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<title>Create and Manage the persistence.xml file</title>
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<p>When creating a JPA project, Dali automatically creates the <code>perssistence.xml</code> file.</p>
-<div class="figure"><a id="sthref250" name="sthref250"></a>
+<div class="figure"><a id="sthref244" name="sthref244"></a>
<p class="titleinfigure">JPA Project with persistence.xml File</p>
<img src="img/new_project_2.png" alt="JPA project with persistence.xml file." title="JPA project with persistence.xml file." /><br /></div>
<!-- class="figure" -->
<p>Use the XML editor to edit the <code>persistence.xml</code> file.</p>
<p>After adding your JPA entities, use the <span class="gui-object-action">Java Persistence &gt; Synchronize Classes</span> option to add the classes to the <code>persistence.xml</code> file.</p>
-<div class="figure"><a id="sthref251" name="sthref251"></a>
+<div class="figure"><a id="sthref245" name="sthref245"></a>
<p class="titleinfigure">Synchronizing the persistence.xml File.</p>
<img src="img/synchornize_classes.png" alt="The JPA Tools &gt; Synchronize Classes option." title="The JPA Tools &gt; Synchronize Classes option." /><br /></div>
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