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3 daysbump feature pom to same version in feature.xmlHEADmasternickboldt1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
3 daysBug 563158 - JPA Proposal Computer requires UI ThreadMickael Istria4-10/+13
Audited code and it seems like I Thread is not required. Change-Id: Ib421c8e4143dc24822263306cadce88c92a807a1 Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
3 daysbump jaxb/features/org.eclipse.jpt.jaxb.feature/pom.xml to match feature.xmlnickboldt1-1/+1
Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
3 daysBug 563157 - JAXB Proposal Computer requires UI ThreadMickael Istria6-8/+9
Audited code and it seems like I Thread is not required. Change-Id: Ibfd9070e5022e829d77f895f503fe97508492202 Signed-off-by: Mickael Istria <>
2020-02-05Bug 522302 - [JPA 2.2] Missing project facet and false error forR3_18Lakshminarayana Nekkanti42-24/+1872
persistence.xml Change-Id: I07477d1e6a65274be5963b2c3eeefbe0da209c36 Signed-off-by: Lakshminarayana Nekkanti <>
2019-04-11Path for IClasspathEntry must be absolute: ↵R3_14nickboldt1-1/+1
lib/javax.persistence_2.0.4.v201112161009.jar -- so use org.eclipse.jpt.jpa.jar = {project.basedir}/lib/javax.persistence_2.0.4.v201112161009.jar instead Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2019-03-22replace epl-v10.html with epl-2.0.htmlnickboldt32-5248/+4800
Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2019-03-08bump version of jaxb/features/org.eclipse.jpt.jaxb.eclipselink.feature to ↵R3_13nickboldt2-3/+3
1.4.202; let it depend on any version of org.eclipse.persistence.moxy (eg., 2.7.3) Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2019-02-13move javax.persistence_2.0.4.v201112161009.jar so it's accessible to the ↵nickboldt2-2/+2
jpa_diagram_editor/tests/org.eclipse.jpt.jpadiagrameditor.ui.tests Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2019-02-12Bug 543814 - update copyrights and EPL v1 license to EPL 2.0 [first pass]nickboldt6760-15026/+18617
Bug 543814 - update copyrights and EPL v1 license to EPL 2.0 [manual updates] Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-11-22Bug 539852 - comment out the org.eclipse.jpt.dbws plugins and features from ↵nickboldt4-15/+15
the WTP aggregate update site Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-07-12for all bundles which don't declare a BREE, set ↵nickboldt11-7/+18
Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-1.8 Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-04-10[533417] Avoid unnecessary build dependency on javax.xml.bind bundle3.10.03.10.xMat Booth1-21/+1
This plugin was moved to Java 8 from Java 1.5 in 95df21a and the package "javax.xml.bind" is supplied by the core JRE since Java 6 so there is no longer any need to require it as an extra bundle here in the pom. Signed-off-by: Mat Booth <>
2018-03-16add easymock 2.4 to the update site so we can install testsnickboldt1-0/+3
Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-03-16update eclipselink dependencies from 2.5.2/2.6.0 -> 2.7.1, along with ↵nickboldt14-35/+35
eclipselink's deps too Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-03-16add files so that featureName and description are rendered ↵nickboldt3-0/+9
properly in Eclipse when installing these features Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-03-16re-categorize tests in wtp.tests category, where they should benickboldt1-6/+6
Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-03-01Bug 531425 - add sources/tests/docs/features missing from dali update site;nickboldt168-393/+406
move jpa_diagram_editor/development/ projects to jpa_diagram_editor/DEPRECATED/ as they're no longer required; reorg update site; add missing tests; remove branding.source plugins; remove org.eclipse.jpt.assembly.feature.source remove jpa_diagram_editor/tests/org.eclipse.jpt.jpadiagrameditor.swtbot.tests since it fails to compile remove org.eclipse.jpt.jpa.gen.tests Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2018-02-21use parent pom 3.10 and tycho 1.1 in dali; added bonus is we get ↵nickboldt1-4/+3 (not 2.13) which SSE now requires Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2017-12-06add references to upstream webtools-sourceediting-site and ↵nickboldt1-0/+10
