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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2022-04-20[releng] Apply auto-clean of save to all files with Eclipse 4.23Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2022-04-20[releng] Make CDT Clean-up profile match Editor on save actionsJonah Graham1-0/+80
2022-04-13[releng] Update all legal files with update_legal_files.shJonah Graham1-6/+8
2022-04-12Bug 579669: Ignore .settings in some testsJonah Graham1-1/+3
2022-04-11[releng] Bump versions for 10.7.0Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2022-03-14Bug 579261: Fix formatter exception when formatter comment tags aren't usedJonah Graham1-0/+14
2022-01-12[releng] Bump to CDT version 10.6.0Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-11-09Bug 577074: Fix i18n on import/export language settingsJonah Graham1-1/+4
2021-10-25[releng] Update to latest dependencies (2021-12 M2)Jonah Graham1-1/+2
2021-09-27[releng] Prepare for CDT 10.5.0Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-07-24Bug 574247: Test for order of elements in outline viewJonah Graham1-0/+21
2021-06-13[releng] Bump to CDT version 10.4.0Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-04-04Bug 572552 - CDT releng: update versions to 10.3.0Alexander Fedorov1-1/+11
2021-02-01Bug 569839: Provide a new JUnit5 base and utility classesJonah Graham1-0/+1
2020-12-21Bug 569839: Ensure that behaviour is same running tests without suitesJonah Graham54-229/+284
2020-12-21Bug 569839: Add DefaultCCommentAutoEditStrategyTest to testsuiteJonah Graham3-10/+16
2020-12-21Bug 569839: Restore the cleanupProjectJonah Graham5-5/+5
2020-12-19[releng] Increment feature and related versions to 10.2.0Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2020-11-18Bug 568728: Drop execute permission on filesTorbjörn Svensson2-0/+0
2020-10-12Bug 567778 - [Include Browser] Cannot open the Include Browser on file outsid...Marc-Andre Laperle2-4/+44
2020-10-06[releng] Bump version to 10.1.0Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2020-10-06Bug 567261 - Revert "541239: [C++17] Implement parser support for deduction g...Marc-Andre Laperle1-37/+0
2020-09-27Bug 566918 - [C++17] Support for __has_include (standard) andMarc-Andre Laperle2-3/+4
2020-09-01Bug 558809: Handle cases where Oomph corrupts \0 char in preferenceJonah Graham2-0/+83
2020-08-31Bug 566511: [releng] Add missing UTF-8 encoding for all CDT projectsJonah Graham1-0/+2
2020-08-28Fixed "The value for X attribute is not externalized" warningTorbjörn Svensson2-2/+6
2020-08-24Bug 562494: Update BREE to Java 11Jonah Graham3-12/+42
2020-08-13Bug 564002: Restore the default pattern of the surefire-pluginMartin Weber24-425/+251
2020-06-15Bug 564273 - Fix format lambda expressions without parenthesisMarco Stornelli1-0/+15
2020-06-02Bug 563864: By default fail build on test failures when building CDT with mavenJonah Graham1-1/+0
2020-06-01Bug 487990 - Fix format of variadic functionsMarco Stornelli1-0/+11
2020-05-09Bug 562997 - Switch CDT doxygen to use new Equinox preferences APIAlexander Fedorov1-2/+2
2020-05-09Bug 562896 - Fix qualified name in return type for implement methodMarco Stornelli1-0/+17
2020-05-04Bug 562722 - Fix noexcept using implement methodMarco Stornelli2-1/+18
2020-05-04Bug 562723 - Added support for noexcept in the formatterMarco Stornelli1-0/+24
2020-04-22Bug 562292 - Fix method definition position for override methodMarco Stornelli1-0/+62
2020-04-21Bug 562368 - Fix doxygen template documentationMarco Stornelli1-0/+15
2020-04-16Bug 562181: Fix auto indent after constructor with access specifiersAndrey Mozzhuhin1-0/+19
2020-04-15Bug 562125: Fix auto indent of function call with scope qualifiersAndrey Mozzhuhin1-0/+15
2020-04-13Bug 516393: Fix scan of double char tokens in CHeuristicScannerAndrey Mozzhuhin2-0/+29
2020-04-12Bug 561993 - Remove dependency to from CDT UIAlexander Fedorov3-6/+6
2020-04-11[releng] Bump version to 10.0.0Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2020-03-30Bug 561559 - Fix formatting def capture lambda expressionsMarco Stornelli1-0/+19
2020-03-22[releng] Bump CDT version to 9.12.0Marco Stornelli1-1/+1
2020-03-13541239: [C++17] Implement parser support for deduction guidesFelix Morgner1-0/+37
2020-03-02Revert "Bug 560614 - Drop dependency on ICU4J"Jonah Graham3-2/+4
2020-03-02Bug 560614 - Drop dependency on ICU4JAlexander Kurtakov3-4/+2
2020-02-01Bug 559669 - Fix formatter on/off tagsMarco Stornelli1-0/+17
2020-01-30Bug 559545 - Fix formatter with enums with standard attributesMarco Stornelli1-0/+9
2020-01-30Bug 434677 - Fix implement method insert position with namespacesMarco Stornelli1-0/+22

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