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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3.10.x[533417] Avoid unnecessary build dependency on javax.xml.bind bundleMat Booth5 years
R2_3_5_patches377064 - bump bundle version for new patch contents.Neil Hauge10 years
R3_0_maintenanceremoving unnecessary(?) .cvsignore filesKaren Butzke10 years
R3_2_maintenance435049 - Add Hermes JPQL parser source to SDK's buildTran Le9 years
R3_3_maintenanceUpdating version for phantom versioning issue in the build.Neil Hauge9 years
R3_4_maintenanceFix jpa editor repository plugin versioningPetya Sabeva8 years
R3_5_maintenance[472835] Update buildtime dependencies - emf-sitePetya Sabeva7 years
R3_6_maintenance[460406] add null check for unexpected Project Explorer elementBrian Vosburgh6 years
bjvtemp (unstaged)Brian Vosburgh5 years
masterFix FileNotFoundExceptions for eclipselink_oxm_2_5.xsdNitin Dahyabhai4 months
R3_27webtools.dali-R3_27.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_27.tar.xz  Nitin Dahyabhai4 months
R3_26webtools.dali-R3_26.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_26.tar.xz  Nitin Dahyabhai8 months
R3_23webtools.dali-R3_23.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_23.tar.xz  Lakshminarayana Nekkanti18 months
R3_24webtools.dali-R3_24.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_24.tar.xz  Lakshminarayana Nekkanti18 months
R3_25webtools.dali-R3_25.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_25.tar.xz  Lakshminarayana Nekkanti18 months
R3_22webtools.dali-R3_22.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_22.tar.xz  Stephane Bouchet18 months
R3_21webtools.dali-R3_21.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_21.tar.xz  Lakshminarayana Nekkanti22 months
R3_19webtools.dali-R3_19.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_19.tar.xz  nickboldt2 years
R3_18webtools.dali-R3_18.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_18.tar.xz  Lakshminarayana Nekkanti3 years
R3_14webtools.dali-R3_14.tar.gz  webtools.dali-R3_14.tar.xz  nickboldt4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2007-05-16This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'v200705160000'.v200705160000nhauge602-69840/+0
2007-05-16179993 - virtual mappings now updating appropriately based on metadata-comple...kmoore4-14/+16
2007-05-16187314 - added API on IJpaPlatform to retrieve persistent types for a given p...pfullbright17-79/+273
2007-05-16185996 - fixed constant resynching issue - no virtual secondary table in xml ...kmoore1-4/+6
2007-05-16186432 - prevent extra tags in orm.xml with new xml objects to be used by tra...kmoore26-81/+1885
2007-05-16fixed xml persistent attribute selection in the editorkmoore1-1/+1
2007-05-16[181470] tweaked APIbvosburgh7-22/+24
2007-05-16converted to jdk 5.tle4-21/+31
2007-05-15187065 - fixed npe changing field namekmoore2-12/+19
2007-05-15187065 - fixed npe changing field namekmoore5-10/+24

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