General information

This table lists the General information fields available in the JPA Details view for each entity type.

Property Description Default Available for Entity Type
Mapping Type Hyperlink Clicking the name of the mapping type, which is represented as a hyperlink, invokes the Mapping Type Selection dialog. Use this dialog to specify the type of entity: Mapped Superclass, Embeddable or the default mapping type. Entity Entity, Embeddable, and Mapped superclass
Name The name of this entity. By default, the class name is used as the entity name.
Table The default database table information for this entity. These fields can be overridden by the information in the Attribute overrides area.
  Name The name of the primary database table associated with the entity.
  Catalog The database catalog that contains the Table. As defined in orm.xml. Entity
  Schema The database schema that contains the Table. As defined in orm.xml. Entity


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