Modifying persistent project properties

Each persistent project must be associated with a database connection. To create a new database connection, click Database Connection use the New Connection wizard.

Use this procedure to modify the vender-specific platform and database connection associated with your JPA project.

  1. Right-click the project in the Explorer view and select Properties. The Properties page appears.

    The Properties Page

    The Persistence page.
  2. Use this table to complete the remaining fields on the Properties – JPA page and click OK.

    Property Description
    Platform Select the vendor-specific platform for the JPA implementation.
    Database Connection Database connection to use to store the persistent entities. To create a new connection, click Add Connection.
      Override default schema from connection Select a schema other than the default one derived from the connection information. Use this option if the default schema cannot be used. For example, use this option in cases where the deployment login differs from the design-time login.

To create a new connection, click Add connections.


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