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2005-03-17This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'CDT_2_1_1'.CDT_2_1_1cvs2svn2-22/+0
2005-03-17If casting of variable to a type or array causes an error, the status of the ...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-3/+14
2005-03-162005-03-16 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-2/+6
2005-03-03Conflicting methods.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+5
2005-03-032005-03-02 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-85/+113
2005-03-022005-03-02 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire5-4/+11
2005-02-252005-02-25 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire3-0/+11
2005-02-24Applied patch from Tracy Miranda (bug 86540: NPE in CProjectSourceLocation).Mikhail Khodjaiants2-14/+28
2005-02-24Applied patch from Tracy Miranda (bug 86533: Breakpoint is set on the wrong l...Mikhail Khodjaiants2-1/+7
2005-02-242005-02-24 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire3-1/+7
2005-02-23Fixing Typo, from Tracy M.Alain Magloire1-1/+1
2005-02-182005-02-16 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-5/+28
2005-02-14corrected the bad links and use the old format.Alain Magloire3-672/+128
2005-02-10Fix from Mikhail for PR 84827Alain Magloire3-125/+676
2005-02-03Fix for bug 84402: computeDetail executes in the UI thread.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-2/+6
2005-02-03Fix for bug 84187: "Toggle Watchpoint" and "Toggle Method Breakpoint" don't w...Mikhail Khodjaiants8-147/+279
2005-02-03fixed bug #84361David Inglis2-1/+16
2005-02-03Updated versions to 2.1.1. Also updated feature copyrights to 2005.Doug Schaefer33-69/+69
2005-02-02minor doc update for Leo (2.1 stream)David Daoust1-1/+1
2005-02-02Tests for resource configuration functionalityLeo Treggiari2-1/+747
2005-02-012005-02-01 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-0/+14
2005-02-01Fix for bug 84165: Resurrect the "Add Watchpoint (C/C++)" Code.Mikhail Khodjaiants4-221/+42
2005-02-01Wrong PR numberAlain Magloire1-3/+2
2005-02-012005-02-01 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire5-5/+54
2005-01-28Fix for bugzilla 71251 -- [Managed Build] Unexpected extensions crash GnuMake...Sean Evoy1-2/+4
2005-01-27Fix for bug 82825: "Internal" error when trying to launch a debug session.Mikhail Khodjaiants4-527/+6
2005-01-27Use instanceof to find wizard pages to facilitate extensionsLeo Treggiari2-17/+26
2005-01-27Add 2 tips for resource configuration pageLeo Treggiari1-1/+3
2005-01-27Add names for new object model tool-chain typesLeo Treggiari1-0/+12
2005-01-27Fixes for the rule generated for a file with a resource configurationLeo Treggiari1-22/+8
2005-01-27Fix problem where the dependency calculator command was not correct for a fil...Leo Treggiari1-12/+65
2005-01-27Synchronize modifying the path entry containerLeo Treggiari1-16/+18
2005-01-27Add methods to keep track of whether the path entry container has been initia...Leo Treggiari1-1/+17
2005-01-27MBS Build console fixes.Leo Treggiari1-15/+28
2005-01-27Change synchronization logic to avoid concurrent access.Leo Treggiari1-16/+45
2005-01-27Fix for bugzilla 83877 -- [Managed Build] Project converter misses configurat...Sean Evoy1-1/+2
2005-01-27Fix for 76080 -- CDT MMB project deletes linked folder in a wrong waySean Evoy2-6/+89
2005-01-25Fix for 83556 --Sean Evoy3-56/+148
2005-01-21Fix for bug 83437: Loading symbols should be run in the background.Mikhail Khodjaiants4-47/+65
2005-01-21Fix for bug 83412: Run to line and resume at line should run in the background.Mikhail Khodjaiants4-26/+103
2005-01-20Fix for bug 83355: The disable/enable breakpoints durning debugging acts weird.Mikhail Khodjaiants3-1/+7
2005-01-20Bug 83330: Inconsistent in the label for Add expression.Mikhail Khodjaiants2-3/+5
2005-01-202005-01-20 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-5/+8
2005-01-192005-01-19 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-4/+7
2005-01-19wrong pr it should be PR 83224Alain Magloire1-1/+1
2005-01-192005-01-19 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-2/+5
2005-01-192005-01-19 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-14/+22
2005-01-192005-01-19 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire2-1/+13
2005-01-19Fix for bug 83051: Add global variables deletes existing ones when new added.Mikhail Khodjaiants6-3/+39
2005-01-19Fix for bug 82858: NPE when adding global variable to variable view.Mikhail Khodjaiants3-4/+9

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