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2015-07-02Increased feature+core version number to 0.4.2v0.4.20.4.xOlivier Constant3-91/+91
2015-07-02Adaptation of f500a59c6fe42ec4951586a983058c9ac233404b to branch v0.4.xOlivier Constant1-653/+663
2015-03-11Increased version of UI to 0.4.1v0.4.1Olivier Constant1-1/+1
2015-03-11Bug 461936 - NPEs in GUI when diff policy ignores matchesOlivier Constant1-2/+3
2015-03-11Bug 461935 - Restrictions on inter-resource dependenciesOlivier Constant2-42/+110
2015-03-05Update relengMatthieu Helleboid14-190/+362
2015-03-04Increased feature+core version number to 0.4.1Olivier Constant3-91/+91
2015-03-04Bug 461377 - Incomplete processing of merge impactOlivier Constant44-7031/+7333
2014-10-23Slight improvement of resource unloading in FragmentedModelScopev0.4.0Olivier Constant2-5/+17
2014-10-23Simple update of AbstractComparisonViewerOlivier Constant1-4/+8
2014-10-22Updated disposal at editor closing timeOlivier Constant3-9/+26
2014-10-17Merge "Improved management of transient features"Olivier Constant3-25/+29
2014-10-17Improved management of transient featuresOlivier Constant3-25/+29
2014-10-17Update relengMatthieu Helleboid1-12/+0
2014-10-14Bug 444752 - HeaderViewer label improvementOlivier Constant1-2/+11
2014-10-14Bug 446931 - Systematic "ambiguous mapping" message with fragmented modelsOlivier Constant2-14/+44
2014-10-13Bug 444470 - Support for multiple resource sets / editing domainsOlivier Constant4-31/+61
2014-09-18Bug 444470 - Support for multiple resource sets / editing domainsOlivier Constant5-53/+52
2014-09-10Improved GUI configurabilityOlivier Constant5-41/+57
2014-09-09Removed method FragmentedModelScope::hasBeenExplored, which was redundant.Olivier Constant1-6/+0
2014-09-02Updated feature category for v0.4.0.Olivier Constant1-3/+3
2014-09-02Added missing copyright in plugin.xml filesOlivier Constant3-4/+38
2014-09-02Increased version number, updated copyrights, updated .gitignoreOlivier Constant190-5961/+6074
2014-08-27Bug 442664 - [enhancement] refactor the EComparisonImpl instanciation inOlivier Constant2-730/+739
2014-08-25Code refactoring in GUIOlivier Constant6-28/+82
2014-08-20Clarified doc of ValuesViewerOlivier Constant1-3/+5
2014-08-20Restored the "show selected value in side viewer" behavior in the GUIOlivier Constant1-0/+18
2014-08-20Restored the "select first feature by default" behavior in the GUIOlivier Constant3-19/+70
2014-08-19Bug 442026 - Incorrect copyright in certain classesOlivier Constant4-267/+317
2014-08-08Bug 441432 - Wrong examples in UI extension point docOlivier Constant1-2/+2
2014-07-09Improved GMF match policy: disabled semantic matching on notes and noteOlivier Constant2-127/+171
2014-07-07Bug 439022 - Duplicate match ID dialog truncates textOlivier Constant1-3/+3
2014-07-07Bug 439007 - Duplicate match IDs due to empty namesOlivier Constant1-429/+428
2014-06-17Added ability to ComparisonViewer::setSelection to handleOlivier Constant2-23/+66
2014-06-12Fix for selection management.Olivier Constant4-15/+59
2014-06-12Directly displaying model elements in side viewers and addition ofOlivier Constant6-419/+589
2014-06-11GUI tooltips: clarification of name-based matching.v0.3.0Olivier Constant1-1/+1
2014-06-11Bug 437109 - Addition differences are removed when mergedOlivier Constant1-9/+0
2014-06-04Updated the editor header for consistency with Eclipse Compare.Olivier Constant2-387/+387
2014-06-04Bug 435046 - Slow when no matching foundedOlivier Constant9-4932/+4911
2014-06-04Bug 433401 - Missing contribution guideOlivier Constant1-0/+53
2014-06-02Minor fix on EMappingImpl#getMatchFor(EObject, Role): removed warningOlivier Constant1-18/+20
2014-05-12Bug 418570 - "Ignore Operation" dialog not always relevantOlivier Constant2-8/+35
2014-05-12Bug 433630 - Customize the merge operation to totally hide choice dialogOlivier Constant7-289/+502
2014-05-07Bug 432946 - modify menu creation to enable contributionsOlivier Constant1-486/+696
2014-05-07Bug 434175 - "Link Views" button not initialized properlyOlivier Constant12-939/+1327
2014-04-24Bug 432526 - use custom load options with GMFScopeOlivier Constant4-603/+602
2014-04-24Bug 433376 - Update the Software User AgreementOlivier Constant12-409/+404
2014-04-23Merge "Bug #432946 : enable contribution to synthesis menu"Olivier Constant1-10/+20
2014-04-23Bug #432946 : enable contribution to synthesis menusbouchet1-10/+20

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