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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2003-08-22updateDavid Inglis22-229/+735
2003-08-21fixed up reatebuild actionDavid Inglis3-5/+5
2003-08-21ignore close project on initial scanDavid Inglis1-6/+7
2003-08-21- moved build dialog to own package.David Inglis7-55/+212
2003-08-21- fixed problem with convert wizard with closed projectsDavid Inglis2-10/+17
2003-08-21change rename to editDavid Inglis4-1/+1
2003-08-21cleanup action contributionsDavid Inglis1-37/+18
2003-08-21added findTarget to MakeTargetManagerDavid Inglis4-19/+61
2003-08-20work in progress - create/edit target dialogDavid Inglis9-104/+239
2003-08-20update make view/actionDavid Inglis31-359/+368
2003-08-20finish up target manager/targetDavid Inglis6-117/+224
2003-08-20typoDavid Inglis1-1/+1
2003-08-19work in progress - MakeTargetProvider/MakeTargetDavid Inglis6-103/+240
2003-08-19work in progress- make target provider/make targetDavid Inglis22-87/+749
2003-08-18update make view to use make target providerDavid Inglis5-276/+143
2003-08-18new make target provider/make target/listener/eventDavid Inglis13-26/+200
2003-08-18refactor of coreDavid Inglis1-34/+36
2003-08-18updateDavid Inglis27-329/+342
2003-08-18disable browse button for now on directory locationDavid Inglis1-9/+1
2003-08-18*** empty log message ***David Inglis1-4/+1
2003-08-18use new cproject creation wizardsDavid Inglis2-6/+6
2003-08-18added build locations settingDavid Inglis1-5/+10
2003-08-18fix errorDavid Inglis1-4/+10
2003-08-18new error dialog methodsDavid Inglis1-4/+30
2003-08-17updateDavid Inglis8-40/+82
2003-08-14rename inner classDavid Inglis1-3/+3
2003-08-14update nature IDDavid Inglis2-2/+3
2003-08-14ask not to cache infoDavid Inglis1-18/+7
2003-08-14added cache paramDavid Inglis2-3/+4
2003-08-14made scanner info seperate from build infoDavid Inglis8-204/+198
2003-08-13update new make pluginDavid Inglis7-174/+219
2003-08-13small refactor to internalDavid Inglis6-186/+6
2003-08-13new make ui pluginsDavid Inglis46-0/+3918
2003-08-13new make builder core pluginDavid Inglis16-0/+1494

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