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2019-02-25Bug 544721 Retain rebuildState state when cloning build configscdt_9_4Philip Langer3-11/+39
When cloning build config, all its childrens' rebuildState and dirty state are maintained except for the states of AdditionalInput and InputOrder. With this change, we also retain their rebuildState and dirty state, if it is a clone (that is, copyId is true in the InputType). Change-Id: I63b2d38d0065e50357887bfccb340d458d2f4441 Signed-off-by: Philip Langer <>
2019-02-25[releng] lock down p2 locations where possibleJonah Graham1-6/+6
Change-Id: I6ac1bd796597dbad6954acdf639e87b5af68d3fd
2018-03-21[releng] Bump version to 9.4.4Jonah Graham98-100/+100
Change-Id: Iddf59b253f6aeed00805d0741f45f90ec90063f5
2018-03-10[releng] depend on linuxtools for OxygenJonah Graham1-2/+2
The linuxtools location had been the master location which is no longer valid due to recent bug fixes leading to API changes. Change-Id: I4ee9e9886673ccd7f6c402016987c35d5f31e84a
2018-02-26[releng] Update Orbit to Oxygen.3 releaseCDT_9_4_3Jonah Graham1-1/+1
Change-Id: I00af9c720e8c6a229021da8ad9d0778d537f0c67
2018-02-25Bug 531172 - Avoid ClassCastException in CPPSemantics.declaredBefore()Nathan Ridge3-2/+29
Change-Id: Iddda8bab86e9567b8e0c877562b48defb187656f
2018-02-25Bug 531322 - Overloading between initializer-list and non-initializer-list ↵Nathan Ridge2-9/+46
constructors during list-initializations Change-Id: I6884ce16bc0f14893f074eef27015b3654aedba5
2018-02-25Bug 531475 - Push a lookup point when precomputing variable types and ↵Nathan Ridge1-3/+13
initial values in PDOMWriter.resolveNames() Change-Id: Ia9d0c51a963f70d9a8b0ffcd3fa6b6c508f1d1dc
2018-02-22Bug 531076 - NPE in CSearchQuery.createMatchesFromNames()Nathan Ridge1-0/+3
Change-Id: I6614b6557c1a9152e1d8b336d1fcfdf359201fb7
2018-02-20Bug 530729 - Accept C++11 attribute specifier before parameter declarationNathan Ridge2-0/+10
Change-Id: I425d1b351c10976392ecdf1e4b33f486938e0a04
2018-02-20Bug 530762 - Add missing evaluation types to ↵Nathan Ridge3-2/+80
CPPCompositesFactory.getCompositeEvaluation() Change-Id: I9d0750d6b3d96976309567f99a03b5dc47f0a6b7
2018-02-20Bug 527844: ExpressionWriter does not write IASTLiteralExpression suffixNathan Ridge7-349/+480
Change-Id: I5f5e120b1deea4ac33a2170cad0f454ab27871e2 Signed-off-by: Hansruedi Patzen <>
2018-02-16Bug 531125 - Tupled gcc toolchains should not be the local defaultJeff Johnston2-5/+21
- change ToolChainManager so that when creating the types map for the first time, make it a LinkedHashMap instead of HashMap so order of input is preserved (first in = first out) - fix GCCPathToolChainProvider so that it adds non-tupled gcc to the ToolChainManger before adding any tupled version Change-Id: I84602a98dd4949a2f9847d4e72c428cdedd60688
2018-02-16Bug 531071 - CBuildConfiguration doesn't handle quoted argumentsJeff Johnston1-4/+59
- fix CBuildConfiguration processLine() to call new stripArgs() method to parse the command arguments into separate argument strings and recognize quotes Change-Id: Ifd0e1c1204b1b5d04498fdee202253f26283a2f5
2018-02-16Bug 529910 - Debugging C/C++ container apps remotely is not workingJeff Johnston1-1/+34
