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9 hoursBug 564002: Restore the default pattern of the surefire-pluginHEADmasterMartin Weber23-84/+115
Sets the pattern to the default of upcoming tycho 2.0 in advance. Signed-off-by: Martin Weber <> Change-Id: I31b3fc733d0cb888fbf6f566995ce2043f6cd621
9 daysBug 559674: Include only "primary" support by defaultJonah Graham1-35/+0
The vendor specific support files need to be installed separately. Includes changing the bundles display names to match the CMake main bundle so that in the install wizard it is clear(er) what they work with. Change-Id: I12ca155228e906c6c38fe37e37e8ce08d05a2452
9 daysBug 559674: Include CMake IS in CMake featureJonah Graham1-0/+55
This is one way to publish the plug-ins. It may be that additional features are desired as this implementation is all of cmake support or non of it. Change-Id: Ie945d2ce94b5ac34c6c238ed7bfbdc3ff336e538
10 daysBug 565457 - CDB settings provider/parser's automatic exclusion of files is ↵Marc-Andre Laperle2-51/+110
very slow Implement a file exclusion algorithm that favors excluding whole folders when possible. The way it works is we gather exclusion information of each folder as we visit each children. When "leaving" the folder, we can act on whether or not it can be considered for exclusion as a whole or instead individually exclude a subset of its children. Using LLVM code base as a test: Before: 613 sec After: 2.4 sec Change-Id: Ib882a72cae157e3db6b6c94a1a09cb6f05b66bc4 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
10 daysBug 565553 - Improve performance of build command parsers with large number ↵Marc-Andre Laperle1-8/+37
of files Cache results of various path resolution algorithms. Resolving paths is particularly slow while creating entries, see AbstractLanguageSettingsOutputScanner.createResolvedPathEntry. There are three main callees within that method that this patch addresses with a caching approach: * findContainerForLocationURI: First, this finds containers for a given URI in the workspace using Eclipse resources API. Then a single container is selected based on a preferred project. This can done repeatedly for include paths, which are often similar for source files in a given project or source folder. This first step is the expensive one and it only depends on one argument (the URI) and a simple IResource[] return type, so the cache here is done for this operation. Then the post-filtering is kept as is. * findFileForLocationURI: Similar to the container case but for files. A typical projet has much less file paths than folder paths in its options. One more common option using file paths is -include. The same approach is applied here as the previous point because there are performance gains but they are smaller if you consider typical projet setup. * findBestFitInWorkspace: When a path cannot be found, this makes an attempt to find the parsed path relative to every folder of the workspace, by starting first with the preferred project, then its referenced projects and then the rest. Caching the result of findBestFitInWorkspace itself is too cumbersome because the result depends on 3 variables (currentProject, currentCfgDescription and parsedName) which would make a complex cache key. Instead, caching the result of findPathInFolder at the project level is sufficient, with little to no performance difference. In all three cases, the class LRUCache is used in order to limit memory consumption of the cache. A limit of 100 elements for each cache was chosen based on experimentation with a few projects like LLVM and projets several times bigger. A limit higher than necessary for small projects does not incur a noticeable overhead for small projects and a limit too small for very large projects merely diminishes the performance gains. Using LLVM code base as a test, the time to parse options for all files: Before: 68395ms, after: 5599ms Change-Id: Ib997e9373087950f9ae6d93bbb1a5f265431c6bc Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
10 daysFix CompilationDatabaseParserTest wrongly running the parser twice ↵Marc-Andre Laperle1-104/+61
