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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2004-06-26Fix for 65148 -- Cannot build after cancel build of Managed ProjectSean Evoy8-122/+221
2004-06-25Fix for bug 68393 - ClassNotFoundException when starting EclipseSean Evoy1-8/+0
2004-06-25Check-in for bug 68485 - CoreException after creating a Managed C projectSean Evoy2-14/+7
2004-06-24Partial fix for bug 63479 -- The binaries for Managed make projects are only ...Sean Evoy3-5/+65
2004-06-24Commit for Dave Daoust: adds updated copyright notices for IBM-supplied sourceSean Evoy14-60/+83
2004-06-23Fix for bug 66739 - Created a shared lib project does not set shared flag in ...Sean Evoy4-26/+92
2004-06-21*** empty log message ***Sean Evoy1-1/+1
2004-06-21Fix for bug 67438 - All the actions on eclipse result in an error after perfo...Sean Evoy5-134/+311
2004-06-14Fix for bug 59238 - Tool command option not getting clonedSean Evoy1-6/+19
2004-06-11Partial fix for bugzilla 57860 - Last fundamental change to enable compilatio...Sean Evoy12-1377/+1628
2004-06-11Missed an externalizable string in trace messageSean Evoy1-1/+4
2004-06-10Added extra debug loggingSean Evoy5-44/+103
2004-06-09Fix for 66258 -- Cannot mix compilers anymore. Do not need to add the relativ...Sean Evoy1-3/+3
2004-06-09Fix for 66258 - Cannot 'mix' compilers (any more). Arbitrarily moved from a s...Sean Evoy2-61/+68
2004-06-07Fix for 65275 -- Makefile assumes object files are .oSean Evoy2-29/+44
2004-06-07No longer needed as the MinGW target has been removedSean Evoy1-70/+0
2004-06-04Fix fog bug 64952 -- Indexer being called when it doesn't need to runSean Evoy9-171/+288
2004-06-02Fix for Bug 63975 - Managed Build IScannerInfoProvider not returning fine-gra...Sean Evoy1-1/+1
2004-06-02Fix for bugzilla 62660 -- Target definition for MinGW is inconsistent. I have...Sean Evoy1-2/+7
2004-06-02Fix for 65279 -- Spaces after the output flag in the makefile rules to build ...Sean Evoy1-5/+8
2004-06-01Changing the name, amke command, or make flags did not trigger a rebuild. It ...Sean Evoy1-0/+3
2004-06-01Fix for bugzilla 60204 - NPE in ToolReference. If the tool reference is someh...Sean Evoy1-11/+52
2004-05-31Fix for bug 62501 - Managed Shared library build failsSean Evoy1-1/+1
2004-05-28Hopefully this is the last regression on the switch-over to letting Eclipse d...Sean Evoy2-11/+13
2004-05-28Fix for an NPE that was occurring after a dependency makefile updateSean Evoy1-3/+8
2004-05-27Fix for echo implementation problems on some target platforms that will cause...Sean Evoy1-6/+82
2004-05-27Fix for bug 58714 - Cannot rebuild after renaming a referenced projectSean Evoy5-61/+85
2004-05-27Fix for bug 64206 -NPE because of invalid return type on methodSean Evoy2-4/+14
2004-05-27Fix for bug 60957 and 63937. In the first case, the builder was being too str...Sean Evoy9-487/+716
2004-05-26Final commit for 64085 -- added a better message when the build stops on an e...Sean Evoy2-2/+5
2004-05-26Fix for bug64085 -- NPE on New managed project creation. Getting the working ...Sean Evoy2-2/+6
2004-05-25New build messages to address bugzilla 63410 -- Wrong message is displayed du...Sean Evoy3-23/+35
2004-05-25Removed the dependency on the GCC 3.x preprocessor flag '-MP' to add phony ta...Sean Evoy3-14/+142
2004-05-24Avoid an NPE on Gnu targets for POSIX systems that do not have an executable ...Sean Evoy1-1/+2
2004-05-24Large commit. Two components. The first is to switch all the managed build co...Sean Evoy22-1476/+1925
2004-05-24Cleaned up the files to ensure the right things end up in th...Doug Schaefer1-1/+1
2004-05-19Final fix for bug 61505. When an option was set, a toolr reference was create...Sean Evoy3-4/+37
2004-05-13Fix for bug 61505 - closing and opening a project causes "null" to appear in ...Sean Evoy1-18/+20
2004-05-13Fix for bug 62141 - Option categories displayed out of sequence in UISean Evoy1-44/+109
2004-05-12Commit for Dave Daoust removing a problem with the BootLoader call to figure ...Sean Evoy1-2/+2
2004-05-11Work for bugzilla 43021 - Search: cannot find things in stdio.hSean Evoy2-4/+4
2004-05-10External commit for Leo Treggiari. The archList attribute of the target objec...Sean Evoy3-0/+32
2004-05-10Updated the implementation to match the new method signature for the IScanner...Sean Evoy1-4/+4
2004-05-07Adding the capability of dynamically discovering the built-in compiler paths ...Sean Evoy13-198/+749
2004-05-04Forgot to mark a string as non-externalizedSean Evoy2-2/+2
2004-05-04Changed the toolchain specification for Gnu tools to add a generic set of tar...Sean Evoy16-100/+634
2004-04-22External code commit from Leo Treggiari from Intel that adds support for addi...Sean Evoy8-6/+173
2004-04-20Work to support the versioning of the managed build tool definition schema an...Sean Evoy4-40/+133
2004-04-14Fix for bugzilla 58164 "Change the tool command "gcc" not resetable" and bugz...Sean Evoy2-4/+15
2004-04-13Fix for bugzilla 58305 "Tool command overide is not kept in a Team Environmen...Sean Evoy5-13/+63

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