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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2006-09-14Upversion the plugins to 3.1.1.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2006-06-14update copyrightsChris Recoskie1-1/+1
2006-05-24Fixed 77947 - fixed copyright holders in the about box.Doug Schaefer1-2/+2
2006-05-24Updated the about.html files.Doug Schaefer1-15/+17
2006-04-17Turn off the Managed Build UI tests for now. They seem to be hanging the build.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2006-04-12Turn off the UI tests for now. They seem to be hanging the build.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2006-01-03Trying out the .qualifier version for builds.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2005-11-15Made all of the plugins OSGi components.Doug Schaefer3-9/+11
2005-08-31The build scripts require the testing plugin to be the same version as the te...Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2005-06-23EPL'ing the CDT.Doug Schaefer7-166/+418
2005-05-21Fixed up the tests a little.Doug Schaefer1-5/+16
2005-02-09Added debug and managedbuilder tests.Doug Schaefer1-2/+22
2005-02-09Really add in the UI tests.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2005-02-09Adding UI tests to build tests.Doug Schaefer1-1/+13
2005-02-02Nope, that didn't do it. Reverting back to core-test.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2005-02-02The tests seem to need UI loaded to run properly.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2004-12-22Updated the version numbers to 3.0.0.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2004-07-15Upversioning head to 2.1.0.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2004-03-08New release engineering scriptsDoug Schaefer1-13/+8
2004-03-08New release engineering scriptsDoug Schaefer1-0/+30
2004-03-05Fixed the version number.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2003-11-25Upversioned the plugins, etc to 2.0.0.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2003-11-24Upgrade to Eclipse 3.0. Includes:Doug Schaefer2-0/+12
2003-10-01Upversioning everything to 1.2.0.Doug Schaefer2-2/+2
2003-04-23Updated version numbers from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0Judy N. Green2-3/+3
2003-01-20Added code for first pass at building tests as a featureJudy N. Green11-0/+295

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