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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-11-21Releng fixes, ensuring legal files are there. Removing projects.Doug Schaefer2-1/+26
2017-11-07Adjust Arduino to new GCCToolChain API and add type and id/name.Doug Schaefer8-24/+44
2017-11-03Hook up the error parser properly in the build configuration.Doug Schaefer1-2/+3
2017-10-06Add UI tests plugin for CMake. Fix a couple of bugs it found.Doug Schaefer1-6/+0
2017-09-11Update feature versions to CDT 9.4.Doug Schaefer1-46/+46
2017-06-12Fix another IndexOutOfBounds exception.CDT_9_3_RC4CDT_9_3_0Doug Schaefer1-0/+4
2017-06-12Fix indexOutOfBounds when no Arduino boards registered.Doug Schaefer1-0/+4
2017-05-23Bug 516836 Terminal support for Arduino.Doug Schaefer11-6/+499
2017-05-17Bug 516407 Set Agent and make package.json downloads more robustDoug Schaefer2-3/+6
2017-05-17Bug 498171 Propagate scanner info fix for Arduino.Doug Schaefer1-8/+47
2017-02-14releng: Make use of Tycho POM-less functionalityMarc-Andre Laperle4-49/+22
2016-11-16Update version to 9.3.0Marc Khouzam4-5/+5
2016-11-15Update version to 9.2.0Marc Khouzam4-5/+5
2016-11-14Fix up feature names for Neon.2 SimRel repo.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2016-10-21removed unused importsMarco Syfrig3-6/+0
2016-10-12Updates for Core Build.Doug Schaefer3-28/+31
2016-09-12Introduce Core Build launches and Launch Bar integration.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2016-08-26Bug 500237 - Use specific version of tool for uploads.Doug Schaefer3-2/+17
2016-08-17Update version to 9.1.0Marc Khouzam4-5/+5
2016-08-10Get CMake projects created and building. New C/C++ Project Wizard.Doug Schaefer1-3/+6
2016-08-09Propagate fixes for Arduino from CDT 9.0 to master.Doug Schaefer25-410/+668
2016-06-21Fix up Arduino property page to use o.e.remote tester.Doug Schaefer1-1/+2
2016-06-18[Arduino] Fix Makefile template to use new libraries layout.Doug Schaefer1-6/+6
2016-06-17Bug 485992 - Add support for libs with parens and assembly files.Doug Schaefer2-6/+23
2016-06-17Bug 487633 - Arduino support build.system.path for Due.Doug Schaefer2-9/+3
2016-06-17Arduino Integration tests passing on Linux and weirdo Windows platform.Doug Schaefer1-1/+12
2016-06-14Cherry picking changes from the CDT 9 branch for Qt and Arduino.Doug Schaefer16-237/+645
2016-05-24Arduino Downloads Manager and lots of cleanup around that.Doug Schaefer43-1156/+2682
2016-05-10Add binary parsers to new build system. Clean up some toolchain stuff.Doug Schaefer4-56/+29
2016-05-06Remove the Arduino Boards Preference Page.Doug Schaefer5-52/+6
2016-04-28Modernize Arduino plug-ins. Adjust APIs to suite.Doug Schaefer28-1187/+691
2016-04-25Bug 492304 - Fix NLS warningsAlex Blewitt1-3/+3
2016-04-22Bug 492200 - Replace StringBuffer with StringBuilderAlex Blewitt2-4/+4
2016-02-23New Qt templates using new templates framework. Arduino fixes.Doug Schaefer6-3/+63
2016-02-01Missing copyright header.Marc Khouzam4-0/+28
2016-01-18Incremented CDT features version to 9.0.0Marc Khouzam4-5/+5
2016-01-04Bug 485100 - Fix Arduino Libraries Page.Doug Schaefer2-23/+63
2015-12-31Bug 484994 - Migrate Mars Arduino support to Neon.Doug Schaefer63-1252/+2473
2015-12-29Bug 484955 - Provide serial.port.file property, needed for SAM boards.Christian Walther1-0/+5
2015-11-25Bug 481978 - Big overhaul of new build system to work with Qt.Doug Schaefer8-144/+65
2015-11-05Bug 481352 - Adapt Qt and Arduino providers to ILaunchTargetsDoug Schaefer8-11/+184
2015-09-28Starting to put Qt onto the new build system and launch.Doug Schaefer6-63/+190
2015-09-02Add support for multiple board packages suppliers.Doug Schaefer12-135/+182
2015-09-02Add description text for board and library install pages.Doug Schaefer4-4/+36
2015-08-31Add missing copyright notices.Doug Schaefer13-17/+92
2015-08-31Bug 321443 - First implementation of new build model.Doug Schaefer17-705/+62
2015-08-27Build and Launch working on Windows.Doug Schaefer4-28/+68
2015-08-25Arduino Library SupportDoug Schaefer17-40/+659
2015-08-22Remove dependency on apache http client. Don't need it.Doug Schaefer1-2/+0
2015-08-17A good start on the error parsers/hyperlinks for Arduino.Doug Schaefer11-33/+311

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