- fix ContainerLaunchConfigurationDelegate to look at whether the daemon is running remotely or locally - if running remotely, try to connect to gdbserver by using the Container ip address and the gdbserver port directly (will not work on Windows, but fixes Linux scenario) Change-Id: I9a6188d90187e2ca6ab73c8042a02b6ff29d5f2f (cherry picked from commit 7292fbff6ddd4df49b5aa138ff83f3cb699282d0)
2018-02-15[releng] Add missing plugin.propertiesJonah Graham12-6/+24
Change-Id: Ifd1ec18a0eeea859120f1193273eef361ba93a0f
2018-02-14Bug 531121 - Fix up/down buttons in toolchains preferenceDoug Schaefer1-6/+6
The content provider was overriding the change all the time. Change-Id: I6d406dd6dc903cd890bfc7f7788d76e4388ff905
2018-02-13Bug 530481 - NPE in QuickFixSuppressProblem.prepareFor()Nathan Ridge1-1/+4
Change-Id: Id83ce8e4cabf644b89d18a6e1c3f1199ec23396e
2018-02-13Bug 530673 Fix issue with CMake and changing toolchains.Doug Schaefer5-18/+63
Cleaned up add and remove of toolchain files, handling of when a toolchain changes for a config, and the launch bar tracker to be more accurate with toolchains. Change-Id: I1a1efdf08a5f47058552c85404fe8d602d158e73 (cherry picked from commit 5b29b5b5d8714a82b9d9667c7e61d44a554bec76)
2018-02-13Fix newlines.Jonah Graham1-289/+289
Change-Id: Id1436a8242274ae4a544b4d635b2aabbb35c4599
2018-02-13[releng] Bump version to 9.4.3Jonah Graham98-100/+100
Change-Id: I04e9d3556df21b40ce67c5688b90e69d2501151e
2018-02-12[releng] point CDT update site at correct branchCDT_9_4_2Jonah Graham1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ifa539c9d94fc802808cea6806f19f287447d9a60
2018-02-12[releng] Bump version to 9.4.2Jonah Graham98-110/+100
Change-Id: I884e50fb282ed7781f95d8ce188525a064755e70
2018-02-12Bug 519091 - Do not bypass the caching mechanism for class member ↵Nathan Ridge6-9/+68
specializations Direct calls to CPPTemplates.createSpecialization() bypass the caching mechanism, resulting in the violation of invariants such as every binding being represented by a unique (AST-derived) binding object. ICPPClassSpecialization.specializeMember() should be used instead. Change-Id: I10ddb06d087d97cf05c6bed0d9f14a15440b87fe
2018-02-12Bug 529383 - NPE in CheckersRegistry.getResourceProfile()Nathan Ridge2-0/+8
Change-Id: I376cbf44c1fd237bd75a98ffc9e1daf60f5924ec
2018-02-12Bug 530692 - Avoid EvalFunctionCall storing the evaluation for the implicit ↵Nathan Ridge2-1/+90
'this' twice EvalFunctionCall.fImplicitThis is sometimes redundant in that the owner evaluation is already stored by one of the arguments. In such cases, storing the owner separately in fImplicitThis can lead to exponential complexity in chained method calls. We resolve the duplication by computing the implicit this from the function name evaluation instead of storing it where possible. This was already implemented for cases where the function name evaluation is an EvalMemberAccess in commit 659ff8c4a7c9. This commit extends the approach to cases where the function name evaluation is an EvalID. Change-Id: Ic71e81b4692c51ffb8e15b3da9fc2dff1a554f05
2018-02-10[releng] correct cdt siteJonah Graham1-1/+1
Pick up pre-built CDT repo from the correct branch's job (9.4 instead of master) Change-Id: I115902c5f21a645ed550db3c01f1c0d43af5ceeb
2018-02-10[releng] correct nightly build locationJonah Graham1-1/+1
Publish nightly 9.4 build to the correct location on Change-Id: I6b2e439cf7cdc80f42e4b0ccbc273163ad6109bf
2018-02-07Bug 530430 - Proper handling of class initially declared as a friendNathan Ridge6-3/+61
