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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2005-06-02The resource build property page is now displayed for all managed project res...Mikhail Sennikovsky1-1/+13
2005-05-20Initial commit for Custom new managed project pagesLeo Treggiari1-0/+1
2005-05-19Initial check-in for the build macros supportMikhail Sennikovsky1-0/+1
2005-05-16Remove GNU specific UI definitions to separate new pluginLeo Treggiari1-2713/+1
2005-05-12Update gnu tool defintion managed build version number to 3.0.0Leo Treggiari1-1/+1
2005-05-09Second set of changes for multiple input & outputLeo Treggiari1-64/+242
2005-04-28Initial check-in for the build environment variable supportLeo Treggiari1-20/+100
2005-04-18Apply patches:Leo Treggiari1-0/+6
2005-04-08Apply David Daoust's new iconsLeo Treggiari1-22/+6
2005-02-18Fix for 85056: Discovered Inclusions broken on for Managed Make projectsVladimir Hirsl1-99/+99
2004-12-22Updated the version numbers to 3.0.0.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2004-12-15Partial fix for PR#80951 for CDT 2.1. This allows the resource configuration...Leo Treggiari1-3/+35
2004-12-14Fix for 80717 -- Executable name ends in ".exe"Sean Evoy1-9/+3
2004-12-13Fix for 80717 -- Executable name ends in ".exe"Sean Evoy1-4/+0
2004-12-13Fix for 80717 -- Executable name ends in ".exe"Sean Evoy1-2/+0
2004-12-07Commit for Leo Treggiari:Sean Evoy1-5/+5
2004-10-28Commit for Leo Treggiarri -- Initial Managed Build System patch for CDT 2.1Sean Evoy1-1065/+1780
2004-07-15Upversioning head to 2.1.0.Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2004-07-07Initial contribution of Mac Port from Greg Watson.Doug Schaefer1-3/+446
2004-06-27Commit for bug 57860 -- Managed make builder cannot handle .s filesSean Evoy1-2/+5
2004-06-26That last change shouldn't have included the assembler tool definitionSean Evoy1-3/+2
2004-06-26Fix for 65148 -- Cannot build after cancel build of Managed ProjectSean Evoy1-4/+25
2004-06-23Fix for bug 66739 - Created a shared lib project does not set shared flag in ...Sean Evoy1-3/+36
2004-06-11Experimental tool reference snuck in during the last commitSean Evoy1-1/+1
2004-06-11Partial fix for bugzilla 57860 - Last fundamental change to enable compilatio...Sean Evoy1-4/+6
2004-06-02Fix for bugzilla 62660 -- Target definition for MinGW is inconsistent. I have...Sean Evoy1-224/+68
2004-05-31Fix for bug 62501 - Managed Shared library build failsSean Evoy1-7/+9
2004-05-24Large commit. Two components. The first is to switch all the managed build co...Sean Evoy1-4/+13
2004-05-20A final attempt to fix the problems with plugin loading and the compatability...Sean Evoy1-184/+189
2004-05-07Adding the capability of dynamically discovering the built-in compiler paths ...Sean Evoy1-167/+176
2004-05-04Changed the toolchain specification for Gnu tools to add a generic set of tar...Sean Evoy1-3145/+762
2004-04-22External code commit from Leo Treggiari from Intel that adds support for addi...Sean Evoy1-0/+14
2004-04-20Work to support the versioning of the managed build tool definition schema an...Sean Evoy1-0/+3
2004-04-08Committing work from BitMethods to replace the list field editor with a new c...Sean Evoy1-8/+0
2004-04-05Added a browse button for list optionsSean Evoy1-0/+50
2004-03-19Removed the AbstractToolReference class because there is no longer any need f...Sean Evoy1-760/+760
2004-03-19More I18N work. Externalizing the vlaue of the name field of the extension po...Sean Evoy1-760/+760
2004-03-16Changes for bugzilla 54202 - Changing the active configuration forces a save ...Sean Evoy1-765/+767
2004-03-09Removed the __CYGWIN__ symbol that was defined by default for the C and C++ c...Sean Evoy1-761/+769
2004-02-27New built-in compiler incldue search paths and defined symbols for the Gnu C+...Sean Evoy1-0/+28
2004-02-26Changes to the option categories that came about because of working Sean Evoy1-751/+748
2004-02-24Work for bug 52647.Sean Evoy1-746/+747
2004-02-17Fixes for 41590, 44159, 51640, and 51646Sean Evoy1-892/+895
2004-01-05Added org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatability as aDoug Schaefer1-746/+747
2003-11-25Upversioned the plugins, etc to 2.0.0.Doug Schaefer1-5/+1
2003-11-24Upgrade to Eclipse 3.0. Includes:Doug Schaefer1-0/+6
2003-11-13Patch for Tanya Wolff:Doug Schaefer1-195/+195
2003-10-17Patch for Tom Tromey:Doug Schaefer1-12/+12
2003-10-01Patch for Sean Evoy:Doug Schaefer1-25/+1736
2003-10-01Upversioning everything to 1.2.0.Doug Schaefer1-21/+21

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