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3 daysAdd convenient method to raise a custom signalTorbjörn Svensson11-39/+16
Contributed by STMicroelectronics Change-Id: Ie9c6c7d87e1efc8e13861c3551c11a1da0be2695 Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <>
3 daysEnsure constants are constantTorbjörn Svensson5-38/+58
Contributed by STMicroelectronics Change-Id: I3ceecdba0bcf5715ce0c4f683fd3fdb9b86ad8b3 Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <>
4 daysBug 576639 - [Accessibility][A11y] reduce JAWS table read while in tableGeraldMit4-45/+56
correct previous fixes Bug 575946, Bug 575949, Bug 576090 to use only parent for accessibility add of table description. Change-Id: Idbc39f13c06f27ed106839d922c328f3bce76d16 Signed-off-by: GeraldMit <>
5 daysBug 574131: Do not concurrently call Spawner#destroy()Torbjörn SVENSSON1-36/+52
As the Object#wait() voids the synchronization, more threads can call destroy() before the Reaper thread has identified that the process exited or the timeout occured. The change ensures that only one call actually raises the signal while the others are NOP. Contributed by STMicroelectronics Change-Id: I64722b17138582a76bb9cf604a6b0c14685f1720 Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <>
6 daysBug 574131: SIGTERM should let app do a gracefully exit on winTorbjörn Svensson4-41/+45
Let the process have some time to do a graceful exit with the signal SIGTERM. If the process is still alive after 1s, raise the SIGKILL signal and hammer down the process. The 1s is aligned on all platforms and handled in JAVA. Contributed by STMicroelectronics Change-Id: Iff2f7727c1ac37b190c60a01774f106638eeeeaa Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <>
2021-09-26[releng] Prepare for CDT 10.5.0Jonah Graham18-30/+22
Change-Id: I9b72edf4a0ff0771a147934dd7f1c92ba1ee799a
2021-09-20Bug 576090: Fix Preference description for preferenceGeraldMit1-7/+39
The description for Advanced Content Assist Preference can not be read out. The description can not be a stand-alone label when working with JAWS, and titles on the page should have additional accessibility listener values for Advanced Content Assist Preference can not be read out. Change-Id: Ic7715676848ecefb8cf111800a2847fe6e3e30aa Reported-by: Gerald Mitchell <> Signed-off-by: Gerald Mitchell <>
2021-09-16Bug 575949: The section title cannot be read outGerald Mitchell1-1/+17
The section title "Elements" can not be read out from Syntax Coloring Preferences page. "Preview" could also not be read out. Change-Id: Ia8e8261739100808eda7bccb28b4c2fca5d59210 Reported-by: Gerald Mitchell <> Signed-off-by: Gerald Mitchell <>
2021-09-15Bug 575946: Fix accessibility on C element FilterGeraldMit1-1/+9
The description for filter text on C element Filter dialog could not be read out. Change-Id: I7c4884cca2c1fff3d872f4775e8529e4428c86ac Reported-by: Gerald Mitchell <> Signed-off-by: Gerald Mitchell <>
2021-08-26Bug 319668 - NPE in indexer CCorePlugin.getCProjectDescriptionSimeon Andreev1-1/+2
This change ensures code in SelectionListenerWithASTManager does not attempt to compute an AST if the workbench is shutting down. This can result in a NPE in the CDT core plug-in. Change-Id: I3a0f921b3327bab9eab7169591f217c4f4766a70 Signed-off-by: Simeon Andreev <>
2021-08-08Bug 574317 - Per-project Doxygen options are ignoredMarc-Andre Laperle7-9/+69
Pass along ICProject to edit strategies so that they can retrieve per-project settings. Change-Id: I87699917114a10439a820f9d6ec9d53f350ea50f Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2021-07-25Bug 574247 - Same binary file can appear multiple timesMat Booth3-9/+13
A race condition could sometimes yield duplicate entries in the binary container due to interleaving of calls to includesChild() and addChild() Add a method to CElementInfo that can perform the check and add the child atomically, by synchronising on the list of children for the duration of the two operations. Change-Id: I1ef1cddf3aad4934ec63cb433ebae34a77b69739 Signed-off-by: Mat Booth <>
2021-07-24Bug 574247: Test for order of elements in outline viewJonah Graham1-0/+21
Change-Id: I75593befecdc19ddee137830a457c8dbfb486a03
2021-07-11Bug 546981: Treat pragma region like pragma mark in outline viewJonah Graham5-4/+48
