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Bug 521515: Document current state of building natives via Maven
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### How to rebuild natives.
-The goal of these instructions is to have a cross-platform build of the natives in CDT. Using tools in CDT's
-[docker]( build image
-It is fairly straightforward to biuild the natives, run this command:
-docker run --rm -it -v $(git rev-parse --show-toplevel):/work -w /work/$(git rev-parse --show-prefix) make -C jni rebuild
-However, the challenge is that dll files on Windows have a timestamp in them. To have reproducible builds, we need to have a reproducible
-timestamp. Therefore we use the commit time of the commit to derive a timestamp (See the Makefile for more info). Because we want
-to keep the DLL checked in so that contributors don't need to rebuild it all the time we need a way to have to check in the dll with
-the same commit time. To do this we use GIT_COMMITTER_DATE. So, after editing and committing your change, you need to rebuild one last
-time with the commit date and the commit it without changing the commit date again using:
-GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=$(git log -1 --pretty=format:%cI -- .) git commit --amend -a --reuse-message=HEAD
+This information has moved to the `native` section in CDT's root
diff --git a/native/org.eclipse.cdt.native.serial/os/win32/x86_64/serial.dll b/native/org.eclipse.cdt.native.serial/os/win32/x86_64/serial.dll
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--- a/native/org.eclipse.cdt.native.serial/os/win32/x86_64/serial.dll
+++ b/native/org.eclipse.cdt.native.serial/os/win32/x86_64/serial.dll
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