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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2004-04-20minor fix to doc tagDavid Inglis1-1/+1
2004-04-20added more exception handling in modelDavid Inglis44-304/+431
2004-04-20Fix for PR 59081Alain Magloire6-9/+35
2004-04-20Fix for build problemBogdan Gheorghe1-6/+1
2004-04-20enable wraping on build consoleDavid Inglis2-0/+7
2004-04-20Change the scheduling ruleAlain Magloire1-28/+68
2004-04-20Fix for 58477 - Search UI does not workBogdan Gheorghe12-56/+573
2004-04-20Fix for PR 59098Alain Magloire4-7/+55
2004-04-20Change The Core Model interfaces to throw CModelException whenAlain Magloire43-386/+559
2004-04-19fix bug 59149Andrew Niefer5-5/+26
2004-04-19speed up BasicSearchMatch.compareTo and .hashCode by reducing number of strin...Andrew Niefer2-19/+40
2004-04-19testing template explicit specialization & small fixAndrew Niefer6-78/+120
2004-04-19fixed dead lockDavid Inglis6-50/+207
2004-04-19fixed Inglis2-20/+22
2004-04-19Changes to CDocumentProvider to use Eclipse-3.0 TextFileDocumentProviderAlain Magloire23-765/+582
2004-04-19Added new methods to CoreModel and IncludeEntryAlain Magloire6-0/+68
2004-04-16Bug fixesHoda Amer3-9/+31
2004-04-16work in progress - cpath ui stuffDavid Inglis13-213/+335
2004-04-16work for bug 50807Andrew Niefer6-58/+129
2004-04-16CModelBuilder and scalability problemsHoda Amer2-15/+3
2004-04-16Fix for bug#44370Hoda Amer2-0/+11
2004-04-16Patch from Sam Robb to cover PR 52864Alain Magloire10-33/+380
2004-04-16<BR>Patch for Dave DaoustJohn Camelon7-1595/+1583
2004-04-16register adapter factory through new extension pointDavid Inglis2-0/+19
2004-04-16fixed cview binary continaer and binary property pageDavid Inglis5-12/+36
2004-04-16Fix for bug#55764Hoda Amer2-1/+21
2004-04-16Fix for bug#58563Hoda Amer2-1/+6
2004-04-16CModelBuilder and scalability problemsHoda Amer9-18/+64
2004-04-16Added Properties for BinariesAlain Magloire5-104/+38
2004-04-16Binary/ArchiveContainer was not clean upAlain Magloire1-1/+1
2004-04-16Binary/ArchiveContainer was not clean upAlain Magloire3-8/+18
2004-04-16Fix for PR 58481Alain Magloire4-17/+46
2004-04-15fix bug 58492 - [Content Assist] No completions when function argument is 'st...Andrew Niefer4-26/+67
2004-04-15Added __const as an alternative keyword.John Camelon1-0/+2
2004-04-15org.eclipse.cdt.core : Partial fix for Camelon5-13/+91
2004-04-15Refactoring &Content Assist bug fixesHoda Amer3-23/+52
2004-04-15Work in progress - start of new C Path Container WizardDavid Inglis20-49/+1063
2004-04-15refactorDavid Inglis3-2/+10
2004-04-15Patch from Chris Wiebe to make some helper functionAlain Magloire2-8/+16
2004-04-15Patch from Mikhailk to remove dependencies on theAlain Magloire4-21/+9
2004-04-15Fixed Camelon2-1/+11
2004-04-15Partial fix for Camelon2-1/+5
2004-04-15fix bug 57791 - Parser Infiinite loopAndrew Niefer6-20/+69
2004-04-15org.eclipse.cdt.core: Fixed Camelon7-29/+45
2004-04-15org.eclipse.cdt.core: Fixed Camelon4-5/+36
2004-04-15org.eclipse.cdt.core: Fixed Camelon5-3/+25
2004-04-15remove the contribution for Header. doing this makes all c filesAlain Magloire3-19/+27
2004-04-15Temprorary 'til we get the Sam Robb scheme on file typeAlain Magloire2-0/+14
2004-04-14AST work for friend declarationsAndrew Niefer29-28/+221
2004-04-14Fix PR 58375Alain Magloire4-0/+9

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