When a subsequent regular (non-friend) declaration of such a class is indexed, the index binding needs to be marked as being fully visible to name lookup. Change-Id: I1a625f93eda1af257a9af50b5c4f115fc9bf6526
2018-02-04Bug 490359 - Add support for C++17 nested namespace definitionsNathan Ridge2-5/+59
Change-Id: I5f2550e607195335475427f6fced63bf97eaa718
2018-02-04Bug 530086 - Instantiation of template argument where substituted argument ↵Nathan Ridge3-20/+67
is a pack expansion The first patch for bug 527697 made us not instantiate such an argument, because determinePackSize() would return PACK_SIZE_DEFER. The motivation for that fix was to avoid sizeof...(T) prematurely instantiating to a concrete value in cases where T was mapped to a pack expansion. This patch reverts the change to determinePackSize() and applies a different fix for the sizeof...(T), specific to EvalUnaryTypeId. Change-Id: Idc231aeecb5d50e93dda364c6d2deb08057cc8b6
2018-02-04Bug 530086 - Consider pack expansions when matching non-type arguments to ↵Nathan Ridge2-0/+12
parameters during instantiation Alias templates can be instantiated with dependent arguments. Change-Id: I123ee574ed2eecb09b551360a0bbc966893d9e34
2018-02-03Bug 529958 - Semantic highlighting of variable passed by non-const reference ↵Nathan Ridge2-4/+39
in a dependent call Change-Id: I421bf98cbeff052c39716f1381e9f8930626318b
2018-02-02Bug 529121 - "Build target" has stopped working in CDT 9.4.0Jeff Johnston1-1/+3
- default environment using EnvironmentReader in CommandLauncherWrapper class in CommandLauncherManager if no environment set for wrapper to match behaviour of CommandLauncher Change-Id: I71ff37b3d8f2049dc705e97bf28f939ac78bd390
2018-02-01Bug 530619 - NullPointerException in RemoteCommandLauncher.setProjectJeff Johnston1-0/+2
- fix RemoteCommandLauncher default constructor to set up the fLocalLauncher field to point to a CommandLauncher Change-Id: Ic01a5b1d80d4b31021c7eb7080b0986e8fb61eea (cherry picked from commit ea9050fddae54b258bc0a063d3ba08262145d214)
2018-01-31Bug 530478 - Relax AC_INIT macro validation in AutoconfEditorChin Huat Ang2-3/+7
When AutoconfEditor is set to 2.67 or newer, relax the validation of AC_INIT version string. Change-Id: I65221857905e867e3eea2de219ddf68c60f6d39b Signed-off-by: Chin Huat Ang <> (cherry picked from commit 59669d9aed66af5573cc40a7546c59f5b12df55c)
2018-01-25Bug 529696 - Propagate the template-id strategy into names contained within ↵Nathan Ridge5-13/+66
a type template argument This avoids expontential complexity when type template arguments inside an ambiguous name specifier themselves contain ambiguous name specifiers. The patch also enhances TemplateIdStrategy to allow marking and backing up to a branch point, and uses this ability in templateArgument(). Change-Id: Ia03e9cd0bc026b02b85edc05ed327cce883d6a59
2018-01-25Bug 529646 - Avoid computing the value of static fields for every object of ↵Nathan Ridge2-0/+69
a class type Change-Id: Ic07a1fe5c84b67ed4a9be5e2d50beb9d5c1a54af
2018-01-24Fix launch config matching for Run as Container ApplicationJeff Johnston1-3/+20
- fix LaunchShortcut find launch config method so that if the active configuration is not enabled for Container build, then it will look for config with default connection and image Change-Id: If11865dd43cd2a08a0565b3483523002b0a00613 (cherry picked from commit 3b91c26043b2b53bf2117dfab5ef61d7b3abfaee)