Treats #pragma region and #pragma endregion similarly to how #pragma mark is treated in outline view. With region and endregion they are always surrounded by divider lines if there is text after region/endregion, else just a divider line is inserted. Change-Id: Idb8bebe94363731e59412a7f31af3b54d53a2c8e
2021-07-11Bug 546981: Add #pragma mark to Outline viewJonah Graham34-14/+714
Adds #pragma mark support to outline view. With mark, dashes (-) cause divider lines before/after the mark label. When outline is sorted, the divider lines are omitted (lest they appear all grouped at the bottom of the view). The system property org.eclipse.cdt.core.model_include_pragmas can be set to false in case there are side effects of introducing IPragma elements to the CModel. This change applies to the Outline view and the Quick Outline (Ctrl-o) information popup. Icons contributed by Greg Willits. Also-by: Greg Willits <> Change-Id: I072ef26fb14e21b5453f909bade391a3f0521823
2021-07-11Bug 546981: Process all preprocessor items in model in one passJonah Graham1-12/+11
The previous code iterated through the preprocessor statements numerous times, this code has the same logic, but iterates through the preprocessor statements less often. Change-Id: If4fcf0a605aabff1f615811f8f528ea66a461136
2021-07-07Bug 464624 - C++ Parser fails with Syntax error on function declaration with ↵Marc-Andre Laperle3-4/+15
__declspec and non-native type Allow __declspec after identifier in decl-specifier. See Change-Id: Ifdaeb649abcfa1b7391e2799072b1afbc07a16a1 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2021-07-07Bug 574578 - Syntax error when using __declspec as type-id specifierMarc-Andre Laperle2-0/+15
I initially applied a fix only to alias declarations by parsing it before the type-id but to my surprise __declspec works more widely as a type-id specifier. Change-Id: I50217e2453f888207b73fc3f4c7ff1ea67bf5937 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2021-06-26Bug 573764 - Ambiguous conversion on numeric typeMarc-Andre Laperle8-19/+157
Starting with C++11, a null pointer constant has to be specifically an integer literal of 0 and not any constant expression. Before this change, an expression like (0 & 1) would wrongly being considered a null pointer constant. It also means it could implicitly convert to a pointer type (like int *) and lead to problems during function resolution, like ambiguity. This change corrects the behavior for C++11 by tracking whether the integer type (basic type) came from a literal expression so that we can add this additional constraint when checking for a null pointer constant. Because types are sometimes returned directly when evaluating different kinds of non-literal expressions that contain literal expressions, we have to be careful that we remove the flag that tracks "from literal expression". Unfortunately, the semantic code does not track the active C++ version which means the behavior for pre-C++11 will be impacted. Tracking the active C++ version would not be trivial and at least the new behavior is more future-proof. Change-Id: Ied625e96e70390872e36ab5bb4dc238d75809d2e Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2021-06-20Bug 574333 - Per-project Doxygen options are not flushed until saved a ↵Marc-Andre Laperle1-0/+2
second time When the options are applied in performApply, the call DocCommentOwnerManager.setCommentOwner causes to set the CProjectDescription, which causes UserDefinedEnvironmentSupplier to flush cdt.core preferences. Then DocCommentOwnerArea.apply populates the preference storage, but the preferences are not flushed after that therefore the new options values only exist in memory. Swapping the calls of DocCommentOwnerManager.setCommentOwner and DocCommentOwnerArea.apply works but it makes no sense for the flushing of Documentation options to depend on UserDefinedEnvironmentSupplier flushing the preferences - it would work by a lucky accident. A clean option would be to go through the preference's page IWorkingCopyManager but this would involve a lot of more risky changes in the DocOwner/Doxygen code and a vast majority of CDT code does not do that. Instead, this change explicitly calls CCoreInternals.savePreferences which flushes the preferences, just like Indexer options does. Change-Id: Id9a57cde47794f57f26ae295ec01eeb1df9aa120 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2021-06-14Cosmetics.Jonah Graham1-108/+108
Remove trailing whitespace. Change-Id: I6395b447f427b75c851d8cce2676fb14b3e1402b