simultaneously By design, the parser/provider fires when loading the cproject description but we also call it by hand in the main code of the tests. This means CompilationDatabaseParser could be running twice simultaenously along with the same output parser code that it delegates to. The problem was exposed fully when adding more complex data structure (hash maps) to the output parsers in another commit, as it would produce ConcurrentModificationException. We need to be careful when we choose to call setProjectDescription because it triggers the provider and then we have to wait for the jobs to complete (joinLanguageSettingsJobs). By taking this into consideration, several tests had to be updated. Most notably, the read-only config test case had to be merged with the time-stamp update test case because it was the only sensible way to test before/after changes of language settings with such config. Change-Id: Ib3a7caefa95b436ad9b699a2614e966a4a8dfca9 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
13 daysBug 565586: Handle -include and -imacros compiler flagsMartin Weber1-3/+4
Change-Id: Iee67ab08ed2daa9af69fa1de583f3c6f8305960a Signed-off-by: Martin Weber <>
2020-07-22Bug 559674: Integrate new indexer support into CDT buildMartin Weber2-36/+140
Change-Id: Ie07e6283f8285e56b7f74f29a8db1cbe222e0304 Signed-off-by: Martin Weber <>
2020-07-22Set maven-antrun-plugin to 3.0.0Alexander Kurtakov2-2/+0
Don't overwrite it in plugins as version is set in parent/pluginManagement. Change-Id: I73d2b4d234ba83eae7ec2cd51f3e53d58256b81e Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2020-07-22Build with Tycho 1.7.0Alexander Kurtakov2-2/+2
Get rid of tycho-extras-version as there is no more tycho-extras. Change-Id: I9d215aad94c4e8320153f06368d6b3ecfa4a3c42 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2020-07-11Bug 563006 - CDB settings provider/parser doesn't support "arguments"Marc-Andre Laperle3-3/+55
One flaw with this implementation is that the "arguments" coming from the CDB do not have shell quoting and shell escaping of quotes whereas the current implementations of Build Output parsers assume some form of shell quoting. This means that simply joining strings of arguments with spaces will be missing the expected shell quoting and possibly misparsed by the build output parsers. It is not clear to be at this point if this should be fixed or not as it might involve revamping the existing build output parsers to add the concept of shell/environment and this could also affect potential extenders. In this current form, simple cases with no spacing and quote escaping involved work correctly and is still a nice improvement. Change-Id: Ia81796e63c748318b34696998ac4a467712e5f96 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2020-07-08Bug 564949 - Remove support for CDT 3.X style projects (partial)Marc-Andre Laperle12-629/+61
Remove some Wizard classes that are not referenced anywhere anymore. This commit is just a first of probably several commits but is already a start. I already had very large commits in progress in the past but it became big and hard to push so I'd rather do it step by step this time and at least have some of it done for the next release. Also moved some messages to its own message bundle in managedbuilder.ui because it's the only place they are used now. Change-Id: Ib4258684c91f205dc4af3b17169609b5ebcff253 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2020-07-04Fixed NLS and null warningsTorbjörn Svensson76-265/+290
Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <> Change-Id: I6e40038e99c37a4efc25f64d8d186b00c6f55f8c
2020-06-17Bug 562003 - Remove dependency to from CDT Make UISergei Kovalchuk8-22/+22
The dependency was removed.The Copyright head was updated. Change-Id: I82e4289fc8cb14e8488b847e8efa415dd1d77b6c Signed-off-by: Sergei Kovalchuk <>
2020-06-13Bug 564272: Increment major version of org.eclipse.cdt.core to 7.0.0Jonah Graham5-7/+7
Change-Id: I9124dd406c5981435a72ff4aaa7033f1c3d1979b
2020-06-13Bug 564123 delete org.eclipse.cdt.utils.Platformjantje4-4/+4
