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2018-11-22Bug 540373: Standard .settings for JDT/PDEJonah Graham6-15/+305
This commit contains the formatter settings and compiler settings, using org.eclipse.cdt.core as the master for .settings and a script to copy them to all the other projects with Change-Id: Ifd1a45879bed716273cae0ea05b55f629210c36e
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Fix tests that rely on format of Java codeJonah Graham1-2/+2
TestSourceReader.getContentsForTest() does not examine lines containing @ to see if they have the test method. This means that changing the formatting of this test could break it as the reader would see the // comments as test data. Things which are comments and not test data should have /**/ comments as this commit now does. Change-Id: Ic30a63df3910c6a5643b4ac734c05526e3420095
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Fix tests that rely on whitespace at end of lineJonah Graham4-9/+13
Change-Id: I2aa5d28e5fbd9ba1f12f6ec275ea1474730efe46
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Fix declaration to interfaceJonah Graham1-1/+1
This file was always intended to be an interface. The discussion on fixing this happened as part of the review to change I240bbe08666b89861fe132c6384174be7883c022 Change-Id: I7ddd211f927f7089ed40abdf578ae10c0c437329
2018-11-22Bug 540373: Remove invalid javadoc API tagsJonah Graham4-6/+0
Change-Id: I240bbe08666b89861fe132c6384174be7883c022
2018-11-22Bug 540371: Update to EPLv2 using releng/scripts/change_to_eplv2.shJonah Graham9866-33813/+64803
Change-Id: Ifbb1d5af2a00bd5634dea200320e8c4303ffca6c
2018-11-22Bug 540371: normalize files before applying EPLv2Jonah Graham24-42/+60
Change-Id: I8bfd427bba1df18579d6d5e58ad1e5d704485050
2018-11-20Bug 540371: Script for updating to EPLv2Jonah Graham1-0/+46
Script based on work done by Lars Vogel on Eclipse Platform. See Change-Id: Ic8d04a20c955179645fdeeb11cb3861d7b31fa3f
2018-11-20Bug 540373: Normalize newlines with .gitattributesJonah Graham609-72509/+72673
There is also a new script to verify completeness of .gitattributes: releng/scripts/ Change-Id: I2ce270852ab54b66b6c474a6ec94203fe5bba78b
2018-11-18Bug 532077: Preserve Ignore Count set in the platform breakpointJonah Graham2-24/+0
Change-Id: I19ad64254b0e9ed55114f2e83fe2f09e2aeac83c
2018-11-17Bug 536448: Require target platform bundles as minimum versionJonah Graham2-30/+30
Without setting dependent plug-ins to minimum version to match the target platform we are aiming for we can imply (and therefore let install) CDT into older versions of Eclipse where CDT does not actually work. This can be exposed in very odd ways, such as IllegalAccessError, when platform has allowed API changes. However, rather than update every single bundle in CDT, only the o.e.cdt.core/ui bundles are being updated as this should achieve the desired result without every other bundle needing to be touched. Change-Id: Idf166bc4f4a39ad5096386e24cbff234c0238900
2018-11-17Bug 541270: Fix Restore Defaults for Console PrefsJonah Graham3-19/+22
Bug 414525 was trying to workaround Bug 270326/320723 but did not handle the case that no plugin_customization.ini was provided. This fix make Restore Defaults for Preferences -> C/C++ -> Build -> Console work again. Change-Id: Idbacc2a0baece6c3f594cfac4a2eeece886bac80
2018-11-17Bug 407405: Limit wrapping in Build ConsoleJonah Graham5-7/+121
If the build console is too long word wrapping is very slow. The underlying issue is Bug 168557, this is just a workaround so users don't fall down this particular rabbit hole. Change-Id: I1be3540003d475e2d5431295219198ae2db7862f
2018-11-17Bug 540957 - Implement equivalence checking for expressionsNathan Ridge31-2/+372
This is used for declaration matching in function templates. Change-Id: I80044304b2d9dfda085a13f0cfc040f1200a2e1c
2018-11-16Bug 541069: Don't error on missing variables when doing substitutionJonah Graham1-2/+2
This is a follow up to 60d95da97b7b654d6346efd190aaef5211fc57ea (Bug 399460) as in that change the reporting option inadvertently changed. Change-Id: I1afe70632107ab388be09a707e8e9fc419f76b91
2018-11-15Bug 540909 - underlying_type of typedef to enumNathan Ridge2-1/+21
Change-Id: Ic4f48c4da79419d5404e132da2944ee2823ca41f
2018-11-14[releng] Fix missing dependency in stand-alone debuggerMarc-Andre Laperle1-0/+1
Change-Id: I347d47ea4689aa154ddb090b9cc05e7dc132959e Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2018-11-14[releng] Update to newer tools.template for javax.xml.bind issues in Java11Jonah Graham1-1/+1
