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+<title>Quick Start</title>
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+<h1><img src="../../intro/css/images/ecf_intro.gif">Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF)</h1>
+<h2>Quick Start</h2>
+<h3>Using ECF to talk to others developers remotely</h3>
+<p align="justify">
+ECF allows you connect to others developers using the protocols XMPP, MSN, Yahoo, ECF, IRC, JMS, Zeroconf/Bonjour, and others. Upon installation, ECF creates a new perspective for the workspace called 'Communications'.
+To access this perspective, click on the 'Communications' button in the upper right of the workspace:<P>
+<img src="images/img1.png">
+ <li><a href="#xmpp">XMPP(GoogleTalk) Connection Example</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#irc">IRC Connection Example</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#ecf">ECF Collaboration Group</a></li>
+<h3><a name="xmpp"/>XMPP(GoogleTalk) Connection Example</h3>
+To connect to Instant Messaging (IM), click on <b>ECF Connection</b> icon <img src="images/img2.png"> and select XMPP protocol:<p>
+<img src="images/img3.png">
+Fill out the <b>Connection Wizard</b> with your account:<p>
+<img src="images/img4.png"><p>
+A <b>Contacts View</b> will appear with your contacts:<p>
+<img src="images/img5.png"><p>
+To send a message click over the contact with right button:<p>
+<img src="images/img6.png"><p>
+After that, type your message on a <b>Messages View</b>:<p>
+<img src="images/img7.png"><p>
+<h3><a name="irc"/>IRC Connection Example</h3>
+To connect to IRC channel, click on <b>ECF Connection</b> icon <img src="images/img2.png"> and select IRC protocol:<p>
+<img src="images/img9.png">
+Fill out the <b>Connection Wizard</b> with IRC channel information:<p>
+<img src="images/img10.png"><p>
+A <b>Chat IRC View</b> will appear:<p>
+<img src="images/img11.png"><p>
+<h3><a name="ecf"/>ECF Collaboration Group (Real-Time Group Collaboration)</h3>
+<p align="justify">
+Using ECF Collaboration Group, you can provide Shared Workspaces:
+<li>URL Sharing</li>
+<li>Shared Editing</li>
+<li>Screen Capture</li>
+<li>Co-Browse Web</li>
+<li>Private and Public messages</li>
+<li>And others</li>
+To connect to ECF Collaboration Group, click on <b>ECF Connection</b> icon <img src="images/img12.png"> and fill out the connection wizard:<p>
+<img src="images/img13.png">
+A <b>Collaboration View (ECF Generic)</b> will appear:<p>
+<img src="images/img14.png"><p>
+Click with right button over a contact into ECF buddy list, and you will can share url, send file, send messages and others:<p>
+<img src="images/img15.png"><p>

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