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2011-02-11This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'R2_3_5_patches'.v201102172310Root_R2_3_5_patchesnhauge62-6546/+0
2010-10-19327572 - Unfortunately DTP allows for optional support of catalogs in extens...nhauge1-1/+1
2010-10-19327572 - Unfortunately DTP allows for optional support of catalogs in extens...nhauge1-1/+25
2010-08-24321401 - Temporary support added for DTP Extension in adopter product. Syba...nhauge3-2/+18
2010-04-29[308947] hack to support old IBM DTP/RDB extension for Oraclebvosburgh1-0/+8
2010-04-21293188 - Entity Gen panel improvements. Patch from Danny.nhauge1-0/+2
2010-04-15fix hack to work during testsbvosburgh1-1/+4
2010-03-26tweak and standardize copyrightsbvosburgh3-24/+21
2010-03-23fixed copyrightspfullbright8-8/+20
2010-03-03minor changesbvosburgh1-2/+2
2010-01-05[294889] allow underscore in db identifiersbvosburgh6-46/+34
2010-01-05utility workbvosburgh5-14/+11
2009-12-19[258541] JPA 2.0 default delimited identifiers - modelbvosburgh45-845/+807
2009-12-08minor tweaksbvosburgh2-15/+16
2009-11-16288027 - add product customization preference logic to filter out synonyms wh...nhauge1-2/+31
2009-09-17minor clean-upbvosburgh1-2/+2
2009-09-03move some methods from CollectionTools to ArrayToolsbvosburgh6-13/+14
2009-09-03minor tweaksbvosburgh1-1/+1
2009-08-25[286797] problems with MS SQL Server/Sybase "catalogs"bvosburgh2-0/+22
2009-08-13FindBugs: tweaked synchronizationbvosburgh3-4/+4
2009-07-16Version updates for 3.0 M1.nhauge1-1/+1
2009-07-13[280143] use default schema identifier if default schema does not existbvosburgh21-123/+179
2009-07-08clearing up yet more database "name" vs. "identifier" stuffbvosburgh7-12/+58
2009-06-26[267343] problems with catalog and schema names vs. identifiersbvosburgh7-16/+28
2009-06-25minor tweaksbvosburgh1-2/+2
2009-06-01278252 - Update Dali branding and provider informationtle1-2/+2
2009-05-05[263557] Updates for ICU4J usage.nhauge9-8/+9
2009-03-11211489 - Internal API usage DTPUiToolstle1-1/+1
2009-03-06added some more information to exceptionsbvosburgh2-3/+7
2009-03-03262802 - Add Driver Library classpath in JPA Project Wizard should add DTP Li...tle2-0/+11
2009-01-30Reverting changes made in attempt to fix the buildtle1-4/+0
2009-01-29Updated dependencies to point directly to required bundlestle1-0/+4
2009-01-27Version updates for 2.2 M5.nhauge1-1/+1
2009-01-24remove unused importskmoore1-1/+0
2009-01-22257529 - DTPConnectionProfileWrapper cuts off the user nametle1-3/+17
2009-01-06[259534] reworked catalog and schema codebvosburgh30-908/+1904
2008-10-30Reverted 250844 - Add driver library Driver combo does not appear to support ...tle2-62/+3
2008-10-28Added more API to get DB driver definitionstle2-2/+61
2008-10-17use ListenerListbvosburgh2-52/+42
2008-10-17changed to subclass EventListenerbvosburgh2-2/+8
2008-10-02cleaned up imports using DaliEMFFormatterpfullbright10-10/+1
2008-09-29[248031] API enhancements for OEPEbvosburgh2-13/+18
2008-09-24[248031] API enhancements for OEPEbvosburgh3-14/+93
2008-09-24[242321] database case-sensitivitybvosburgh2-29/+141
2008-09-22removing deprecated Eclipse-LazyStart and replacing it with BundleActivationP...kmoore1-2/+1
2008-09-12[242321] database case-sensitivitybvosburgh16-427/+1044
2008-08-21244780 - update version number for 2.0M1. Decided that provisional API chang...nhauge1-1/+1
2008-08-19Added API to get DB driver name.tle2-0/+8
2008-08-19Version number updates for 2.1M1.nhauge1-1/+1
2008-07-29[242321] database case-sensitivitybvosburgh32-1702/+1985

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