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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2003-08-13Patch for Sean EvoyJohn Camelon15-300/+253
2003-08-13Fixed Bug 41480 - ceditor extension point is not default editor for C++ file ...John Camelon2-6/+10
2003-08-12Patch for Bogdan Gheorghe.John Camelon3-3/+9
2003-08-12COREJohn Camelon16-18/+161
2003-08-12Patch for Hoda Amer. John Camelon53-128/+817
2003-08-12COREJohn Camelon37-580/+1082
2003-08-12Patch for Bogdan GheorgheJohn Camelon8-180/+69
2003-08-12Patch for Bogdan.John Camelon3-6/+20
2003-08-12Patch for Bogdan Gheorghe. John Camelon17-143/+269
2003-08-12new error dialog methodsDavid Inglis1-5/+45
2003-08-12abstract class for implementing a tab folder control David Inglis1-0/+163
2003-08-12abstract class for use by ICOptionPage implementers.David Inglis1-0/+83
2003-08-12new i/f that will replace IWizardTab and IValidationDavid Inglis2-0/+63
2003-08-11Patch for Bogdan (Fancy Pants) GheorgheJohn Camelon7-7/+67
2003-08-11Patch for Sean EvoyJohn Camelon12-75/+556
2003-08-11Patch for Andrew NieferJohn Camelon7-31/+150
2003-08-11Patch for Bogdan GheorgheJohn Camelon10-44/+209
2003-08-07Patch for Andrew Niefer:Doug Schaefer13-52/+261
2003-08-07Patch for Andrew Niefer:Doug Schaefer9-263/+403
2003-08-01Patch for Andrew Niefer.John Camelon14-43/+173
2003-08-01Patch for Andrew NieferJohn Camelon6-24/+215
2003-07-31Patch for Sean EvoyJohn Camelon17-149/+269
2003-07-31Patch for Victor MozginJohn Camelon5-6/+16
2003-07-30Patch for Hoda Amer. John Camelon8-89/+131
2003-07-30Patch for Victor Mozgin. John Camelon5-19/+21
2003-07-29COREJohn Camelon27-612/+380
2003-07-29Patch by Andrew Niefer.John Camelon19-431/+537
2003-07-29updatedAlain Magloire1-0/+7
2003-07-29Check for .debug*Alain Magloire1-1/+1
2003-07-29Patch for Sean EvoyJohn Camelon12-70/+269
2003-07-29Patch for Victor Mozgin. John Camelon5-8/+19
2003-07-29Patch for Andrew NieferJohn Camelon15-13/+261
2003-07-28COREJohn Camelon10-30/+74
2003-07-28Patch for Andrew Niefer.John Camelon4-0/+70
2003-07-28Fixed Bug 40730 - Parser is not searching the include path for #include"<name>"John Camelon2-2/+10
2003-07-28Patch for Victor Mozgin.John Camelon5-10/+40
2003-07-28cleanupDavid Inglis3-13/+15
2003-07-28added range checks for section stringDavid Inglis1-4/+6
2003-07-27Fixed testBug40714() to faiil properly.John Camelon2-1/+11
2003-07-27Patch for Victor Mozgin. John Camelon8-60/+115
2003-07-25Added the dependency dir to the build properties.Doug Schaefer1-1/+2
2003-07-25Update CModel failed tests.John Camelon1-9/+1
2003-07-25Patch for Sean Evoy:Doug Schaefer17-44/+369
2003-07-25Last minute demo fix from Bogdan.John Camelon2-2/+5
2003-07-25Last minute demo fixes for Search/Indexer/COMPLETE_PARSE.John Camelon4-4/+8
2003-07-25Patch for Bogdan Gheorghe. John Camelon17-39/+310
2003-07-25Fix Symbol Table Lookup in addBaseSpecifier() for Andrew.John Camelon2-4/+20
2003-07-25Patch for Sean Evoy:Doug Schaefer8-184/+1080
2003-07-25Fixed ASTEnumerator::getOwnerEnumerationSpecifier() in COMPLETE_PARSE mode fo...John Camelon3-4/+28
2003-07-24updated,.Alain Magloire1-0/+5

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