Change-Id: I224e0248eb49feeea79b05ef394f94b943b2a6a6
2018-11-13Bug 516046 - NPE in AbstractDebugTextHover when hovering over undefined macroMarc-Andre Laperle1-0/+3
Change-Id: If732a826801f025e929f711fa35a793545d0ed73 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2018-11-13Bug 512297 - Improve propagation of semantic problem IDsNathan Ridge1-1/+8
Change-Id: I3c95a244e88abe37f550370ff6c7c9aec2c102da
2018-11-10Bug 540978 Rename lsp plugins to be org.eclipse.cdt.lsp.*Doug Schaefer58-492/+183
To make it clear these are CDT's future :). Change-Id: I64935e3998a46632f4f4006589a17eb01959eb27
2018-11-09Add com.sun.xml.bind to targetMarc-Andre Laperle2-1/+8
This is a convenience for working in combination with the source of which is not unusual. Also add a few more missing things to Oomph setup for Java 11. Change-Id: Ifc6105e251a7b8d855cf76401cdb3740c55f79c9 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2018-11-08Bug 540423 - C/C++ Container Launcher missing Port BindingJeff Johnston8-6/+917
- add new ContainerPortDialog class to allow user to specify ports in the launch configuration Container tab - add new ContainerTabModel and ExposedPortModel classes to support new functionality - add new Ports group to ContainerTab and have a table where a user can add, edit, remove, and select ports for publishing to the host - add new attribute ATTR_EXPOSED_PORTS to ILaunchConstants for saving and restoring user selected ports in C launch configuration - add needed internal messages to support new port settings functionality - bump up org.eclipse.cdt.docker.launcher version Change-Id: I93b7503bdc141e3077418800352507ef38e65ab1
2018-11-06Bug 540676 - Improve parsing of alias templatesHannes Vogt2-3/+49
- If the argument for a template template paramter is unknown (ICPPUnknownType), don't create a problem. - Ensure that a possible argument-parameter mismatch is caught at template instantiation time. Change-Id: Ief61ef93f9d0c19d043aedb89f1c5e66c0374ef2 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2018-11-05[releng] Update to newest maven-pmd-pluginJonah Graham1-1/+1
Change-Id: I357bdc57b8f1743928899fb91ac4a316008b58bf
2018-11-02Bug 540699 - NoClassDefFoundError in AutotoolsNewMakeGeneratorJeff Johnston1-1/+1
- use of CommandLaunchManager requires higher version of cdt.core than Autotools specified so up to 6.5.0 Change-Id: I315e69defeee9d7d1e6c016edff2d96013fe13e9
2018-11-02Bug 540450 - Fix @since versionHannes Vogt2-2/+2
Change-Id: I5c31d97dbbd277a87147cb05d0245ce0953189bb Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2018-11-01Remove NewMakeProjectPreferencePage (unused)Marc-Andre Laperle3-128/+1
It is not used anywhere and it's internal. Change-Id: I4e157ec7fd1184118aea8f6bef35a850dfeb0945 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2018-11-01[lldb] Remove work-around for missing '-gdb-set breakpoint pending'Marc-Andre Laperle4-10/+41
For more recent versions fo LLDB (8.0.0-r345563) this work-around is not required. This is a follow-up to bug 539641. See also Change-Id: If5f951a33fab8781a594175571d0ad5131e9ef15 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2018-10-31Bug 540450 - Parsing dependent template nameHannes Vogt6-5/+97
Parse dependent template names as type. Change-Id: I35461b2e4a615f34749e6ff17b2a85406ec2cf12 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2018-10-30Bug 540610 - Add Automatic-Module-Name headerKarsten Thoms109-0/+109
Change-Id: Ia990b24469751050dd9ec8f9b5550804816308b3 Signed-off-by: Karsten Thoms <>
2018-10-29Bug 540523 - NullPointerException in MesonPropertyPage.performOk methodJeff Johnston1-8/+10
- add check that buildConfig field has been set before performing any activities on it Change-Id: If3ab7a0b20b54a9c16b26902c06b615e4c514ffa (cherry picked from commit 903109039312886e637a4599a67ffec3298ef64a)
2018-10-29Bug 540257 - "Align Const" save action causes NPE when saving Assembler filesMarc-Andre Laperle4-3/+67
Change-Id: Ie3a086ddc7bc79eaef259a570327408e098bef51 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2018-10-29Bug 540538 - Pack size for CPPTemplateParameterHannes Vogt2-1/+19
Change-Id: Ie67f27711ca658e9b4b3526c5c3c28541dcd3a15 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2018-10-28Bug 540159 - ClassCastException in ExecDeclarator.unmarshal()Nathan Ridge1-2/+10
Change-Id: Ia51244b558798c052f1ec7a6918c6f85a6509655
2018-10-28Bug 540112 - Perform C++14 return type deduction in ReturnCheckerNathan Ridge5-80/+65
