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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2005-06-282005-06-27 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire3-22/+13
2005-06-282005-06-27 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire12-95/+159
2005-06-27MI2 adjustements.Alain Magloire1-0/+18
2005-06-272005-06-27 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire3-56/+39
2005-06-272005-06-27 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire4-5/+19
2005-06-272005-06-27 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire109-446/+559
2005-06-272005-05-27 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-0/+7
2005-06-27EPL'ing the CDT.Doug Schaefer5-18/+16
2005-06-252005-06-25 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-15/+7
2005-06-252005-06-25 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-1/+8
2005-06-23Bug 100756: Breakpoints listed twice in Breakpoints view.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-2/+6
2005-06-23CPL to EPL transistion - license header update for IBMDavid Inglis22-73/+83
2005-06-23CPL to EPL transistion - license header update for QNXDavid Inglis756-3680/+3794
2005-06-23EPL'ing the CDT.Doug Schaefer5-90/+36
2005-06-22Bug 96563: "Go to file" is ghosted on breakpoints (outside projects?).Mikhail Khodjaiants2-2/+29
2005-06-21Minor refactoring.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-17/+24
2005-06-21Bug 91374: CDT launch should set ATTR_PROCESS_TYPE.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-0/+12
2005-06-20Bug 93855: Changing values in detailed pane doesn't work the first time after...Mikhail Khodjaiants3-0/+26
2005-06-20Bug 93856: Variable View: Should disable change value options if selected ite...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+21
2005-06-17Bug 99217: NPE thrown when fetching deffered children.Mikhail Khodjaiants6-20/+89
2005-06-17Bug 100261: Memory veiw: Renderings content disappears when click on Vairable...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-0/+8
2005-06-16Bug 100471: Signed/Unsigned Integer renderings show '?' for valid memory blocks.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-6/+10
2005-06-16Bug 100447: NPE generated when Run To Line in Disassembly view.Mikhail Khodjaiants3-2/+7
2005-06-16Bug 100445: The endianess of a debug target is reversed.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+5
2005-06-16Partial fix for bug 79371: Setting breakpoints in the left hand side ruler of...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-21/+54
2005-06-14Bug 98814: NullPointerException and failed to launch debug session for a proj...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-3/+15
2005-06-13Temporary fix for bug 77279: The memory view address should not be cleared on...Mikhail Khodjaiants5-0/+134
2005-06-13Fixed message identifiers.Mikhail Khodjaiants1-3/+3
2005-06-13Temporary fix for bug 79872: Make instruction stepping default in disassembly...Mikhail Khodjaiants6-16/+60
2005-06-10Bug 84929: The "Expression to watch" field of the "Add Watchpoint" dialog is ...Mikhail Khodjaiants6-5/+46
2005-06-10Bug 83465: Add "Run to line" and "Resume at line" actions to the context menu...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-5/+16
2005-06-10Bug 81353: automatically opening of the disassembly window.Mikhail Khodjaiants3-1/+30
2005-06-10Warning cleanup.Mikhail Khodjaiants12-38/+50
2005-06-10UpdateMikhail Khodjaiants1-0/+2
2005-06-09Warning cleanup.Mikhail Khodjaiants3-20/+7
2005-06-09Warning cleanup.Mikhail Khodjaiants1-0/+4
2005-06-09Bug 94139: User-defined register groups. Externalized strings for the "Restor...Mikhail Khodjaiants3-3/+11
2005-06-09Don't save the list of registers for default groups.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+10
2005-06-09Bug 94139: User-defined register groups. Support fo the "Restore Default Regi...Mikhail Khodjaiants8-2/+139
2005-06-07New images for mapping source containers.Mikhail Khodjaiants7-1/+16
2005-06-07Bug 94139: User-defined register groups. Support fo the "Edit Register Group"...Mikhail Khodjaiants13-19/+186
2005-06-07The endianness flag is not chached.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-2/+6
2005-06-06Bug 98594: Unable to set address breakpoints.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-5/+9
2005-06-062005-06-06 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire3-6/+33
2005-05-31Bug 84816: The modification of the signal properties should be done in the ba...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-13/+3
2005-05-31Bug 84816: The modification of the signal properties should be done in the ba...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-41/+46
2005-05-252005-05-25 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-0/+64
2005-05-24Bug 88558: run-to-line not thread oriented. The "Run to Line" action should b...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-3/+49
2005-05-24Bug 88558: run-to-line not thread oriented. The IRunTo* and IJumpTo* interfac...Mikhail Khodjaiants6-162/+172
2005-05-24Redundant code.Mikhail Khodjaiants1-3/+0

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