Inheritance information

This table lists the fields available on the Inheritance area in the Java Details view for each entity type.

Property Description Default
Strategy Specify the strategy to use when mapping a class or class hierarchy:
  • Single table – All classes in the hierarchy are mapped to a single table.

  • Joined – The root of the hierarchy is mapped to a single table; each child maps to its own table.

  • Table per class – Each class is mapped to a separate table.

Single table
Discriminator Column Use to specify the name of the discriminator column when using a Single or Joined inheritance strategy.
Discriminator Type Set this field to set the discriminator type to Char or Integer (instead of its default: String). The Discriminator Value must conform to this type. String
Discriminator Value Specify the discriminator value used to differentiate an entity in this inheritance hierarchy. The value must conform to the specified Discriminator Type.
Primary Key Join Columns

Select Override Default.

This field corresponds with @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn annotation.


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