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+<title>Associate the entity with a database table</title>
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+<h1>Associate the entity with a database table</h1>
+<p>Now you must associate each entity with its primary database table.</p>
+<ol type="1" start="1">
+<p>Select the <span class="gui-object-action">Employee</span> class in the Explorer view.</p>
+<p>In the JPA Details view, notice that Dali has automatically selected the EMPLOYEE table as the table name.</p>
+<div class="figure"><a id="sthref26" name="sthref26"></a>
+<p class="titleinfigure">JPA Details View for the Employee Entity</p>
+<img src="img/persistence_view_employee.png" alt="This figure shows the Persistence Properties view for the Employee entity." title="This figure shows the Persistence Properties view for the Employee entity." /><br /></div>
+<!-- class="figure" --></li>
+<p>By default, Dali attempts to associate each entity with a similarly named database table. Notice that although you have not explicitly associated the <span class="bold">Address</span> entity yet, there is no error in the Problems view because the entity name, Address, is identical to the table name (ADDRESS).</p>
+<p>For the <span class="bold">PhoneNumber</span> entity, however, there is an error. This is because the entity name (PhoneNumber) is different than the database table (PHONE). You must explicitly associate the entity with the PHONE table. Dali adds the <code>@Table(name="PHONE")</code> annotation to the entity.</p>
+<p>Now you are ready to <a href="getting_started013.htm#BABEBGBC">Create OR mappings</a>.</p>
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