webtools-jeetools-site repos Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2017-12-05disable org.eclipse.jpt.jpa.eclipselink.core.tests and ↵nickboldt3-6/+11
org.eclipse.jpt.jpa.eclipselink.tests.feature since they require org.eclipse.jpt.jpa.core.tests, which is also disabled Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2017-12-05comment out all the 'finished a bit too early' tests since the 'reasonable ↵nickboldt1-8/+8
guess' is turning out to be unreasonable :( Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2017-12-04Bug 480380 - remove the 3 disabled tests from their wrapper features. Oops, ↵nickboldt3-6/+9
missed this step because we're building using -Pintegration so circular deps are being found in previous releng.agg builds. Also, there should REALLY be a R3_9_maintenance branch to avoid changes in master leaking into the stable maintenance branch. But I digress... Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2017-11-29change value of 1 tick so tests run clean on Hudson slavesnickboldt1-1/+2
Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2017-11-29add Dali update site to the reactornickboldt3-0/+129
Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2017-11-28Bug 480380 - disable the three tests that don't work with Tycho 1.0 and ↵nickboldt1-17/+51
which are NOT currently run as part of the wtp releng.aggregator build add missing repository refs to root pom (test dali gerrit runner works) Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>
2017-11-20[526334] support building with Tycho 1.0Brian Vosburgh2-3/+14
2017-05-18[515465] whoops - bumped wrong version in jpt.jpa.ui pom.xmlR3_7_1Brian Vosburgh1-2/+2
2017-05-18[515465] bump SDK versions for OxygenBrian Vosburgh4-4/+4
2017-05-18[515465] bump versions for OxygenBrian Vosburgh8-8/+8
2017-05-18[492323] add JPAProjectConfiguratorBrian Vosburgh3-1/+112
2017-05-17[460406] add null check for unexpected Project Explorer elementBrian Vosburgh1-1/+11
2017-05-17Fix JPA Selection flakiness in Java editorBrian Vosburgh1-3/+15
2016-10-13Revert "Fix JPA Selection flakiness in Java editor"Brian Vosburgh1-16/+5
This reverts commit 5005859beaec512a193157882ecf6a6c3b8b4781.
2016-10-13Revert "[460406] add null check for unexpected Project Explorer element"Brian Vosburgh1-11/+1
This reverts commit a427ff3de02ed18519fbb0f1b1400581b2a7123e.
2016-07-28[460406] add null check for unexpected Project Explorer elementR3_6_maintenanceBrian Vosburgh1-1/+11
2016-07-13Fix JPA Selection flakiness in Java editorBrian Vosburgh1-5/+16
2016-04-11fix NPE in JPAEditorUtil.checkJPAFacetVersionR3_6_1R3_6_0Petya Sabeva1-0/+3
Change-Id: I1d2ff13c2bf765a8cd2679c85025d7071a9310e6
2016-04-05Update plugin level dependencies and JavaSE version Petya Sabeva3-16/+12
Change-Id: Ic9f8ff00c7080c41a924e79a75a8a61c044f7ae1
2016-03-21Add plugin level dependency to Graphiti projectPetya Sabeva1-1/+5
Change-Id: I711a985b2bdcd97b95d9df14296db2a74dcd3527
2016-03-18Fix broken test.Neil Hauge1-1/+1
2016-03-18[489171] Bump minor on API changes.Neil Hauge16-16/+16
2016-03-18[489171] Fix diagram editor versions after bump.Neil Hauge2-8/+8
2016-03-18[489171] Bump versions for Neon.Neil Hauge72-177/+177
2016-02-26[488427] fix compile error in StructuredStateProvider caused by changeBrian Vosburgh1-0/+5
to IContentProvider [477779]
2016-02-02[472835] Update buildtime dependenciesPetya Sabeva6-15/+15
Change-Id: If70fb16999eff97846993d11bc8062dce3c67629
2016-01-15[460406][485375] fix NPE in Project Explorer (just about anything willBrian Vosburgh2-8/+11
adapt to IProject)
2016-01-14[468637] fix StackOverflowError when type hierarchy has a cycleBrian Vosburgh14-123/+139
2016-01-13clean up some JavaDocBrian Vosburgh4-25/+24
2016-01-13[466421] pass IProgressMonitor to JpaFactory.buildJpaProject(...) soBrian Vosburgh18-99/+202
user can cancel "Build JPA Project" job

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