2018-01-23Fix current patch concerning Container launchingJeff Johnston1-1/+2
- fix CApplicationLaunchShortcut find config method test for Container build so we don't ignore valid local launch configs Change-Id: I4453ce2b26e15c9ec8ad53252e9e539c1268ddd8 (cherry picked from commit e24a04895a4c66b27d4cd09e1372d1a032029171)
2018-01-22Bug 530053 - Launching locally after Container launch doesn't workJeff Johnston1-1/+2
- fix other way round, launching locally, then in Container - add null check for connectionURI in Docker LaunchShort when searching launch configs in case there is a local configuration in the list Change-Id: I08f89a9d1dccff3ace54667e86e9d3e8840f8694 (cherry picked from commit 64154f20f263899775b90f2d2db0407ad55bbb02)
2018-01-22Revert change to LanguageSettingsEntriesTab language columnJeff Johnston1-5/+6
- revert part of change to LanguageSettingsEntriesTab languages column (this was done to get around gerrit issue and is not needed) - change to entries column is left intact Change-Id: I1704c18f99d0fe76411783a684da790022eb4643
2018-01-19Bug 530053 - Launching locally after Container launch doesn't workJeff Johnston1-3/+8
- add logic in CApplicationLaunchShortcut find launch configs to discard any launch config that has a Docker Connection URI attribute Change-Id: Ieb53f4c89b24cd3fac01bec35eafc8c62748d0b3 (cherry picked from commit 746993c9eed534783dbaf563d6ba8280e27a84f4)
2018-01-18Bug 529799 - problem with entries tree in LanguageSettingsEntriesTabJeff Johnston1-14/+12
- fix provided by Christian Walther - fix methods to use addTreeListener() instead of addPaintListener() to handle resizing - in TreeListener, define treeExpanded method which uses pack method for entries column Change-Id: I28db2059d3e0561ce9e5e52f569409de9aff9a6d
2018-01-17Bug 529390 - Run in Container launch config not resetting err messageJeff Johnston2-1/+12
- modify ContainerTab to reset the error message when Docker Connections/Image changes cause a listener notification and then look to see if no connections or no images errors exist - modify ContainerTab to reset the error message if the Docker Connection selected gets changed - bump org.eclipse.cdt.docker.launcher version to 1.1.1 Change-Id: Iad5051750a5dd53a0eb458d73570fffd9e3867c4 (cherry picked from commit b49930716f572dc7120f3e12071fd5826d240093)
2018-01-17Bug 529386 - NoSuchMethodError in AutotoolsNewMakeGenerator.runScriptJeff Johnston2-2/+2
- bump up org.eclipse.cdt.remote.core so that autotools.core can refer to the latest version in its dependencies Change-Id: I4ec198d7c5d367a4a479a1dd39839f3c2d8c4a96 (cherry picked from commit 7050f18ecf8304191295d65d0f516a829575534f)
2018-01-16Bug 529338 - NPE in QuickFixUseDotOperator.apply()Nathan Ridge1-0/+5
Change-Id: I195f804e64abb77b5540d5abf0249d4de7816024
2018-01-16Bug 529337 - NPE in PDOMCPPLinkage.onCreateNameHelper()Nathan Ridge1-4/+8
Change-Id: I4fc9ce82b0960dfc0a69044f9c2b3d1edb3d4622
2018-01-10Bug 529121 - NPE fix for projects created with CMakeCDT_9_4_1Doug Schaefer1-1/+3
Not sure what changed but the launcher for these projects is now returning null for an environment. Added a null check. Change-Id: I05c94bb77f951f417577d0c2a3e3b4b6b996214b
2018-01-10Bugs 529299 and 491296. Fix indentation after 'noexcept'/'override'.Davin McCall4-2/+52
Change-Id: I3129e5f9fced4a27020f6ca27238bf5faf4df889 Signed-off-by: Davin McCall <>

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