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tag namev201211051313 (30b63e9385be595684be5bb54c4da753bce47a04)
tag date2012-11-05 14:13:27 +0000
tagged byPetya Sabeva
tagged objectcommit 62942f9a8e...
Bug 364603 - JPA 2.0 - Support for element collection.
Bug 388098 - Diagram editor malfunctions if XML contains white space in entity-name tag. Bug 389270 - Create entities to have an explicit no-arg constructor. Bug 389271 - Mapped superclasses should be abstract Java classes. Bug 389268 - Creating entities that implement Removing unused imports, adding NON-NLS comments. Regenerated emf model code. Comment out reference to eclipselink 2.5 orm schema until we have it in our wtp build.

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