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+ title="Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT)">
+ <intro>The CDT project provides a set of plugins that implement a C/C++ IDE.
+It adds a C/C++ Perspective to the Eclipse Workbench that supports C/C++ development
+with a number of views, wizards, a powerful editor, and a debugger. The CDT is designed
+to provide an extensible architecture, that will provide support for integration of tools
+provided by Independent Software Vendors.
+This page will help familiarize you with the Eclipse C/C++ development tooling.
+To get started, read the sections below and click on the related links. </intro>
+ <item><b>The C/C++ perspective </b>
+To open the C/C++ perspective: Click <b>Window > Open Perspective > C/C++ Development. </b></item>
+ <item><b>What's new </b>
+Learn about the new features in this version of the CDT.
+ <topic href="/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/cdt_c_whatsnew.htm">What's new </topic></item>
+ <item><b>CDT Tutorial </b>
+This quick tutorial guides you through the basic steps to get started.
+ <topic href="/org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user/cdt_o_tutorial.htm">Tutorial </topic></item>
+ <item><b>CppUnit integration and other contributed plugins </b>
+Visit the <topic href="">CDT Community Webpage</topic> to find a list of contributed plugins
+and a CppUnit integration in the CDT.</item>

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