An Entity is a persistent domain object.

An entity can be:

An entity must have:

Each persistent entity must be mapped to a database table and contain a primary key. Persistent entities are identified by the @Entity annotation.

Use this procedure to add persistence to an existing entity:

  1. Open the Java class in the Package Explorer.

  2. Select the class in the JPA Structure view.

  3. In the JPA Details view, click the mapping type hyperlink to access the Mapping Type Selection dialog. In the following figure, clicking entity invokes the dialog from the JPA Details View.

    The Mapping Type Hyperlink

    The JPA Details view for an entity showing the mapping type hyperlink.


    You can also change (or add) persistence for an entity by right-clicking the class in the JPA Structure View and then clicking Map As > Entity.

  4. Select Entity from the Mapping Type Selection dialog and then click OK.

    The Mapping Type Selection Dialog

    The Mapping Type selection dialog with Enity selected.
  5. Complete the remaining JPA Details view (for entities).


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