Entity Class page

This table lists the properties of the Entity Class page of the Create JPA Entity wizard.


Property Description Default


The name of t he JPA project.

Source Folder

The location of the JPA project's src folder.

Java Package

The name of the class package.

Class name

The name of the Java class.


Select the superclass.


Because the wizard creates a Java class with an @Entity notation, the Entity option is selected by default.

Select Mapped Superclass if you defined a superclass.

To add an @Inheritance notation to the entity, select Inheritance and then select one of the inheritance mapping strategies (described in JSR 220):

  • SINGLE_TABLE -- All classes in a hierarchy as mapped to a single table. This annotation is without an attribute for the inheritance strategy.

  • TABLE_PER_CLASS -- Each class is mapped to a separate table.

  • JOINED -- The root of the class hierarchy is represented by a single table. Each subclass is represented by a separate table that contains those fields that are specific to the subclass (not inherited from its superclass), as well as the column(s) that represent its primary key. The primary key column(s) of the subclass table serves as a foreign key to the primary key of the superclass table.


XML Entity Mappings

Select Add to entity mappings in XML to create XML mappings in orm.xml, rather than annotations.