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authorSimon Marchi2015-02-17 18:07:26 +0000
committerGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org2015-05-04 20:03:18 +0000
commitcb16665cc776d9e46d5862e8ee283ff082063a90 (patch)
tree031f825d4f3a5b6ebe3e8ab99225d813bd87c00d /toolchains/arduino/org.eclipse.cdt.arduino-feature
parent9f39b4828d81af86004ff4ebf290756053fac86f (diff)
Bug 293832 - [dsf-gdb] Ask gdb for variable value, even if it is a complex type
Currently, CDT does not ask GDB for the value of the variables it believes to be of complex types, such as structures. However, as described in the bug, it assumes that a typedefed pointer is a complex structure. Because of that, it displays a value of "{...}" for it instead of the pointer value. By asking GDB for the value of the variable even if it's of a complex type, CDT will always display the right thing for the value. This will cause a few more -var-evaluate-expression calls, but their number is still limited to what is visible in the variables view. So the impact should be negligible. Screenshot of before/after: It is still impossible to edit the value, but this would be addressed in another patch. Change-Id: I92e6ead6351677e098a56d4af5bdb85fc61df080 Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <>
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