As part of this change, ReturnChecker was refactored to compute the return type as an IType, which allowed for removal of some logic in ReturnChecker which duplicated CPPVisitor's type resolution work. Change-Id: I9cd8512164d650a5ee11d2e58fdae477e3c428a2
2018-10-24Bug 540367 - Enable Reproducible Version QualifiersWilliam Riley3-1/+60
Change-Id: I1ccd2330951a83a7632c67a6274b7527cd9f237c
2018-10-23Bug 540410 - ContainerTargetTypeProvider causes ClassNotFoundExceptionJeff Johnston1-1/+1
- bump up minimum org.eclipse.cdt.core needed for org.eclipse.cdt.docker.launcher plug-in so that ICBuildConfigurationManager2 interface is available Change-Id: I5e77e7b43bdea1f0b59c79fcdfced7c162b64e9a
2018-10-23Bug 540367 - Increment version numbersWilliam Riley105-113/+113
Change-Id: I4a355170a7075f0a98ba3c1a5131c235c89b07d2
2018-10-22Bug 529656 - Error if docker build failedHannes Vogt2-0/+5
If the build command in a container build terminates with non zero exit code (e.g. make command not found) an error is displayed. Change-Id: Ib6349aa6c22c1a3bb9c0d2920110bc69773f8da1 Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2018-10-22Bug 540369 - HeadlessBuilder: change private to protectedEvgueni Driouk1-28/+28
Change-Id: Ib8ca36aa50ce6060d4f8fb14f5b74c3662bc8862 Signed-off-by: Evgueni Driouk <>
2018-10-22Bug 534423 - Sort configurations in the Exclude from build dialogChristian Walther1-1/+5
Sort the configuration list in the same order as used by the project property pages (case-insensitive nonlocalized), almost the same order as used in the Project > Build Configurations > Set Active menu (case-sensitive nonlocalized), not in the internal order coming from the .cproject file. Change-Id: Ia05bd163043f762dd96da4c69d409ecee9accb8c Signed-off-by: Christian Walther <>
2018-10-12Bug 540085 - Deadlock in ToolChainManager initJeff Johnston3-14/+39
- modify ContainerGCCToolChainProvider.init so that the CBuildConfigurationManager.recheckConfigs() call is done within a separate job so the init() call will return without causing deadlock - do the same for ContainerTargetTypeProvider - modify CBuildConfigurationManager initProviders() method to be synchronized Change-Id: I4ca9371fb340887233872b6d315621a24450fb2b
2018-10-11Bug 389577 - False positive "Unused static function"Marc-Andre Laperle2-8/+47
Add handling of constructor/destructor attributes and some improvement when functions were previously declared but not defined as used. Change-Id: I7537bc87c6c4bc5b294d8e15fe5b42c92b3f2974 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2018-10-11Bug 538069 - Save non-type template parameter...Hannes Vogt2-0/+15
... of template template parameter in index. Fixes false positive "Invalid template arguments". Change-Id: I82cd9aece8f03142cbdcf5d1058113684c29d6fe Signed-off-by: Hannes Vogt <>
2018-10-10Bug 519311 Handle delegating constructor in class templateBassem Girgis2-0/+22
- Fixed delegating constructor resolution for templated classes in ClassMembersInitializationChecker - Added a unit test for this bug Change-Id: Idb072ec05e66e0f10af53db8258459ad14f7f329 Signed-off-by: Bassem Girgis <>
2018-10-09Bug 519473 Fixed member function calling with referencesBassem Girgis2-1/+25
Change-Id: I86d1dfacb6f842be688bfdaf2a6a0faf0ffade09 Signed-off-by: Bassem Girgis <>
2018-10-09releng: Stop building 32-bit stand-alone debugger productsMarc-Andre Laperle2-20/+0
Since the Eclipse Platform 4.10 is dropping support for 32-bit, it doesn't make sense to still build these and it will ultimately fail once we start building against 4.10. Change-Id: Ia83a93b99092b7a3378ed95607411da5835118a6 Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>
2018-10-09Bug 539882: Applicability calculator should be called with option categoryTorbjörn Svensson6-2/+193
In some situations, it's convenient to create option categories on the abstract tool and use an option applicability calculator to hide the option category if no option is added to the category in an extending instance of the tool. To make the decision, the calculator needs to know what category is to be checked. Change-Id: Id4a269ee583f1f3dee88dee797ba89a0e92d1a42 Signed-off-by: Torbjörn Svensson <>
2018-10-08releng: Use features instead of Eclipse product in target/targletMarc-Andre Laperle2-3/+3
In order to work around Also update the target to make it closer to the Oomph setup. Change-Id: Ie581ea499d7cd0956780717f3a34e0762f868c0d Signed-off-by: Marc-Andre Laperle <>

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