2021-06-14Fix NPE on projects which aren't full CDT projectsJonah Graham2-1/+4
Change-Id: I4b611fe032eca9c5657d493fc60d6451bd6ddf7d
2021-06-14Bug 573677: Mark methods that don't handle commands well as deprecatedJonah Graham3-2/+14
Some of these commands work "by accident" on Windows, but there are lots of special/corner cases that may not. On Linux they almost certainly never do the correct thing when spaces are in arguments. (follow up for 1557c2c4f50d780f03fdae91d4eefa73981b0111) Change-Id: I126d60423b0e4ff6d9d240d7de2c1a4905763415
2021-06-12[releng] Bump to CDT version 10.4.0Jonah Graham16-21/+21
Change-Id: I0807f46d9ebb8bb579b687366cdb19e40935a9ec
2021-06-04Typo. s/Java Element/C Element/Jonah Graham1-6/+6
Change-Id: Ida00d0fe8884ebf3beb4afc9b7fb44e084a028a5
2021-05-26Bug 573786: Handle UnsatisfiedLinkError turn off ConPTYJonah Graham1-3/+3
When starting on older versions of Windows ensure that WinPTY continues to be used by catching all the types of exceptions that may indicate that ConPTY is not available. This change catches all Throwables as we want to know about all RuntimeExceptions and Errors Change-Id: I7524d9286efe9296f1bb44311c4a3be1e5195c14
2021-05-24Bug 562776: Fix enablement variable for ConPTYJonah Graham1-1/+1
Change-Id: I46a6a64ddd1ca74a4466ea13ef8a942cd83c1853
2021-05-23Bug 573677: Mark methods that don't handle commands well as deprecatedJonah Graham1-3/+13
Some of these commands work "by accident" on Windows, but there are lots of special/corner cases that may not. On Linux they almost certainly never do the correct thing when spaces are in arguments. Change-Id: Idce714da9c1d6ac7a67dc174d5b30bf619534c53
2021-05-23Bug 562776: Use Windows ConPTY API instead of WinPTYJonah Graham9-15/+703
There are lots of bugs in WinPTY, while upgrading WinPTY would resolve some of them, there are others that are unresolvable. See for a backgrounder on the general subject. In this first version ConPTY won't be enabled by default, it requires system property org.eclipse.cdt.core.conpty_enabled=true to be set. i.e. start Eclipse with: -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.cdt.core.conpty_enabled=true In a future version the default will change to on if available, so to force it off use: org.eclipse.cdt.core.conpty_enabled=false Change-Id: Ib2df0095027c23f20daa6aa044d9e5f0b0443164
2021-05-19Bug 572878: Rewrite signing of dlls to preserve full file nameJonah Graham1-5/+15
This is a fixup of the previous commits which has some basic shell errors Change-Id: I9572148d0fa9c6fdad5c6e256d6ccabaed9c8a9c
2021-05-17Bug 568957 - Missing significant macros on hdrs with pragma once syntaxJeff Johnston1-3/+3
- replace printStackTrace with CCorePlugin.log call Change-Id: I2eb5398cfbd3ebfbfe3ab02acaf40a748699902a
2021-05-17Bug 572878: Preserve file name when passing file to be signedJonah Graham1-4/+6
Do this by using a temp dir to store the unsigned files in rather than mangling the name Change-Id: I25d3b1fbb5751f8615266168a919990d9111204c
2021-05-17Bug 572878: Preserve file extension when passing file to be signedJonah Graham1-4/+4
Change-Id: I28d15a6430ac3860ba65f6414498793e22dffee0
2021-05-17Bug 572878: Fail build if curl fails by having curl return error codeJonah Graham1-2/+2
Change-Id: Iad5c276f0fbbda96a22d8fbf55d06485cf63f1d4
2021-05-15Bug 573560: Mark GCC constexpr message as infoStephan Oostveen3-0/+27
A GCC information message starting with 'in constexpr expansion' was incorrectly parsed as an error. Change-Id: If6142f8486e97c088315060c826d59e61566692b Signed-off-by: Stephan Oostveen <>
2021-05-15Bug 573498: Fix bg color when hovering over annotations in dark modeJonah Graham1-1/+1
SWT.COLOR_GRAY is gray in dark or light mode, but COLOR_TEXT_DISABLED_BACKGROUND changes with the theme so always leaves the text legible. Change-Id: I3d0c2d1a19baa618ef08c5c40e35fbdda11691e2
2021-05-15Bug 573546: Clear old selection in hover on annotation rulerJonah Graham1-0/+6
The select can be called twice when the expansion first opens, so clear out the old selection before processing the new one. If this isn't done, the oldStyles gets set to the highlighted version on the second call, which prevents deselect from removing the highlight. Change-Id: Ibc8ae45d4164d380b7946cd492c29f33c9fac981
2021-05-12Bug 572755: Update copyright header from previous workLidia Popescu1-1/+2
