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-<h1>Requirements and installation<a id="sthref3" name="sthref3"></a><a id="sthref4" name="sthref4"></a></h1>
-<p>Before installing Dali, ensure that your environment meets the following <span class="italic">minimum</span> requirements:</p>
-<p>Eclipse 3.5 (<code><a href=""></a></code>)</p>
-<p>Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 (<code><a href=""></a></code>)</p>
-<p>Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) 3.1 (<code><a href=""></a></code>)</p>
-<p>Java Persistence API (JPA) for Java EE 5. For example, the EclipseLink implementation for JPA can be obtained from: <code><a href=""></a></code></p>
-<p>Refer to <code><a href=""></a></code> for additional installation information.</p>
-<p><a id="sthref5" name="sthref5"></a>Dali is included as part of WTP 3.1. No additional installation or configuration is required.</p>
-<a id="sthref6" name="sthref6"></a>
-<p class="subhead2">Accessibility Features</p>
-<p>Dali supports the standard accessibility features in Eclipse, including the following:</p>
-<p>Navigating the user interface using the keyboard.</p>
-<p>Specifying general accessibility preferences for the editor.</p>
-<p>See <a href="../org.eclipse.platform.doc.user/concepts/accessibility/accessmain.htm">Accessibility Features in Eclipse</a> in the <span class="italic">Workbench User Guide</span> for details.</p>
-<a id="sthref7" name="sthref7"></a>
-<p class="subhead2">Help Accessibility</p>
-<p>The documentation and help contains markup to facilitate access by the disabled community. See <a href="../org.eclipse.platform.doc.user/tasks/help_accessibility.htm">Help Accessibility</a> in the <span class="italic">Workbench User Guide</span> for details.</p>
-<p>When using the help, be aware of the following:</p>
-<p>Screen readers may not always correctly read the code examples in this document. The conventions for writing code require that closing braces should appear on an otherwise empty line; however, some screen readers may not always read a line of text that consists solely of a bracket or brace.</p>
-<p>This documentation may contain links to Web sites of other companies or organizations that we do not control. We neither evaluate nor make any representations regarding the accessibility of these Web sites.</p>
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