The class overrode org.eclipse.core.runtime.Platform to workaround bugs in the platform that have since been fixed. As 32-bit x86 and PPC support has been removed this class is no longer needed as all the code is now unreachable anyway. Change-Id: I01bb00b9203aa02663ff25ce36c4c14f22dadee5 Signed-off-by: jantje <>
2020-06-12Bug 564257: Respect commandGenerator and applicabilityCalculatorTorbjörn Svensson5-53/+454
The method Configuration.getUserObjects() and Configuration.getLibs() should respect the commandGenerator and applicabilityCalculator defined for the option in the toolchain definition. The method Tool.getToolCommandFlags() should call the commandGenerator only if the value type would generate a default command. Change-Id: I4d6224627888e602682076ac929adbf808cff8d7 Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <>
2020-06-08Bug 562004 - Remove dependency to from CDT Managed BuildSergei Kovalchuk8-32/+25
Core Dependency removed for Managed Build Core Change-Id: I15e29453a1452a5060c470f3b3658cb5763615b0 Signed-off-by: Sergei Kovalchuk <>
2020-06-04Bug 561993 - Remove dependency to from CDT UISergei Kovalchuk3-7/+7
Use java.text.MessageFormat instead of Change-Id: Ie7ed91d776b707def1bbfc12c24f5e863638e083 Signed-off-by: Sergei Kovalchuk <>
2020-05-10Bug 559186 - Allow using variables for the CDB path in CDB settings providerMarc-Andre Laperle5-60/+148
For example, you can use ${ProjDirPath}/buid/compile_commands.json which is a more sharable setting Change-Id: Ic51775ea1f7d258c55e2e720c94f626a17444744 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2020-04-26[releng] Remove and add .prefs files according to improved cleanliness scriptJonah Graham6-1200/+0
Change-Id: I9bc8364cda1a1154750127f5db5549073323e84c
2020-04-25Bug 562452: Avoid using .C for C++ files when calculating specsJonah Graham3-16/+34
Change-Id: I0fe24a8343e73d501ae09e8bf3721e3d310a696d
2020-04-11[releng] Bump version to 10.0.0Jonah Graham10-10/+10
Change-Id: I32f6f61835bdbad3cffd713965045c5097c8619f
2020-04-09Bug 510789 - Added final field to class wizardMarco Stornelli2-4/+4
Change-Id: Ib2f0168b897e665f3577511144692bb446d5ab84
2020-03-30Bug 561539 - Revise API for CDT Build GCC supportAlexander Fedorov2-3/+5
Export packages as "x-internal" Change-Id: I592594aa402a5137c8e95346ab8c9acd858a557c Signed-off-by: Alexander Fedorov <>
2020-03-29Bug 561406 - Revise API for CDT AutotoolsJonah Graham1-0/+526
Setup API filters Change-Id: Ie9f8fc399be84216bb092bd3a6b7612a564768d7
2020-03-29Bug 561406 - Revise API for CDT AutotoolsAlexander Fedorov1-0/+43
Setup API filters Change-Id: I1147d697fa7c76b2da50502966ac60d1bcd0c74d Signed-off-by: Alexander Fedorov <>
2020-03-28Bug 561406 - Revise API for CDT AutotoolsAlexander Fedorov2-4/+6
Export packages as x-internal" for test bundles Change-Id: I6961e5f9e805cab13263d3407ac95b8006d8de43 Signed-off-by: Alexander Fedorov <>
2020-03-25Bug 561406 - Revise API for CDT AutotoolsAlexander Fedorov4-18/+21
Mark packages either "x-internal" or "x-friends" Change-Id: I63a1ff904ed483de2591004e42b452e6b76c16c2 Signed-off-by: Alexander Fedorov <>
2020-03-24Bug 561390 - Revise API for CDT CMake UIAlexander Fedorov3-3/+5
- renamed package "" to "" - exported all packages as "x-internal" Change-Id: Iedf70fec4d3457b24fdfa288d87af855c560fbf4 Signed-off-by: Alexander Fedorov <>
2020-03-22[releng] Bump CDT version to 9.12.0Marco Stornelli11-11/+11
org.eclipse.cdt.debug.gdbjtag is bumped because of Bug 561343 Change-Id: I6dac283b7e9093662f57ac5c804021c4201ad6f1
2020-03-22[releng] Update help-docs-eclipserun-repo to use Platform 4.15Jonah Graham4-4/+4
Change-Id: I4fcfba2b33ea511d58856ed2c3c6e51322661708
2020-03-21Bug 561318: Recursively delete files without running out of handlesMartin Weber1-5/+21
Change-Id: Ib760f53a22bb75f0447c633341728a49cdf8cbfb Signed-off-by: Martin Weber <>
2020-03-03Bug 560738 - Changing single Meson property does not do anythingJeff Johnston1-1/+1
- fix check in performOk() so a single property can be changed Change-Id: If3a838b91c89bee9b96f4336a5af004f7594e237
2020-03-02Fixup versions on Revert "Bug 560614 - Drop dependency on ICU4J"Jonah Graham1-1/+1
Change-Id: I837592950482cc1872fdafb73fc7e9a01292a7ed
2020-03-02Revert "Bug 560614 - Drop dependency on ICU4J"Jonah Graham22-42/+93
