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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2022-07-26Bug 580441: Accommodate deleted folder of source filesHEADmasterJohn Dallaway4-4/+77
2022-06-30Bug 580178 - Unable to stop build process from launchbarMat Booth2-6/+6
2022-05-31Bug 580009 - Avoid rare NPE due to folder info not being loadedWilliam Riley1-1/+2
2022-05-27Bug 580009 - Resolve superclass for tc level options in rc configsWilliam Riley3-1/+234
2022-05-06Bug 579666: Improve dark theme on WindowsTorbjörn Svensson3-20/+23
2022-05-05Bug 577263: Eliminate unnecessary command line pattern attributesJohn Dallaway1-10/+4
2022-05-04Bug 577263: CommandGenerator not respected for option value type libsTorbjörn Svensson47-245/+309
2022-04-25Bug 579756: Add support for prefixed toolchain binaries in parserTorbjörn Svensson2-2/+2
2022-04-24Ensure project is removed after testTorbjörn Svensson1-88/+96
2022-04-20[releng] Apply auto-clean of save to all files with Eclipse 4.23Jonah Graham5-6/+6
2022-04-20[releng] Make CDT Clean-up profile match Editor on save actionsJonah Graham22-0/+1760
2022-04-13[releng] Update all legal files with update_legal_files.shJonah Graham24-144/+192
2022-04-13[releng] Prepare for 10.7.0 with version bumpsJonah Graham13-13/+13
2022-04-11[releng] Update comparator repo to 10.6.0Jonah Graham2-2/+2
2022-04-11[releng] Bump versions for 10.7.0Jonah Graham8-8/+8
2022-04-11[releng] Bump doc generator to new versionJonah Graham4-4/+4
2022-03-31Bug 578367: Include the .css files in the built jar fileTorbjörn Svensson2-3/+5
2022-03-08Bug 579138 - Project dependencies are not built in the correct orderCDT_10_6_0Jonah Graham2-0/+14
2022-01-25Bug 578367: Add missing dark color definitions for autotools and makefilesJonah Graham4-0/+67
2022-01-25Bug 578367: Prepare for CDT 10.6.0 devJonah Graham2-2/+2
2022-01-12Bug 578187: Don't discard make argumentsJonah Graham2-11/+1
2022-01-12[releng] Bump version numbers for all modified projectsJonah Graham4-4/+4
2022-01-12[releng] Bump end year on copyright on all modified featuresJonah Graham4-8/+8
2022-01-12[releng] Bump to CDT version 10.6.0Jonah Graham8-8/+8
2021-12-14[releng] Update help-docs-eclipserun-repo in root pom.xmlJonah Graham4-4/+4
2021-11-02Bug 575490: "No rule" after removing last source file from rootChristian Walther5-9/+73
2021-11-02Bug 575702: Nondeterministic makefile orderingChristian Walther102-410/+413
2021-11-02Bug 575702: Nondeterministic makefile ordering (prelude)Christian Walther4-2/+56
2021-10-31Bug 575145 - Importing CMake/Meson ProjectsMat Booth4-8/+50
2021-10-28[test] Remove projects from workspace even on failuresTorbjörn Svensson1-32/+32
2021-10-24Bug 505882: Drop internal IManagedBuildGnuToolInfo interfaceTorbjörn Svensson3-145/+3
2021-10-24Bug 505882: Remove deprecated functionsTorbjörn Svensson1-47/+10
2021-10-20Bug 505882: Generate clean target per subdir.mkTorbjörn Svensson96-80/+604
2021-10-20Bug 505882: Fork the GnuMakefileGenerator into non-APITorbjörn Svensson1-1/+1
2021-10-18Bug 505882: Fork the GnuMakefileGenerator into non-APIJonah Graham15-35/+5970
2021-09-27[releng] Prepare for CDT 10.5.0Jonah Graham10-12/+12
2021-09-10Typo.Jonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-09-10Bug 575903: Call correct clean methodJonah Graham2-3/+4
2021-08-31Bug 575730 - New Make project should handle cleaning of gcov/gprof filesJeff Johnston1-1/+4
2021-08-19Bug 575508: Fix flaky testChristian Walther1-4/+2
2021-08-11Rename test class to proper nameJonah Graham1-1/+1
2021-08-09Bug 574607 - Compilation Database Parser: reload only active config on changeMarc-Andre Laperle2-69/+107
2021-07-30Bug 575139 - Meson shows sanitycheckc.exe in binaries containerMat Booth2-3/+5
2021-07-27Bug 562002 - Remove dependency to from CDT Make CoreMat Booth3-9/+6
2021-07-08Bug 574741: Always add main-build to .PHONY.Christian Walther32-33/+33
2021-06-24Bug 574448: Fix spelling of GCC -fsanitize command line optionsJonah Graham2-3/+3
2021-06-19Bug 574331: Set default query results for testsJonah Graham1-0/+13
2021-06-15Bug 573677: Use array based exec commands to avoid problems with spacesJonah Graham2-4/+6
2021-06-14Bug 526421: Search the icon path from provided contributionJulien Dehaudt2-32/+15
2021-06-13[releng] Bump to CDT version 10.4.0Jonah Graham8-8/+8

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