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2004-05-20The "IStackFrameInfo" interface is removed and it's methods moved to "ICStack...Mikhail Khodjaiants11-506/+359
2004-05-19Added the support of watch expressions.Mikhail Khodjaiants1-2/+0
2004-05-19Added the support of watch expressions.Mikhail Khodjaiants12-28/+307
2004-05-182004-05-18 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire6-13/+17
2004-05-17Upgrade to latest platform APIs.Doug Schaefer1-3/+3
2004-05-14Refresh the Disassembly view on change events.Mikhail Khodjaiants4-9/+38
2004-05-14Update disassembly when source locator is changed.Mikhail Khodjaiants3-94/+115
2004-05-13Changed the format of the disassembly error messages.Mikhail Khodjaiants3-4/+7
2004-05-13Removed old disassembly implementation.Mikhail Khodjaiants24-1742/+77
2004-05-13Added the "Instruction Stepping Mode" action.Mikhail Khodjaiants7-40/+232
2004-05-13Support for the instruction stepping mode.Mikhail Khodjaiants7-137/+175
2004-05-12The input member of 'DisassemblyAnnotationModel' can be null.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-6/+13
2004-05-12Do not log CoreException thrown from the 'decrementInstallCount' method.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+6
2004-05-12Implemented the color highlighting of the source lines in the Disassembly view.Mikhail Khodjaiants5-8/+68
2004-05-11Added category id in disassembly font definition.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-45/+46
2004-05-11Added theme category for CDT debugger.Mikhail Khodjaiants4-49/+70
2004-05-07 PR 57127. Pass the stream verbatimAlain Magloire2-0/+20
2004-05-07Fix for PR 60664Alain Magloire2-6/+16
2004-05-06Implementation of mixed disassembly mode.Mikhail Khodjaiants13-260/+553
2004-05-02Check if the new stack frame is of the same debug target as the old one.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-2/+9
2004-05-01The schema folder was missing from the nightly build.Doug Schaefer1-4/+2
2004-04-30New copyright.Mikhail Khodjaiants3-25/+37
2004-04-30New implementation of the "Resume At Line" global action.Mikhail Khodjaiants5-40/+371
2004-04-30Added ruler breakpoint actions to the Disassembly view.Mikhail Khodjaiants16-472/+535
2004-04-29Fix for bug 59083: Two short cut keys in one sentence.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+5
2004-04-28Added support of context menu to the Disassembly view.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+217
2004-04-28Added the overview ruler to the Disassembly view.Mikhail Khodjaiants3-6/+42
2004-04-27Breakpoints presentation in the Disassembly view.Mikhail Khodjaiants16-73/+1434
2004-04-27Moved the "FUNCTION" and "ADDRESS" breakpoint attributes to ICLineBreakpoint.Mikhail Khodjaiants14-245/+312
2004-04-26The notification of the Breakpoint Manager on breakpoint creation has been mo...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+5
2004-04-26Incorrect date in ChangeLog.Mikhail Khodjaiants1-1/+1
2004-04-23Fix for bug 58711: Breakpoint race condition.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+8
2004-04-23Corrected date in ChangeLog.Mikhail Khodjaiants1-1/+1
2004-04-22Additional fix for bug 58711: Breakpoint race condition.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-12/+28
2004-04-21Implementing the Disassembly view. New annotation model is added to show brea...Mikhail Khodjaiants6-82/+140
2004-04-21Disassembly should provide an adapter for IExecFialeInfo.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-0/+14
2004-04-20The "getCFileGlobals" method of "IExecFileInfo" throws "DebugException".Mikhail Khodjaiants6-19/+70
2004-04-20Changed copyright header.Mikhail Khodjaiants1-10/+9
2004-04-19Change The Core Model interfaces to throw CModelException whenAlain Magloire4-30/+34
2004-04-19Fix for bug 58711: Breakpoint race condition.Mikhail Khodjaiants14-239/+633
2004-04-19Display global variable name in the error message when the "Add Globals" acti...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-22/+7
2004-04-16Implementing retargettable actions for Disassembly view.Mikhail Khodjaiants8-82/+179
2004-04-16Stack frame should provide an adapter for IRunToAddress.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-0/+8
2004-04-15Implementing the Disassembly view.Mikhail Khodjaiants1-0/+21
2004-04-15Implementing the Disassembly view.Mikhail Khodjaiants22-5/+1619
2004-04-12Fixes in the breakpoint-related actions.Mikhail Khodjaiants5-32/+70
2004-04-12Changed the labels of the ruler breakpoint actions.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-2/+6
2004-04-12Implementing retargettable breakpoint related actions.Mikhail Khodjaiants31-1821/+1538
2004-04-11Implementation of the "Run To Line" retargettable action.Mikhail Khodjaiants7-403/+77
2004-04-11Stack frame should provide an adapter for IRunToLine.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-3/+7

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