Signed-off-by: Lidia Popescu <> Change-Id: I0286ada79fc7fc7df140475538d52dcb571a1e58
2021-05-12Bug 573204: Persisted selection for create new file from templateLidia Popescu1-1/+171
Each source file could have few custom templates. If user selects a specific template from the combo box for a specific file type, this selection will be persistent for next file creation, but only for same file extension. Change-Id: I7dde198d6fefdfbbc124b8c52517dfe751009fca Signed-off-by: Lidia Popescu <>
2021-04-29Bug 572875 and Bug 572878: Sign .jnilib/.dll in production buildsJonah Graham10-6/+100
Because the dll/jnilib is modified in place, the natives are qualified with their build date, rather than their git date as the checked-in libraries are not signed. Change-Id: I3078f5040f7ef9590bb4ab5d031dcb29b3c3bdde
2021-04-19Bug 572755: Sorting for new custom templatesLidia Popescu2-1/+88
The changes adds sorting for source templates in alphabetic order. Makes possible to bring to the top the new custom templates provided by extension points, as the most frequently used ones and to avoid the need for using the drop down list for the right option. Change-Id: I931bd2fc08f3e37178a64e4b7908db73af1fbc2c Signed-off-by: Lidia Popescu <>
2021-04-12Bug 568397: Add separate text boxes for separate build command and argsJonah Graham2-1/+28
Change-Id: I078a1db23a69dcbde503b1dd5e496705ecccc956
2021-04-12Bug 563015: terminal: open files/links with ctrl-clickFabrizio Iannetti1-0/+5
- hover with ctrl+mouse underlines word under cursor - ctrl-click tries to open the word: - if a relative path (not starting with /) a full path is obtained by prepending the shell cwd - if the fullpath maps to a workspace file, it is opened - otherwise open the OpenResource dialog with the word as filter text - if there is line/column information (separated by colons) then the opened editor jumps to that line - http and https words are opened in a browser window Change-Id: I3f46accbf1eac6743d7b0c3b34bf30ac5e7523bb Signed-off-by: Fabrizio Iannetti <> Also-by: Jonah Graham <> Signed-off-by: Jonah Graham <>
2021-04-12[releng] Remove no longer needed API problem filtersJonah Graham1-9/+0
Change-Id: I6d648357ca1b9dc46d6f9e4757deba284d90d674
2021-04-10Bug 572749: Try to always show error in English in exceptionTorbjörn SVENSSON10-59/+89
The ThrowNew JNI method requires the message to be encoded in "modified UTF-8". The FormatMessage WinAPI method can return a string using any encoding, so it needs to be converted to UTF-8 in order to have it visible in the exception message. To further help, try to extract the message in English and fall back to the Windows installation language as a last resort. Prefix the error message with the error code from the GetLastError() function. Contributed by STMicroelectronics Change-Id: Id76ffd83e2d3ad1f061780c7ee0892c9b378649b Signed-off-by: Torbjörn SVENSSON <>
2021-04-08Bug 572648: Handle cases of empty (EOF) JSON filesJonah Graham1-2/+3
Change-Id: I10fae3542ae75120dad0a59b52aaf7b34a67d8e9
2021-04-08Bug 572250: Rename variables for consistencyJonah Graham1-3/+3
Renames the local variables to be consistent with the names in similar code. Change-Id: Ic6159b7b108d433fdbd213d44d5a410982109f1d
2021-04-08Bug 572250: [Java 16] fix illegal reflection in scannerInfoCacheJonah Graham10-74/+341
Java 16 restricts some reflection. The serializing of scannerInfoCache with gson does some reflection on Pattern which isn't allowed. Fortunately the reflection is not needed, we just have to prevent gson from calling setAccessible by providing our own serialization for the IExtendedScannerInfo Change-Id: I0db5cec9cfec1ac4caabd2e67f1d6a336e361023
2021-04-04Bug 572581: update jnilibs for new version of cdt-infraJonah Graham3-2/+2
rebuilt docker images have small binary differences in the jnilibs due to a rebuilt macOS toolchain being used. Change-Id: I25dc951e1e8c7c94a799d63a4c0db644d1f1be1e
2021-04-04Bug 572552 - CDT releng: update versions to 10.3.0Alexander Fedorov14-17/+117
Added missed license headers Updated baseline for the parent pom to CDT 10.2 Updated version for pom.xml to 10.3 Updated version for features and bundles to CDT 10.3 Updated copyright for to be 2021 Incremented version + 100 where needed Change-Id: I79666fcc0402fee6607499d7dce1eaf87a5f446d Signed-off-by: Alexander Fedorov <>

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