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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-07-08[releng] Update to latest stable I-build of PlatformJonah Graham2-3/+3
2019-06-21[releng] Update baseline to released 9.8.0Jonah Graham1-4/+4
2019-06-19[releng] Update to Platform 4.13 and related dependenciesJonah Graham2-7/+7
2019-06-11[releng] Bump version to 9.9.0Jonah Graham17-19/+19
2019-05-31[releng] Update to latest orbit (RC2)Jonah Graham2-3/+3
2019-05-31[releng] bring CDT.setup up to match cdt.targetJonah Graham1-4/+4
2019-05-31[releng] update to latest platform (RC1a) orbit (RC1) and wtp (M3)Jonah Graham1-4/+4
2019-05-31[releng] Use launchbar p2 directly from Jenkins machineJonah Graham1-2/+2
2019-05-30releng: Add missing javax.activation in update siteMarc-Andre Laperle3-1/+5
2019-05-24[releng] Update target to platform and orbit M3 dropsJonah Graham1-3/+3
2019-05-23[releng] update launchbar in target platform to 2.3.0 prereleaseJonah Graham2-3/+3
2019-05-22[releng] update to latest platform I buildJonah Graham2-4/+4
2019-05-22[releng] remove now unused target fileJonah Graham1-102/+0
2019-05-12[releng] Updated target definition with 2019-06 pre-release dependenciesMarco Stornelli2-9/+9
2019-03-21Bug 545624 - Disable nightly upload in "production"William Riley1-61/+0
2019-03-20[releng] Update platform to non-milestone P2 URLJonah Graham1-2/+2
2019-03-19Update API baseline to 9.7.0Marc-Andre Laperle2-8/+7
2019-03-19Build with Eclipse 2019-03 dependenciesMarc-Andre Laperle4-49/+24
2019-03-01[releng] Bump version to 9.8.0Jonah Graham17-19/+19
2019-02-17[releng] Update baseline to CDT 9.6Jonah Graham1-2/+2
2019-02-04[releng] Update to newer launchbarWilliam Riley3-3/+3
2019-01-18[releng] Bump version number of p2 repoJonah Graham1-2/+2
2019-01-08[releng] Update target platform URLs from milestones to releases where possibleJonah Graham2-6/+6
2018-12-11Bug 542644 - Add new tools.template to CDT.setupJonah Graham1-1/+1
2018-12-11Bug 542644 - Add fragment for Java 11 JAXB dependenciesJonah Graham2-2/+12
2018-12-10[releng] Update to newer tools.templateJonah Graham2-5/+4
2018-12-10[releng] Bump version to 9.7.0Jonah Graham16-17/+17
2018-11-30Remove JVM MaxPermSize arguments (unused since Java 8)Marc-Andre Laperle3-10/+1
2018-11-27[releng] Udpate to newer launchbarJonah Graham2-4/+4
2018-11-27[releng] add target for build & test against latest dependenciesJonah Graham1-0/+100
2018-11-24Bug 540373: Instructions on how to rebase an old commit onto masterJonah Graham10-0/+1302
2018-11-24Bug 540373: Post code-cleanup for DSF examplesJonah Graham1-1/+5
2018-11-24Bug 540373: Update the compiler warnings/ignoresJonah Graham7-8/+27
2018-11-24Bug 540373: Use git ls-files instead of findJonah Graham1-5/+5
2018-11-23Bug 540373: Add a code cleanliness check scriptJonah Graham3-36/+76
2018-11-23Bug 540373: Cleanup: Remove trailing whitespace in properties filesJonah Graham8-9/+9
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Standard .settings auto appliedJonah Graham30-0/+4914
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Standard .settings for JDT/PDEJonah Graham1-0/+14
2018-11-22Bug 540371: Update to EPLv2 using releng/scripts/change_to_eplv2.shJonah Graham32-1021/+1177
2018-11-20Bug 540371: Script for updating to EPLv2Jonah Graham1-0/+46
2018-11-20Bug 540373: Normalize newlines with .gitattributesJonah Graham10-131/+153
2018-11-14[releng] Update to newer tools.template for javax.xml.bind issues in Java11Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2018-11-09Add com.sun.xml.bind to targetMarc-Andre Laperle2-1/+8
2018-10-08releng: Use features instead of Eclipse product in target/targletMarc-Andre Laperle2-3/+3
2018-10-08releng: Add some missing dependencies to Oomph setupMarc-Andre Laperle1-0/+10
2018-10-06[releng] Proper URL for platform with milestones being removedJonah Graham1-1/+1
2018-06-27[releng] Proper URL for platform with milestones being removedJonah Graham1-2/+2
2018-06-27[releng] set update site location to properly match version of codeJonah Graham1-2/+2
2018-06-27[releng] Update CDT Baseline to CDT 9.5Jonah Graham2-6/+6
2018-06-26Bug 536023: NoClassDefFoundError for javax/xml/bind/DatatypeConverterMarc-Andre Laperle2-1/+6

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