for bug
2015-02-25Update features to 3.9.3 from 3.9.2slewis7-7/+7
2015-02-25Fix for plusslewis5-67/+532

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