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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2005-07-04Fix *Dirty to account for new childrenLeo Treggiari2-0/+40
2005-07-04crecoskie July 4, 2005Chris Recoskie1-2/+13
2005-07-02Fix for problem with tool-chain defined at top level in manifestLeo Treggiari2-6/+8
2005-06-30Fix 100581 - add the .c extension to the project-specific C++ Source File typ...Leo Treggiari3-42/+96
2005-06-28Fix for problem converting CDT 1.2 & 2.0 projectsLeo Treggiari8-45/+68
2005-06-27Fixed the bug that macros specified in the OBJECTS and LIBRARIES options are ...Mikhail Sennikovsky4-6/+55
2005-06-27EPL'ing the CDT.Doug Schaefer3-3/+3
2005-06-26Update MBS to use project-specific content types when availableLeo Treggiari9-50/+178
2005-06-24Added support for the options that contained by a tool-chainMikhail Sennikovsky1-17/+30
2005-06-23The fix for the bug#65148Mikhail Sennikovsky1-0/+7
2005-06-20crecoskie June 20, 2005 - updating copyright and license info for EPL transitionChris Recoskie139-819/+818
2005-06-15Committed the patch from David Daoust that fixes the string externalization w...Mikhail Sennikovsky1-1/+1
2005-06-151.Applied the patch from Bill Hilliard: the tool-settings block is now not cr...Mikhail Sennikovsky1-1/+1
2005-06-15The fix for setting/getting the valueHandler Extra Argument from Bala ToratiMikhail Sennikovsky1-5/+8
2005-06-14crecoskie June 13, 2005Chris Recoskie1-0/+7
2005-06-10Minor bug fixes and enhancements for Options & OptionHandlersLeo Treggiari6-40/+123
2005-06-10Add getBaseId method to IBuildObjectLeo Treggiari5-2/+30
2005-06-10The fix for the null-pointer exception that occured because of the rcbs tools...Mikhail Sennikovsky1-1/+2
2005-06-10Apply patch from Sunil Davasam for multi-version and converter supportLeo Treggiari5-21/+795
2005-06-09Checked in some fixes related to the path entry update mechanism. testScanner...Mikhail Sennikovsky5-12/+148
2005-06-09The ManagedBuildInfo.readToolsOptions() now uses the IResourceConfiguration.g...Mikhail Sennikovsky1-1/+1
2005-06-08Some modifications and fixes for the build Environment and Macros were addedMikhail Sennikovsky13-147/+592
2005-06-08checked in the patch that implements the path entry discovery mechanism for MBSMikhail Sennikovsky2-128/+291
2005-06-08Apply Bill Hilliard's patch for adding resource specific custom build stepsLeo Treggiari8-84/+546
2005-06-06Apply Symbian (Lars & Bala) patch for Shared Tool Options supportLeo Treggiari28-836/+2284
2005-06-02Using list of exsternal scanner info providers to discover project scanner in...Vladimir Hirsl1-18/+20
2005-05-31Add new class GnuLinkOutputNameProviderLeo Treggiari1-0/+102
2005-05-31Some minor fixes for the build Environment and Macros: some extra-checks for ...Mikhail Sennikovsky6-55/+79
2005-05-30Changes to better support output files in non-default locationsLeo Treggiari6-75/+106
2005-05-28Fix for PR 88592Leo Treggiari1-1/+1
2005-05-27Externalized string fixes from David DaoustLeo Treggiari5-4/+4
2005-05-271. IConfigurationElement get*Element() and set*Element(IConfigurationElement ...Mikhail Sennikovsky10-71/+56
2005-05-27Fix for PR 80185 - output message to console when there are no source files t...Leo Treggiari2-10/+76
2005-05-26Add IOptionApplicability callbackLeo Treggiari24-182/+964
2005-05-26Partial fix for PR 94702: CygpathTranslator cannot work with old cygwin versi...Vladimir Hirsl1-1/+1
2005-05-26fixed some minor bugsMikhail Sennikovsky4-8/+7
2005-05-23Bug fix patch from Bob MonteleoneLeo Treggiari5-72/+109
2005-05-20Code formatting editLeo Treggiari1-29/+29
2005-05-20Fixed the bug with the incorrect retriving of the macros defined for multiple...Mikhail Sennikovsky1-2/+27
2005-05-20Additional fixes for multiple inputs & outputs after additional testingLeo Treggiari3-126/+294
2005-05-19Initial check-in for the build macros supportMikhail Sennikovsky57-82/+6336
2005-05-16Cleaned up some obvious NLS warnings. Also turned off the warnings for the te...Doug Schaefer2-2/+2
2005-05-12Fix some minor bugs found by testingLeo Treggiari3-9/+17
2005-05-09UI for Discrete custom build stepsLeo Treggiari5-52/+59
2005-05-09Second set of changes for multiple input & outputLeo Treggiari18-252/+651
2005-05-03Fix for PR 91276: Cygpath on Linux for SCD?Vladimir Hirsl1-16/+3
2005-05-03Apply patch from bugzilla 93512.Leo Treggiari2-2/+2
2005-05-02Add Description attribute to Configuration.Leo Treggiari17-12/+631
2005-04-28Initial check-in for the build environment variable supportLeo Treggiari37-18/+3471
2005-04-21Initial check-in for multiple input & output designLeo Treggiari30-1279/+7812

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