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2005-07-15Fix for 87407: Scanner Discovery doesn't work if an encountered path contains...Vladimir Hirsl2-4/+12
2005-07-13Fix for PR 103518: 'Convert to a C project: Autodiscovery setting doesn't inh...Vladimir Hirsl1-4/+81
2005-07-09Wrap the call in a Magloire1-30/+38
2005-07-08Fix for 102178: [Scanner Discovery] Default properties wrong for per-file sca...Vladimir Hirsl1-1/+1
2005-07-06Fix for 102701: [Scanner Discovery] Per-file options also given to header fil...Vladimir Hirsl1-3/+12
2005-07-05Fix for 102709: Conversion to LONG_NAME/SHORT_NAME in GCCPerFileBOPConsolePar...Vladimir Hirsl2-18/+37
2005-07-05Fix for 102348: cygpath not found.Vladimir Hirsl1-0/+15
2005-07-04fixed bug#94981David Inglis3-19/+48
2005-07-04fixed for bug#94831David Inglis4-21/+49
2005-06-29Re-fix for PR 102058: Per file discovery + Extended Scanner Info + C Project ...Vladimir Hirsl2-2/+6
2005-06-29Fix for PR 102058: Per file discovery + Extended Scanner Info + C Project doe...Vladimir Hirsl2-7/+6
2005-06-28Fix for PR 102015: [Scanner Config] Per file discovery does not discover any ...Vladimir Hirsl2-5/+3
2005-06-24Fix for 101156: Scanner Info Discovery support needs to allow specification o...Vladimir Hirsl6-13/+58
2005-06-23CPL to EPL transistion - license header update for IBMDavid Inglis47-269/+269
2005-06-23CPL to EPL transistion - license header update for QNXDavid Inglis125-536/+561
2005-06-08Discovered path container wizard page now properly displays per file scanner ...Vladimir Hirsl1-2/+7
2005-06-06Fix for NPE in Hirsl1-0/+1
2005-05-26Partial fix for PR 94702: CygpathTranslator cannot work with old cygwin versi...Vladimir Hirsl5-124/+113
2005-05-19Final fix for 95641: [Scanner Config] Per file scanner info not available for...Vladimir Hirsl3-0/+44
2005-05-18Fix for 95641: [Scanner Config] Per file scanner info not available for heade...Vladimir Hirsl2-120/+152
2005-05-13- Files with empty scanner info are not indexed anymore. Info problem marker ...Vladimir Hirsl3-156/+61
2005-05-11Fix for PR 91442: [Scanner Config] Saving per file DSC for Mozilla project ch...Vladimir Hirsl2-5/+8
2005-05-10 Fix for PR 94500: [Path Entry] Problem marker: Invalid project path: DISCOVE...Vladimir Hirsl10-104/+192
2005-05-03Fix for PR 91276: Cygpath on Linux for SCD?Vladimir Hirsl1-27/+22
2005-04-18Utility function added: PerProjectSICollector.calculateCompilerBuiltins(IProj...Vladimir Hirsl1-0/+70
2005-04-11added environment and variable support to standard make builderDavid Inglis9-242/+478
2005-04-06Proper handling of -I- command line option and generation of two sets of incl...Vladimir Hirsl12-173/+215
2005-03-31Per file scanner info collector and container now support -include and -imacr...Vladimir Hirsl7-74/+121
2005-03-30Updating the file to reflect changes in IPathContainerExtensionAlain Magloire1-37/+39
2005-03-24added environment APIs to target and build infoDavid Inglis9-34/+116
2005-03-23Moved ConsoleOutputSniffer from make.core plugin.Vladimir Hirsl6-198/+7
2005-03-21Patch for Bog. Update the Index Manager to use the CDescriptor framework to m...CDT_3_0_M5Doug Schaefer1-1/+17
2005-03-02SCD profiles: integration with CPathEntry framework.Vladimir Hirsl4-25/+41
2005-03-01SCD profiles: integration with CPathEntry framework.Vladimir Hirsl20-477/+1109
2005-02-23Externalizing strings.Vladimir Hirsl1-1/+1
2005-02-23Externalizing strings.Vladimir Hirsl5-19/+31
2005-02-14Per file scanner configuration discovery profile. Added per file collector pe...Vladimir Hirsl13-257/+711
2005-02-04Further SCD profile work.Vladimir Hirsl10-69/+465
2005-02-01Further SCD profile work.Vladimir Hirsl9-148/+370
2005-01-26Fix for a problem where SC was not being discovered for Managed projects.Vladimir Hirsl3-8/+35
2005-01-26New Scanner Config Discovery work in preparation for per file SC discovery. A...Vladimir Hirsl15-307/+1111
2005-01-24New Scanner Config Discovery 'framework' in preparation for per file SC disco...Vladimir Hirsl35-914/+3457
2005-01-11Fix for PR 82408 [ScannerConfig] GCCScannerInfoConsoleParser throws exception...Vladimir Hirsl1-1/+40
2005-01-06Fix for PR 82354 [Scanner Config] incorrect discovered definesVladimir Hirsl2-7/+22
2004-12-31Fix for PR 82052 [ScannerConfig] new Mozilla Standard C++ project has weird D...Vladimir Hirsl1-3/+8
2004-12-24Fix for PR 77940: Missing built-ins for mingwVladimir Hirsl1-61/+29
2004-12-24Fix for PR 77940: Missing built-ins for mingwVladimir Hirsl3-20/+38
2004-12-07Propagated from 2.1 branch.Vladimir Hirsl1-4/+12
2004-11-16Fix for PR 78792 [Scanner Config] Include paths not discovered from build out...Vladimir Hirsl1-6/+6
2004-10-27fixed bug #77135David Inglis2-32/+23

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