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+<p><a id="CIAFJCHE" name="CIAFJCHE"></a></p>
+<div class="sect3"><!-- infolevel="all" infotype="General" -->
+<p>This table lists the properties of the Options page of the <a href="reference018.htm#CIACCHID">persistence.xml Editor</a>.</p>
+<div align="center">
+<div class="inftblnote"><br />
+<table class="Note oac_no_warn" summary="" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0">
+<td align="left">
+<p class="notep1">Note:</p>
+This page is not available for projects using the <span class="bold">Generic</span> platform.</td>
+<br /></div>
+<!-- class="inftblnote" --></div>
+<div class="tblformal"><a id="sthref227" name="sthref227"></a><a id="sthref228" name="sthref228"></a>
+<p class="titleintable">Properties of the Options Page</p>
+<table class="Formal" title="Properties of the Options Page" summary="" dir="ltr" border="1" width="100%" frame="hsides" rules="groups" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0">
+<tr align="left" valign="top">
+<th align="left" valign="bottom" id="r1c1-t25">Property</th>
+<th align="left" valign="bottom" id="r1c2-t25">Description</th>
+<th align="left" valign="bottom" id="r1c3-t25">Default</th>
+<tr align="left" valign="top">
+<td align="left" id="r2c1-t25" headers="r1c1-t25">
+<p>Session Name</p>
+<td align="left" headers="r2c1-t25 r1c2-t25">
+<p>Specify the name by which the EclipseLink session is stored in the static session manager. Use this option if you need to access the EclipseLink shared session outside of the context of the JPA or to use a pre-existing EclipseLink session configured through a EclipseLink <code>sessions.xml</code> file</p>
+<p>Valid values: a valid EclipseLink session name that is unique in a server deployment.</p>
+<p><span class="bold">Example</span>: <code>persistence.xml</code> file</p>
+<pre xml:space="preserve" class="oac_no_warn">
+&lt;property name="eclipselink.session-name" value="MySession"/&gt;
+<td align="left" headers="r2c1-t25 r1c3-t25"><br /></td>
+<tr align="left" valign="top">
+<td align="left" id="r3c1-t25" headers="r1c1-t25">
+<p>Sessions XML</p>
+<td align="left" headers="r3c1-t25 r1c2-t25">
+<p>Specify persistence information loaded from the EclipseLink session configuration file (<code>sessions.xml</code>).</p>
+<p>You can use this option as an alternative to annotations and deployment XML. If you specify this property, TopLink will override all class annotation and the object relational mapping from the <code>persistence.xml</code>, as well as <code>ORM.xml</code> and other mapping files, if present. .</p>
+<p>Indicate the session by setting the <code>eclipselink.session-name</code> property.</p>
+<p>Note: If you do not specify the value for this property, <code>sessions.xml</code> file will not be used.</p>
+<p>Valid values: the resource name of the sessions XML file.</p>
+<p><span class="bold">Example</span>: <code>persistence.xml</code> file</p>
+<pre xml:space="preserve" class="oac_no_warn">
+&lt;property name="toplink.session-xml" value="mysession.xml"/&gt;
+<td align="left" headers="r3c1-t25 r1c3-t25"><br /></td>
+<tr align="left" valign="top">
+<td align="left" id="r4c1-t25" headers="r1c1-t25">
+<p>Target Database</p>
+<td align="left" headers="r4c1-t25 r1c2-t25"><br /></td>
+<td align="left" headers="r4c1-t25 r1c3-t25"><br /></td>
+<tr align="left" valign="top">
+<td align="left" id="r5c1-t25" headers="r1c1-t25">
+<p>Event Listener</p>
+<td align="left" headers="r5c1-t25 r1c2-t25">
+<p>Specify a descriptor event listener to be added during bootstrapping.</p>
+<p>Valid values: qualified class name for a class that implements the <code>eclipselink.sessions.SessionEventListener</code> interface.</p>
+<p><span class="bold">Example</span>: <code>persistence.xml</code> file</p>
+<pre xml:space="preserve" class="oac_no_warn">
+&lt;property name="eclipselink.session-event-listener" value="mypackage.MyClass.class"/&gt;
+<td align="left" headers="r5c1-t25 r1c3-t25"><br /></td>
+<tr align="left" valign="top">
+<td align="left" id="r6c1-t25" headers="r1c1-t25">
+<p>Include Descriptor Queries</p>
+<td align="left" headers="r6c1-t25 r1c2-t25">
+<p>Enable or disable the default copying of all named queries from the descriptors to the session. These queries include the ones defined using EclipseLink API, descriptor amendment methods, and so on.</p>
+<td align="left" headers="r6c1-t25 r1c3-t25"><br /></td>
+<br /></div>
+<!-- class="tblformal" --></div>
+<!-- class="sect3" -->
+<!-- Start Footer -->
+<div class="footer">
+<table class="simple oac_no_warn" summary="" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
+<td align="left" width="86%"><a href="dcommon/html/cpyr.htm"><span class="copyrightlogo">Copyright&nbsp;&copy;&nbsp;2006, 2008,&nbsp;Oracle.&nbsp;All&nbsp;rights&nbsp;reserved.</span></a></td>
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