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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-01-30Deleted an obsolete file.Sergey Prigogin1-848/+0
2013-01-30Bug 399142. Proper signatures for types of dependent expressions.Sergey Prigogin4-193/+224
2013-01-30Fixed an NPE.Sergey Prigogin1-0/+2
2013-01-30Bug 397342 - Error calculating size of reference typeNathan Ridge3-4/+901
2013-01-30Bug 399363 - ClassCastException in CPPBaseClause.getBaseClassType()Nathan Ridge1-5/+8
2013-01-30Bug 399039 - Error involving variadic non-type template parameterNathan Ridge4-4/+59
2013-01-30Bug 398044 - Error involving partial ordering of class templateNathan Ridge4-56/+40
2013-01-30Bug 397828 - Error involving recursive variadic templateNathan Ridge2-6/+45
2013-01-30Bug 388805 - False ambiguity in overload resolution with variadicNathan Ridge3-4/+38
2013-01-30Bug 397494 - Error evaluating decltype of constant lambdaNathan Ridge2-1/+16
2013-01-30Bug 382074 - [C++11] Error involving variadic non-type templateNathan Ridge4-10/+31
2013-01-30Bug 399353 - Error involving __is_base_ofNathan Ridge2-2/+16
2013-01-30Reuse CPPTemplates.isValidArgument() is TemplateArgumentDeductionNathan Ridge1-10/+2
2013-01-28Bug 399119 - The CDT Model presentation does not support editor and colorRandy Rohrbach1-2/+43
2013-01-28Bug 399123 - [reverse] Uncall does not work with instruction steppingMarc Khouzam1-2/+2
2013-01-25Code streamlining.Sergey Prigogin1-17/+0
2013-01-25CosmeticsSergey Prigogin2-16/+13
2013-01-25Bug 399036 - Add C/C++ Code Style category to preference exportSergey Prigogin2-5/+25
2013-01-24Bug 399014 - "Enclosing namespace does not exist" error is too harshSergey Prigogin3-21/+20
2013-01-23Bug 398706. Adjusted two tests.Sergey Prigogin1-14/+11
2013-01-23Renamed few classes to distinguish tests from their base classes.Sergey Prigogin45-76/+76
2013-01-23Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin9-494/+443
2013-01-23Bug 394151 - Regression: ClassCastException evaluating read/write flagsSergey Prigogin2-3/+17
2013-01-23Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin2-235/+236
2013-01-23Bug 398706 - 'T' in 'new T' gets resolved to CPPConstructor instead ofNathan Ridge12-118/+234
2013-01-23Test simplification.Sergey Prigogin1-4/+3
2013-01-23Bug 398696. Failing test case.Sergey Prigogin1-15/+11
2013-01-22Bug 398696 - Name resolution problem with a conditional enum valueSergey Prigogin1-3/+1
2013-01-22Bug 398696 - Name resolution problem with a conditional enum value.Sergey Prigogin5-31/+72
2013-01-22Do not treat sizeof(bool) as unknown when __SIZEOF_BOOL__ macro is notSergey Prigogin1-2/+6
2013-01-22Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-4/+4
2013-01-22Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-10/+8
2013-01-22Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin2-34/+6
2013-01-21bug 398681: CDT does not understand some of xlC diagnostic messagesAndrew Gvozdev9-0/+255
2013-01-21bug 398681: Cosmetics - Renamed a few of testsAndrew Gvozdev10-29/+29
2013-01-21Bug 398329 : MemoryBrowser - switching between debuggees does not update the ...Randy Rohrbach6-48/+89
2013-01-21bug 395442: Initial provider command is not restored for non-shared providersCaroline Rieder1-3/+6
2013-01-21bug 395307: Switching back to project specific language settings provider see...Caroline Rieder1-6/+9
2013-01-21Bug 398611 - Set input for the Outline page conditionally to avoidSergey Prigogin1-2/+12
2013-01-21Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-15/+11
2013-01-20bug 398550: Use platform decorator manager to manage 'custom build settings' ...Andrew Gvozdev5-144/+126
2013-01-19Revert "Revert "Bug 398550. An attempt to make Gvozdev1-7/+9
2013-01-19Revert "Bug 398550. An attempt to make MBSLanguageSettingsProvider.getSetting...Andrew Gvozdev1-9/+7
2013-01-18Bug 398550. An attempt to makeSergey Prigogin1-7/+9
2013-01-18Cosmetics.Sergey Prigogin1-9/+3
2013-01-18Bug 398329 : MemoryBrowser - switching between debuggees does not update the ...Randy Rohrbach4-14/+220
2013-01-18Bug 398426 - Use num procs - 1 on Mac for optimal parallel builds.Doug Schaefer2-2/+8
2013-01-18Bug 398499 - FileContent.adapt(CodeReader) does not properlyChris Recoskie1-2/+16
2013-01-18Bug 398459 - Invalid auto-indentation in a virtual methodSergey Prigogin2-3/+12
2013-01-16Bug 398329 : MemoryBrowser - switching between debuggees does not update the ...Randy Rohrbach9-120/+230

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