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authorChristian Walther2018-12-10 05:42:44 -0500
committerChristian Walther2018-12-10 05:42:44 -0500
commitf2f92ab4045802da83d2efeae9548a4fd544becb (patch)
treea97d92a724a61e54aeb53fee816d64da9a581b26 /cross/org.eclipse.cdt.launch.remote-feature/pom.xml
parent2fc42590fb8e9169941ce822ef7123e8b4f63690 (diff)
Bug 335344 - External settings lost after changing language IDs, take 2
The original fix (a733900) only fixed part of the problem: It worked for the case where a complete CExternalSetting was removed and replaced by a different one, but not in the case where individual entries from a CExternalSetting were moved to a different one, but others remained (and, in both cases, the two CExternalSettings applied to the same ICLanguageSetting). This commit - adds a test for the additional condition, which would previously fail - reverts the previous fix, which is made redundant by the new one - fixes both cases by applying removals before additions with ICSettingEntry granularity per ICLanguageSetting rather than for whole CExternalSettings. Change-Id: I1b1ee7443b83189c29e458eef12be9cad6b3965d Signed-off-by: Christian Walther <>
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