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2011-03-24Code streamlining.Sergey Prigogin1-24/+25
2011-03-22Bug 340092 - Codan does not update severity in markers when a problem's sever...Sergey Prigogin1-6/+9
2011-03-22Bug 339305 - Preference "Run as you type" should appear only if checker suppo...Sergey Prigogin5-19/+74
2011-03-22Bug 339294 - Message Pattern should not be user-configurable. Patch by Alex R...Sergey Prigogin1-2/+2
2011-03-22Disabled auto formatting on save. Alena, please don't re-enable it.Sergey Prigogin3-6/+6
2011-03-22Bug 339294 - Message Pattern should not be user-configurable. Patch by Alex R...Sergey Prigogin1-1/+26
2011-03-22Bug 339463 - Quick fix create local variable and others do not infer paramete...Marc-Andre Laperle2-1/+32
2011-03-19started adding support for multiple instance problemsAlena Laskavaia13-90/+265
2011-03-19method should be syncronizedAlena Laskavaia2-1/+2
2011-03-19- moved generic base class for ast rewrite quick fix to common pluginsAlena Laskavaia5-5/+44
2011-03-19added convinience method to use outside of the packageAlena Laskavaia2-3/+17
2011-03-17Bug 329430: added extension to replace default icons for codan with custom. N...v201103180806Alena Laskavaia14-3/+30
2011-03-17extracted comment manupulation login to an abstract checkerAlena Laskavaia5-71/+113
2011-03-16API tooling: @since 1.1 should be @since 2.0James Blackburn1-1/+1
2011-03-13Add CreateLocalVariableQuickFix test to automated tests suite, fix the test. ...Marc-Andre Laperle3-8/+26
2011-03-13Bug 338683 - Codan confuses fields with methodsMarc-Andre Laperle4-6/+102
2011-03-12hack to initialize ast cache for reading commentsAlena Laskavaia1-0/+8
2011-03-11added support to easy discovering comments for statement (for suppression)Alena Laskavaia5-129/+243
2011-03-11Bug 337677 - Warning about "void" in late-specified return typeMarc-Andre Laperle2-2/+61
2011-03-11Bug 339634 - [performance] Quick fix create local variable and others can be ...Marc-Andre Laperle1-5/+22
2011-03-10added resource object to profileAlena Laskavaia5-26/+52
2011-03-10id for checkerAlena Laskavaia1-0/+1
2011-03-10added example of property change listenerAlena Laskavaia2-0/+119
2011-03-10refactor bunch of stuff to support profiles better - not problem (kind) knows...Alena Laskavaia9-43/+424
2011-03-10fixed issues of accessing non-initialized checker registryAlena Laskavaia1-1/+5
2011-03-10return IEclipsePreferencesAlena Laskavaia1-14/+14
2011-03-07- did a major refactoring with API breakage to get rid of bad dependency fro...Alena Laskavaia11-62/+103
2011-03-07-fixed updates of scope & launch mode for multiple problemsAlena Laskavaia6-12/+23
2011-03-04Bug 338467 - Codan calls "before" and "after" even for checkers that are not ...Sergey Prigogin1-11/+8
2011-03-04Bug 338569 - Not found problem with customized settings makes Codan Preferenc...Sergey Prigogin1-2/+4
2011-03-04Bug 338492 - 'log(String, Throwable)' method. Patch by Alex Ruiz.Sergey Prigogin1-13/+31
2011-02-28partually support editing multiple problems at the same timeAlena Laskavaia5-47/+126
2011-02-28semantic errors problem would not run on build by defaultAlena Laskavaia4-12/+50
2011-02-27refactored per-problem launch mode: ui controls, internal structures, etcAlena Laskavaia15-225/+226
2011-02-26added ui code to grey out checkboxes which are conditionally enabled based on...Alena Laskavaia2-2/+35
2011-02-26added on deman launch profile instead of on inc buildAlena Laskavaia5-13/+41
2011-02-26added label to build prefs that they can be overriden by checkerAlena Laskavaia2-0/+110
2011-02-26got rid of info box - replaced with tooltipsAlena Laskavaia3-58/+72
2011-02-25fixed grep example and added details provider for itAlena Laskavaia3-3/+39
2011-02-25fixed checker which was broken after my prev refactoringAlena Laskavaia1-1/+1
2011-02-25removed unnecessary codeAlena Laskavaia1-4/+0
2011-02-25Change update site URL to indigoVivian Kong1-1/+1
2011-02-23Bug 326768 - Macro name is reported as unresolved symbol, not the actual symb...Alena Laskavaia1-1/+1
2011-02-23Bug 333255 - Parser gives bogus warning about no return value when SFINAE is ...Alena Laskavaia1-0/+3
2011-02-23Bug 329497 - updated check for false negativeAlena Laskavaia2-36/+102
2011-02-23Bug 337487 - Bad exception handling in CodanAlena Laskavaia8-25/+26
2011-02-23removed API which would have never been committed thereAlena Laskavaia1-55/+0
2011-02-23Added couple of utility methodsAlena Laskavaia1-19/+34
2011-02-23auto-format code using project formatterAlena Laskavaia132-1888/+1116
2011-02-23enable project specific code formatter so all committers use the same oneAlena Laskavaia19-14/+2456

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