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AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2004-07-15Upversioning head to 2.1.0.Doug Schaefer1-2/+2
2004-06-21Fixed up the fragment name properties. Apparently youDoug Schaefer1-2/+2
have to put them in the file. Weird.
2004-03-25added platform to extensionDavid Inglis1-0/+1
2003-12-05Change the version to reflect the one in the head.Alain Magloire1-1/+1
2003-11-25Upversioned the plugins, etc to 2.0.0.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
Made sure the jar files got included in the zips.
2003-11-24Upgrade to Eclipse 3.0. Includes:Doug Schaefer1-0/+1
- upgrade plugin.xml files - use PDE containers - apply Eclipse 3.0 porting items, in particular openEditor and gotoMarker - remove TestWorkbenches from test plugins
2003-10-01Upversioning everything to 1.2.0.Doug Schaefer1-2/+2
2003-04-23update versionDavid Inglis1-4/+4
2002-12-16Changed to version 1.0.1Judy N. Green1-2/+2
2002-10-15implement extension point ProcessList.Alain Magloire1-1/+8
2002-09-26Added variable references to fragment.xml filesJudy N. Green1-2/+7
2002-09-18cleanup fragmentDavid Inglis1-11/+0
2002-09-03solaris spawnerDavid Inglis1-0/+20

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