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261107 - Update docs for 2.2 release.
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-<title>Specifying additional tables</title>
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<p><a id="CIHGBIEI" name="CIHGBIEI"></a></p>
<div class="sect1"><!-- infolevel="all" infotype="General" -->
<h1>Specifying additional tables</h1>
-<p>Add a secondary table annotation to an entity if its data is split across more more than one table.</p>
+<p>Add a secondary table annotation to an entity if its data is split across more than one table.</p>
<p>To add a secondary table to the entity,</p>
-<ol start="1">
-<p>Select the entity in the <span class="gui-object-title">Package Explorer</span>.</p>
+<p>Select the entity in the <span class="gui-object-title">Project Explorer</span>.</p>
<p>In the <span class="gui-object-title">JPA Details</span> view, select the <span class="gui-object-action">Secondary Tables</span> information.</p>
-<div class="figure"><a id="sthref79" name="sthref79"></a>
+<div class="figure"><a id="sthref91" name="sthref91"></a>
<p class="titleinfigure">Specifying Secondary Tables</p>
<img src="img/secondary_tables.png" alt="Secondary Tables area on the JPA Details view." title="Secondary Tables area on the JPA Details view." /><br /></div>
<!-- class="figure" --></li>
@@ -44,9 +42,22 @@
<p>Eclipse adds the following annotations the entity:</p>
<pre xml:space="preserve" class="oac_no_warn">
-@SecondaryTable(name="NAME", catalog = "CATALOG", schema = "SCHEMA"
+@SecondaryTable(name="NAME", catalog = "CATALOG", schema = "SCHEMA")
+<p>To override the default primary key:</p>
+<p>Enable the <span class="bold">Overwrite default</span> option, then click <span class="bold">Add</span> to specify a new primary key join column. The Create New Primary Key Join Column appears.</p>
+<p>Select the <span class="bold">Name</span>, <span class="bold">Referenced column name</span>, <span class="bold">Table</span>, and <span class="bold">Column definition</span> of the primary key for the entity.</p>
+<p>Eclipse adds the following annotations the entity:</p>
+<pre xml:space="preserve" class="oac_no_warn">
+@SecondaryTable(name="NAME", catalog = "CATALOG", schema = "SCHEMA", pkJoinColumns = {@PrimaryKeyJoinColumn(name="id", referencedColumnName = "id"),@PrimaryKeyJoinColumn(name="NAME", referencedColumnName = "REFERENCED COLUMN NAME", columnDefinition = "COLUMN DEFINITION")})
<br />
<img src="img/ngrelt.png" alt="Related task" title="Related task" /><br />
@@ -60,8 +71,11 @@
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<div class="footer">
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+<col width="86%" />
+<col width="*" />
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+<td align="left"><span class="copyrightlogo">Copyright&nbsp;&copy;&nbsp;2006, 2009,&nbsp;Oracle&nbsp;and/or&nbsp;its&nbsp;affiliates.&nbsp;All&nbsp;rights&nbsp;reserved.</span><br />
+<a href="dcommon/html/cpyr.htm"><span class="copyrightlogo">Legal Notices</span></a></td>

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