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2010-05-05311654 - fixed the ant scripts to use ant target core-test. None of the WTP ↵kmoore2-4/+4
tests are running
2010-05-04bug 310550 - added validation error for virtual attribute w/ specified maps idpfullbright3-8/+43
2010-05-04311221 - split up core tests for the build, so that DNF is less likelykmoore9-64/+121
2010-05-04311080 - opening a generated canonical metamodel file in java editor causes ↵kmoore1-1/+1
JPT update thread to run
2010-04-29[308947] hack to support old IBM DTP/RDB extension for Oraclebvosburgh1-0/+8
2010-04-28295023 - fixed a regression in this bug, the project level setting for ↵kmoore2-8/+14
overriding the workspace preferences was getting set in the preferences even if you canceled the dialog
2010-04-28Small wording change for schema gen validation.nhauge3-2/+15
2010-04-28310863 - JAXB class generation wizard Catalog browse dialog title is wrongtle4-3/+11
2010-04-28minor layout change to not display the Defaults group on eclipselink 2.0 ↵kmoore2-13/+27
Cache persistence.xml tab
2010-04-27Added eclipselink source ziptle2-1/+1
2010-04-27310652 Duplicate Bindings Files allowed in JAXB class generation wizardtle1-21/+20
2010-04-27updating for recent eclipselink schema changes - not sure why our file is so ↵kmoore1-340/+554
different than theirs, but the only really change made here was batch-fetch. our xml translators already match what James did here
2010-04-27bug 293943 - fixed properties page to work with facets page changing facet ↵pfullbright1-11/+41
version and platform
2010-04-27310653 - change member class visibility to protectedkmoore27-55/+55
2010-04-27 fixing warnings - added type argumentskmoore2-6/+6
2010-04-27bug 310378 - added jpa group requirement *** REQUIRES NEW I-BUILD ***pfullbright2-14/+19
2010-04-26Fixed MOXy class name and validation message displaytle1-7/+15
2010-04-26Added project refresh after generationtle2-0/+6
2010-04-26Added a browse button for the catalog fieldtle3-6/+43
2010-04-26added a bug number to a TODO commentkmoore2-2/+2
2010-04-26cleaned up jpt.jaxb.ui plug-in dependencieskmoore1-14/+6
2010-04-26remove unnecessary dependence on JptCorePluginkmoore1-5/+5
2010-04-26308828 - allow JAXB class generation on non-JPA java projectskmoore4-63/+60
2010-04-26export the 1 package defined in the o.e.jpt.eclipselink.jaxb.core.schemagen ↵kmoore1-0/+1
2010-04-26310484 - patch from danny ju - Customize Default Entity Generation page ↵kmoore1-0/+1
not populating correctly
2010-04-26added missing //$NON-NLS-1$kmoore1-1/+1
2010-04-26bug 294374 - filtered initial project selectionpfullbright1-3/+8
2010-04-26minor layout tweaks to the entity generation wizardkmoore3-8/+10
2010-04-26[310489] fix leak when JpaProject is removed (e.g. when JPA facet is removed)bvosburgh1-3/+4
2010-04-26[294222] partially fix memory leakbvosburgh1-0/+5
2010-04-23more changes to the jaxb schema and class gen wizards - 1 file chooser ↵kmoore5-64/+129
instead of a folder chooser and file name text widget. default the schema name to the project name
2010-04-23tweaking the mapping file wizard layoutkmoore1-7/+22
2010-04-23309403 - Fix JoinColumn default - patch from Danny.nhauge2-1/+34
2010-04-23302870 - Dali Error/Warning Preferences are not consistent with other ↵kmoore2-131/+164
eclipse error/warning preferences
2010-04-23cleaned up jaxb schema and class gen wizardskmoore5-98/+98
2010-04-23309499 - add deprecation warning for basic-map and basic-collection in an ↵kmoore10-61/+210
eclipselink 2.1 orm.xml file
2010-04-21Changed to always display usesMoxy checkboxtle1-5/+3
2010-04-21Added extension to schema name if not presenttle1-10/+34
2010-04-21Tweaked messagetle1-2/+2
2010-04-21Detect missing jaxb properties filetle1-0/+12
2010-04-21293188, 305580 - Entity Gen panel improvements. Patch from Danny.nhauge2-7/+22
2010-04-21bug 301148 - tweaked mapped by validationpfullbright4-57/+62
2010-04-21removed unused importpfullbright1-1/+0
2010-04-21removed unused validation keypfullbright1-4/+0
2010-04-21removed unused validation keypfullbright1-1/+0
2010-04-21293188 - Entity Gen panel improvements. Patch from Danny.nhauge1-0/+2
2010-04-21308709 - updated unified license content.nhauge14-491/+845
2010-04-21Export icons foldertle1-1/+2
2010-04-21306860 - EclipseLink Persistence.xml Logging missing Connection checkboxtle7-17/+176
2010-04-21302870 - preliminary solution to display actual defaults on the Dali ↵kmoore4-72/+89
warnings preference page.

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