Creating an orm.xml file

If you opt not to create an orm.xml file when you create a JPA project, you can create one using the Mapping File Wizard.

Use this procedure to create an orm.xml file:

  1. From the Navigator or Package Explorer, select File > New > Other. The Select a Wizard dialog appears.

    The Select a Wizard Dialog

    The Select a Wizard dialog with Mapping file selected.
  2. Select Mapping File and then click Next. The Mapping File page appears.

    The Mapping File Page

    The Mapping File page.
  3. Define the properties in the page and click Finish. The orm.xml file appears in the src directory of the selected JPA project. You can manage the orm.xml file using the JPA Details view or through the XML Editor. See also JPA Details view (for orm.xml).


    The Mapping File Wizard will not allow you to proceed if you select a JPA project that already includes an orm.xml file.