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-<title>Add fields to the entities</title>
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-<p><a id="BABDCBDD" name="BABDCBDD"></a></p>
-<div class="sect3"><!-- infolevel="all" infotype="General" -->
-<h1>Add fields to the entities</h1>
-<p>Before mapping the entities to the database, you must add the necessary fields to each entity.</p>
-<ol start="1">
-<p>Add the following fields to the <span class="bold">Employee</span> entity:</p>
-<pre xml:space="preserve" class="oac_no_warn">
-private Long id;
-private String firstNname;
-private String lastName;
-private String address;
-private List&lt;PhoneNumber&gt; phoneNumbers;
-private Long version;
-<p>Import <span class="bold">java.util.List</span>.</p>
-<p>Generate Getters and Setters for each field.</p>
-<p>Add the following fields to the <span class="bold">Address</span> entity:</p>
-<pre xml:space="preserve" class="oac_no_warn">
-private Long id;
-private String street;
-private String city;
-private String stateOrProvince;
-private String country;
-private String postalCode;
-<p>Add the following fields to the <span class="bold">PhoneNumber</span> entity:</p>
-<pre xml:space="preserve" class="oac_no_warn">
-private String type;
-private String areaCode;
-private String number;
-private Employee owner;
-<p>Next, you will <a href="getting_started012.htm#BABIHGGD">Associate the entity with a database table</a>.</p>
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