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authorMarc Khouzam2015-02-04 18:26:47 +0000
committerElena Laskavaia2015-02-18 16:50:43 +0000
commit78cd08f40d8e3a26ad2a2ab69952726d5e693a5f (patch)
treeed7e5470aba540a573675d903444f63e672beea8 /pom.xml
parent059db21d52f4f325398a53bee782f0ebb92074fd (diff)
Allow for filtering of findbugs
Choose version 2.5.2 which is what is supported by CDT's HIPP. Note that by removing the version altogether, the latest available findBugs would be selected. However, this could lead to different results between manual builds and HIPP builds, which is why I thought it would be better to specify the version explicitly. FindBugs can be run by adding the string findbugs:findbugs as a maven parameter, either in a local maven build, or on HIPP. Add releng/findbugs-exclude.xml to control the errors shown by FindBugs. The content of that file was copied from the TM project, but should eventually be ajusted for CDT. Change-Id: Ibc8348b9286f00580a4079a7ca3c669708bc6194 Signed-off-by: Marc Khouzam <>
Diffstat (limited to 'pom.xml')
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/pom.xml b/pom.xml
index 0cdf4bca404..26c9a5ddf71 100644
--- a/pom.xml
+++ b/pom.xml
@@ -586,9 +586,10 @@
- <version>2.3.2</version>
+ <version>2.5.2</version>
- <findbugsXmlOutput>true</findbugsXmlOutput>
+ <xmlOutput>true</xmlOutput>
+ <excludeFilterFile>releng/findbugs-exclude.xml</excludeFilterFile>
@@ -602,11 +603,11 @@
- <version>2.5</version>
+ <version>2.7.1</version>
- <targetJdk>1.6</targetJdk>
+ <targetJdk>1.7</targetJdk>

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