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Bug fixes: 203152, 208574, 208575. Initial 2.0.0 doc updates.
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<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
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<meta name="OAC_IGNORE_SKIP_NAV" content="true" />
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<title>Many-to-many mapping</title>
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<meta name="doctitle" content="Many-to-many mapping" />
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+<meta name="relnum" content="M5 - Release 2.0.0" />
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@@ -22,15 +22,9 @@
<p><a id="BABEIEGD" name="BABEIEGD"></a></p>
<div class="sect2"><!-- infolevel="all" infotype="General" -->
-<table class="simple oac_no_warn" summary="" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
-<tr valign="bottom">
-<td align="left" width="86%">
<h1>Many-to-many mapping</h1>
<p><a id="sthref130" name="sthref130"></a><a id="sthref131" name="sthref131"></a><a id="sthref132" name="sthref132"></a><a id="sthref133" name="sthref133"></a>Use a <span class="bold">Many-to-Many Mapping</span> to define a many-valued association with many-to-many multiplicity. A many-to-many mapping has two sides: the <span class="italic">owning side</span> and <span class="italic">non-owning side</span>. You must specify the join table on the owning side. For bidirectional mappings, either side may be the owning side.</p>
-<ol type="1" start="1">
+<ol start="1">
<p>In the <a href="ref_persistence_outline.htm#BABEGGFE">JPA Structure view</a>, select the field to map. The <a href="ref_persistence_map_view.htm#BABIFBAF">JPA Details view (for attributes)</a> displays the properties for the selected.</p>
@@ -67,10 +61,10 @@
<td align="left" id="r4c1-t9" headers="r1c1-t9">Fetch</td>
<td align="left" headers="r4c1-t9 r1c2-t9">Defines how data is loaded from the database. See <a href="ref_mapping_general.htm#CACGGGHB">"Fetch Type"</a> for details.
-<li type="disc">
-<li type="disc">
@@ -86,13 +80,13 @@
<td align="left" id="r6c1-t9" headers="r1c1-t9">Order By</td>
<td align="left" headers="r6c1-t9 r1c2-t9">Specify the default order for objects returned from a query. See <a href="ref_mapping_general.htm#CACDADIH">"Order By"</a> for details.
-<li type="disc">
<p>No ordering</p>
-<li type="disc">
<p>Primary key</p>
-<li type="disc">
@@ -104,7 +98,7 @@
<br /></div>
<!-- class="inftblruleinformal" --></li>
-<p>Use this table to complete the fields in the <a href="reference006.htm#CACBAEBC">Join Table Information</a> area in the <span class="gui-object-title">JPA Details</span> view.</p>
+<p>Use this table to complete the fields in the <a href="reference007.htm#CACBAEBC">Join Table Information</a> area in the <span class="gui-object-title">JPA Details</span> view.</p>
<div class="inftblruleinformal">
<table class="RuleInformal" title="This table lists the fields in the Join Table tab of the Persistence Properties view for this mapping." summary="This table lists the fields in the Join Table tab of the Persistence Properties view for this mapping." dir="ltr" border="1" width="100%" frame="border" rules="all" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0">
@@ -149,7 +143,6 @@
targetEntity=<span class="italic">&lt;TARGET_ENTITY&gt;</span>, mappedBy = "<span class="italic">&lt;MAPPED_BY&gt;</span>")
@OrderBy("<span class="italic">&lt;ORDER_BY&gt;</span>")
<img src="img/ngrelt.png" alt="Related task" title="Related task" /><br />
@@ -170,7 +163,7 @@
<div class="footer">
<table class="simple oac_no_warn" summary="" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
-<td align="left" width="86%"><a href="dcommon/html/cpyr.htm"><span class="copyrightlogo">Copyright&nbsp;&copy;&nbsp;2006, 2007,&nbsp;Oracle.&nbsp;All&nbsp;rights&nbsp;reserved.</span></a></td>
+<td align="left" width="86%"><a href="dcommon/html/cpyr.htm"><span class="copyrightlogo">Copyright&nbsp;&copy;&nbsp;2006, 2008,&nbsp;Oracle.&nbsp;All&nbsp;rights&nbsp;reserved.</span></a></td>

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