This reverts commit 87b627bf02eaab28cdb64f6ebe203ac64d18fe94. Change-Id: I54ea1ac766437deb174eeba571a7a5094c180828
2020-03-02Bug 560614 - Drop dependency on ICU4JAlexander Kurtakov22-93/+42
Straightforward conversion. Still usages left that need deeper investigation how to be done proper. Some long time commented code removed as java formatter breaks trailing whitespaces on save. Change-Id: If74259bed5735b0d4cc98fc2cfa609c9c53c80c9 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2020-02-04Bug 559641 - No Meson in CDT due to Meson UI causing OSGi wiring issueAlexander Fedorov1-1/+0
I have no idea why JAX-RS was needed to parse JSON, may be meson has REST based web-services? Who knows. I removed com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs.jackson-jaxrs-json-provider that seems to cause wiring issue - but I'm not sure that it is really gone. I still can see a UI from json, checked it with modifying field descriptions in "intro-buildoptions.json" Change-Id: I2252ae0901e4e408ba6a4752c91ad3a1fbecb096 Signed-off-by: Alexander Fedorov <>
2020-02-04Move away of the deprecated AbstractUIPlugin.getWorkbenchAlexander Kurtakov8-13/+16
Use PlatformUI.getWorkbench instead. Change-Id: I8c0eb2c4b3b414e61f03fc9d9becd1d574f7e26d Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2020-02-04Remove unnecessary cast to IToolChain.Alexander Kurtakov3-6/+6
Change-Id: I653c4b3f4389c4ad4add33cf223ff7882d8fb0ac Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2020-01-30Bug 559647: [CDT autotools docs] Update links to be https://Jonah Graham3-4/+4
As the pages are served in an https:// frame, modern browsers will only successfully link content if link is also to https. This commit includes the regenerated from Wiki output Change-Id: If4c3bc083ddbb5dc63a9edfb2b3cd9aaf47b54de
2020-01-30Bug 559647: [CDT meson docs] Update links to be https://Jonah Graham5-9/+9
As the pages are served in an https:// frame, modern browsers will only successfully link content if link is also to https. This commit includes the regenerated from Wiki output Change-Id: Ie09f411baa02cda76d33a294c8feaa9d35d0ffbe
2020-01-30Bug 559707 - Promote ToolchainBuiltinSpecsDetector.getTool(String)Alexander Fedorov1-61/+71
added protected Optional<ITool> languageTool(String languageId) instead of private ITool getTool(String languageId) Change-Id: Ic21d2a493acf4e547c7354c544c2cef34b53eab6 Signed-off-by: Alexander Fedorov <>
2020-01-29Mark ToolchainBuiltinSpecsDetector.getTool(String) protectedTorbjörn Svensson2-2/+3
Change-Id: Ib0f4172d0a97ce46465ef50ed521b515a59bbab9 Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <>
2020-01-17Bug 548350 - meson projects failJeff Johnston7-42/+153
- add meson - fix MesonPropertyPage to look for meson-info directory if the project is already configured and use the intro-buildoptions.json file to parse the various options and default values etc... - fix description of MesonPropertyCheckbox to only show the first sentence of any description - fix tooltip to show on option name, not just the widget - bump up version of meson ui Change-Id: Id0a528d4ffb000bc63a007037c5e216c956a199c
2020-01-17Remove 'Marc-Andre Laperle, Inc.' from CopyrightsMarc-Andre Laperle2-2/+2
The Inc. part is not a thing. Change-Id: I615b8c7727f4f8e1371a300fcf54cdd9e9f30714 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2020-01-09Bug 558827: Add and/or fix branding on all featuresJonah Graham35-10/+360
Change-Id: I6d8b1ae2416ed673d18e7e15500dcc7c8a87786d
2020-01-09Bug 551817: Normalize case of (c) to match Eclipse HandbookJonah Graham8-8/+8
Change-Id: I46404d20d20c385bf8efaaada66e18eea4d4e163
2020-01-09Bug 551817: Write Kichwa Coders consistently in Copyright lineJonah Graham1-1/+1
Choice is one of: Kichwa Coders Ltd Kichwa Coders Canada Inc. depending if contributed by UK or Canadian company Change-Id: I5c9fb96ea6abf97858a6896911a71fa68b8400b1
2020-01-06[releng] Update eclipse run 4.14 platform releaseJonah Graham4-4/+4
Note - other doc plug-ins have already had their versions bumped since the 9.10 release. Change-Id: I26466b69faf046672e9fbc5a155a951169370562

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